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Sunday, January 9, 2022

Back after some years with many tales to tell, but this is not the time. Thank you to the people who've commented and messaged during my six year absence. I hope what's been written here has helped you, even in the smallest of ways, on your journeys.

It's been (wow) six years (this time) since my last post and we now find ourselves in a completely different world in terms of thought constructs, psychoses of various kinds and manipulation on multiple fronts, among the worst of which is the corporate controlled media. The war for the mind has been going on for a long time. What's different now is the technology and our current scientific knowledge as it applies to DNA, electromagnetics, quantum physics and nanotech.

I've had many journeys into the spirit worlds and off-world fields since I last posted, including experiences as or more profound than my 'cosmic initiation' back in late 2009. What I saw at that time had absolutely no context... an inability to travel freely, increasingly unsafe streets all over the world, people collapsing and having seizures, heart attacks or just literally losing their minds. An ostracizing of a segment of the population was also present in the scenes/montages I saw, the reason for which I could not determine back in 2009. Also bio-tracking in a dystopian Orwellian world and seemingly endless piles of rubble, among other things, are what I saw back then in vivid color.

Now is the time to live in the Heart, and maintain your awareness as resting in the zero-point or "no-thing" state described in books like the Tao Te Ching. Each being will be approached in their own way, to make a choice between following the Heart or the Mind going forward (in linear time; life). Delores Cannon spoke and wrote about this time, of earth evolving (as everything does). In this case, the planet wishes to and is raising her consciousness, which will provide those grounded in heart energy protection. She (as John Lash stated years ago) loves all but doesn't care which path each takes, as all paths lead back to Source energy, eventually.

If you've had strange consciousness experiences or seen entities, orbs, etc. I believe that's an indication of where we are in the current timeline, so to speak. As the weeks and months roll on, expect more veils to fall, more of the hidden or "occult" to surface (nothing to do with "evil" per se) and for those in resonance with their heart energies, long lost gifts and abilities should begin to return.

Although I have been doing various things over the past six years, I've continued with my art, the purpose of which ties into the time in which we now find ourselves. Over the past year I've landed in a sea of awakened creatives who are all creating art with passion and purpose. I'm not sure I need to tie any of that to this blog, at least for now, but if you're an artist who has recently gotten into nft's, you know what I mean.

We (as a planet) are in for what for most will be a rough ride. Stay connected to your heart and the earth. Be a beacon of love to all living things. You know that old saying about the gates of hell, "abandon all hope, ye who enter here" or words to that effect? Where the earth's consciousness is headed in its higher vibratory evolution, the opposite will be true, as if written on the gates of heaven, "Abandon all belief, ye who enter here."

It's strange times now and they will continue. As the world becomes harder to "believe" in terms of what is happening, begin to direct that energy to your imagination through your heart space and begin to "unbelieve" a lot of what you were taught that the world around you is, as well as what is possible. In the end, it's all energy, mind and awareness. Anything is possible when you are vibrating at a high enough level.

Those of you who are familiar with Clif High's work over the years might enjoy catching up to where he is now, in this increasingly strange world after years of research and predictive linguistics, woo-diving, etc. You can find his recent videos here. He's more relevant than ever. Thanks, Clif. For those who have followed his webbot predictions and Alta Reports over the years, remember "Sun Disease" and how it kept coming up in the date for years? It was postulated that something would go awray with the sun. Instead, it appears it predicted what was initially known as corona.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Three Years and Some Months Later

It's been some time since my last post, a little over three years.  A lot has happened during that time, and although I've thought about posting here and there, I haven't had the drive to continue this particular blog, which I'll leave up in the event that anyone else finds themselves going down the rabbit hole with a cosmic initiation, akashic download, or starseed awakening; whatever you want to call it.  Such experiences really defy any parameters which would confine them to mere words.

There's a lot more information out there now then there was in 2010 when I only had the cached remnants of Graham Ledgerwood's old website to see that someone else had what appeared to be a similar type of rabbit hole experience. Add the late author Philip K. Dick to that list.  Wonderful story there, although I'm sure for PKD at the time, it was indeed terrifying, as it was at times for me. I have even since spoken with an old friend from over twenty years ago who had a very similar experience.  She referred to what happened to her as an Akashic Download, and unlike my month-plus journey, hers lasted over a year.

If a new blog emerges, I'll post a link here.  I may even post here again. It's hard to say right now.  A lot of my spare time of late is being spent on a new project called Kuriosa33 with some friends.  We're focusing on creating art with vibrational intention as part of the art's creation.  The intention embedded in the art is that it can be used as a portal for astral travel, OBEs and lucid dreaming.  Most of what we've been working on is still on the drawing board and will require a lot of experimentation. Currently, some of the wrapped canvas wall art that we've created can be found on Zazzle and soon to be on another site in different configurations, sometime in the coming months.

Quite a bit of strange experiences began for me in late 2007, about a year after I created this blog to talk about my virtual reality experiences, which, it turned out, were so amazing and ongoing that I never had the time to write about them.  After I began to notice the seemingly strange nature of real life events happening around me in late 2007, I turned the blog's attention to those types of matters.  What was happening to me at that time caused me to question the nature of reality more than ever before.  Eight years later, I've had an array of beautiful, consciousness-related experiences that have helped me to sharpen my focus and raise my vibrational energies. One of the most important things that I've learned over this time is that all answers lie within.  Internal work on ourselves is paramount to helping the world as a whole.

Over the past twenty years or so, maybe as far back as 1987, something in the world shifted/changed.  Since then, it has appeared that we as a race of sentient beings are on some kind of crazy train to annihilate ourselves and the rest of life of the planet.  I've felt that part of my awakening experience has been strongly rooted in the fact that the world as we now know it is perhaps the opposite of how it should be on many levels.  I believe that the planet, like everything else around us (matter = energy), is energy, and therefore, in some sense, alive. The spirit of the planet, the goddess or whatever you want to call her, appears to be calling out for humanity to ascend to a higher vibrational level of consciousness.  The rub there is that doing so runs contrary to the programmed nature of our societies.

As I wrote about back in early 2010 or so while in the rabbit hole, I was presented with a mind's-eye video of the planet morphing or splitting into two distinct planets, and yet the average person on either side of the split would not sense that anything was happening.  "Raise your vibration" was a phrase that was running over and over in my mind.  At the time, completely overwhelmed by that and all of the other information that was flooding in, I thought perhaps it was happening in real time.  Some time after the rabbit hole experience, I came across the late Dolores Cannon speaking about the same planet-morphing phenomenon and found the measure of coincidence to be extremely interesting.  I had gotten the same informatoin from the aether while down the rabbit hole.  Whatever I was connected to at that time flooded me with information, including destruction as far as the eye could see and masses of poor refugees, and yet there was no underlying context for me to interpret what I was being shown, which left me with endless questions.

There's an inspiring video (below) of Russell Brand talking about where he senses humanity is on a grand linear timeline.  Yes, he's somewhat of a controvertial figure and not everyone's cup of tea, but I believe he totally nails it in this montage of several of his speaking engagements.  I suppose it's fitting that I embed that below, since it gives me hope to hear someone of note, with access to mass media, speak this way.  Going back five or six years, I knew who he was, but that was about it.  One day on the way back from the beach, I was listening to Elvis Mitchell's The Treatment on NPR, and tuned in past the guest's intro, so I didn't know who the interviewee was until the end of the show.  "Who is this guy?  He's dropping some knowledge,"  I thought as I listened intently.  I just love the fact that there is someone in the mainstream culture speaking about life on earth this way.  I have a group of close friends that I see often, and when we get together, we talk about precisely what Russell talks about in the montage.

Several years ago (also written about here), I had an experience whereby I literally appeared to have projected my consciousness into another physical dimension.  It had taken me nine months of attempts (not really knowning what I was attempting), with pranayama and lucid dreaming exercises nearly every day and night during that time.  What I learned duing the projection was that my consciousness, as far as I could determine, projected into one painting in the waking world, only to project through another painting in an alternate reality.  That experience was separate from the aforementioned rabbit hole thing. 

Both of those experiences led to the desire to create meditative art with the intention of the art serving as a portal for consciousness projection.  Any image can be used for projection.  This is just something that we're experimenting with as we tinker with ideas along these lines.  Some of the art reminds me a little of the Wingmakers cave paintings at Ancient Arrow.  As I recall from my reading of their materials, time travel through paintings was mentioned at least twice.

Below is a recent (long) promo video for the online store.  It's still being built out and is far from finished.  Our hope is to soon begin working with crystals, frequencies and vibration, incorporating more multimedia projects and realized experiments in the coming months.

Thanks for the comments and to those who wrote to me sharing their experiences.  I hoped that some of what I wrote might help or inspire people.  On one level I regret coming back to the blog with an update including a commerce-related post, but it's what I'm doing in my spare time at the moment.  As I've said before, universe/multiverse isn't trying to sell us anything.  The energy from All That Is comes to each of us as differently as snowflakes or sand granuals on a beach are each uniquee.  Each person's experience is different, as it should be.  At the same time, some of us have begun to see that the multiverse is not as it might appear [Hint: it's all a hologram, including our minds].  We sense that the veil that separates us from the many surrounding realities has begun to thin.  As it thins, we want to take advatange of journeying into some of these other realities.  Everything is energy.  Everything is data.  Peace.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

John Lash: Three Interviews ~ Gnosticism, Sophia

I recently had an introduction to John Lash through an interview on Time Monk Radio.  I enjoy the TMR interviews.  Most of the time their guests are intriguing and the questions from the TMR hosts are typically on-point.  John Lash is somewhat like a latter day Joseph Campbell, exploring myth and the inter-connectivity of all life on this planet.  His take on Sophia, the earth goddess, and her place within the grand myth... launching herself from the center of the galaxy into the manifestation of what we know as our planet Earth, or Gaia, is a story that I find quite interesting.  There's something there in terms of resonance for me and I've taken various points from that story to add to my mosaic of perception.

Since the time of the TMR interview in early May, I've listened to two other Lash interviews, and although some of the same points are covered in the three interviews (embedded below), each one has its own pearls of information that, at least to me, are fascinating ideas to ponder.  For the past several years, I have been intrigued by the Gnostics of old and their understanding of universal wisdom.  John gives the Gnostics historical context, from which it is easy to begin to understand the story of the earth goddess Sophia, the grand myth that is the story of our galaxy and the secrets that have been hidden from our view over many years by the powers that were.  

John Lash on Time Monk Radio Network April 13, 2012:

John Lash on Gnosticism and Sophia:

John Lash - The Gnostics - Meta History Series:

~ Namaste ~

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Fascinatingly Disturbing Thought

Astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson: "A fascinatingly disturbing thought."  Neil is one of the most exciting, intelligent, vibrant personalities in science today.  I could listen to him for hours, and have on several occasions.  His mission to bring a greater understanding of science and its importance to the survival of humanity to the public at large is a noble endeavor.  In this excerpt below, Neil once again gets everyone's wheels spinning with a reality check of sorts regarding our place in the universe, or multiverse.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Kind Of Ideological Catalyst

I had been planning to post a couple of links to interviews featuring John Lash and Paul Levy today, but something amusing occurred, which will end up being the subject of this post.  I was reading Clif High's latest post at HalfPastHuman and I couldn't help but think, "Wow, that's rather cryptic, Clif," when I clicked on the link in the upper left part of his post.  That link took me to a talk called "The Definitive UFO Tape," by one of the people whom I've admired most in recent years, the late Terence McKenna.  After listening to the talk, I believe I understand why Clif put it there.  Both McKenna and Joseph Campbell have influenced my spiritual path greatly.  Both were exceedingly brilliant men.  It's a very interesting talk, as is the one that auto-plays after it.

I had not heard this talk before, nor had I ever seen the picture used for the duration of the video, which is where it gets weird for me.  If I had come across the video in the past, based on the title, I probably would have opted to choose another McKenna talk, however, the talk / lecture presents the subject matter in a way that I had never comprehended before.  All I'll say is it has to do with the self, individually and collectively.  It reminded me of my Year Zero post a couple of months ago, where I asked whether we are all running from something inside of ourselves, individually and collectively, that is preventing us from evolving.  I wondered if we, as a race, are refusing to face or are blind to some greater truth.  Suffice to say, it is a powerful talk filled with insights.

But that's not the amusing part.  This morning, just before I woke up, I was dreaming and conscious of the dream.  I was on a hillside, at night, with two other people who were friends, but not from this life.  I often dream of strangers, at least strangers to this physical incarnation.  I knew I was close these two people somehow, but I don't remember who they were.  We were waiting for something, watching the sky.  They were both looking off in one direction.  As I stood on the slope of the hill, I turned around and looked up into the sky behind us.  "Look!" I exclaimed, as I pointed to a single glowing cross moving across the sky away from us.  I turned to my friends to see if they were looking, and when I turned around to look at the cross, the shape was a glowing cylinder with rings circling the outside.  It looked like a barrel or pipe.  Both the cross and the barrel glowed with a light orange hue.

The cross image confounded me.  Why am I seeing that shape in the sky?  Is it some echo from an earlier system of beliefs?  I questioned myself in the dream as I stood upon the hill.  I spent a moment wondering if it was supposed to mean something, because I felt it was out of the context of my dream.  I awoke moments later, still wrestling with what I saw.  I often dream of things in the sky, flying and stationary, but I don't remember seeing glowing objects in the night sky in a dream any time recently.  I continued thinking about the dream during the day, until I came across the video.  From my own dream analysis over the years, when I see objects appearing in the sky, they usually represent new ideas ready to be birthed.  At least that's how I've come to interpret them.  They don't represent the ideas themselves, they're just sort of 'coming soon' signs.

I realize I used the word amusing earlier, but the more I've looked at the picture used in the YouTube video (about which the uploader says he doesn't know the artist - in the comments), the more generally freaked out I am at the measure of coincidence.  It sends a fresh set of goosebumps across my body when I consider what in fact McKenna is talking about in the video, which is deep, heavy and resonates with me greatly.  To have arrived at this point via a link in one of Clif High's posts (another person whom I admire) just makes me laugh.  As I have said many times here, Universe can be as playful as a kitten when you are in the moment and connected.  Whether you arrive at a moment like that by chance or with focused attention, it doesn't matter.  The resonance afterward is the same, as you enjoy the aftertaste of synchronicity.

~ Namaste ~

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lilou Mace Interviews Drunvalo Melchizedek April 7, 2012

I've listened to quite a few of both Lilou Mace and Drunvalo Melchizedek's interviews.  This one's a bit different, at least at the beginning.  Drunvalo talks about crop circles and their messages, much like Pane Andov, and how said messages are instructions and/or warnings about an upcoming dimensional shift of some kind.  Drunvalo references Russian cosmonaut and scientist Marina Popovich, whose story about extraterrestrial warnings can be found here.  Note: I did see a link to Examiner [dot] com in that article, which is a bullshit factory, so that article is likely suspect.  I don't remember a time though when I've seen Drunvalo talk about impending earth changing events with the type of matter-of-fact urgency he has in this interview.  After watching the entire video, I wished they had stayed on that topic for the duration, but there didn't seem to be too many details.  Hmm.  When people pin potential cataclysmic events to such things as solar flares and planetary alignments, I tune out.  I've watched those memes come and go over the years too many times to place any merit in such predictions.  


If, however, Drunvalo is correct in his statement about NASA expecting big changes to come over the next few months (1-9) and said changes are expected to have both a high impact and high likelihood, then this interview is worth viewing.  NASA did issue a warning about solar storms in 2006, with two varying viewpoints from two different scientists as to when such a thing would be most likely to occur.  Consequently, NASA's website as of November, 2011 states that the likelihood of a 'killer solar storm' that would render our electronic world useless to be physically impossible.  That doesn't necessarily tell us anything either, since the previously deemed impossible can often be proven wrong, particularly when a Black Swan event comes out of nowhere to catch a populous off guard.  When an unexpected cataclysm occurs, they often redefine concepts of what is possible or can be reasonably expected.

Since change is the only constant in our reality, one should always expect a measure of the unexpected, however, I believe a lot of those out there that are spinning yarns about a shift are going to keep pushing said shift into the future with each coming year if in fact no evident shift occurs in the very near future, just like some did with the end of the Mayan Ninth Wave last November.  "It's been adjusted," I remember reading the day after October 28th, 2011.  "Sure it has," I thought at the time.  That's what appears to happen again and again.  "But it's coming,"  Yeah, right.  I would love to believe that on some level, and I'm more open to such a thing as never before, anticipatory even, yet I see the way that memes like ascension are given life and energy, only seeming to support various sorts of industries that crop up around them.  I can safely state this: Universe is not trying to sell us anything.

NASA has announced some interesting things of late, including finding new objects at the end of the electromagnetic spectrum and gamma-ray bubbles at the center of our galaxy that span fifty-thousand lightyears.  I have heard some say that these discoveries are indicative of a coming shift, but they're just people's theories.  Even if one were to give the killer solar storm some measure of possibility, I believe one must beware the meme here.  The 'series of cataclysms' story from Popovich and others is just a story at this point.  It has all the markings of another "it's just around the corner" type of (end times) event or series of events (to come).  If there's anything to it, we'll know soon enough, as a beckoning will come from within.  Universe does what she does and our planet does what she does, and we move through linear time.  I have yet to see any evidence of any solar event seriously affecting humanity in my lifetime.  I'm not saying something like that is impossible, but it is Pi in the sky from my viewpoint.

Ironically, my last post was about trying to find context for a variety of bizarre consciousness-related experiences I've had over the past few years while managing to avoid the many memes that are out there regarding a shift, ascension or whatever you'd like to call it.  That's one of the main reasons that I've been watching what many of the people that I mention on this blog have been saying: because I've seen, felt and experienced a series of things that as yet have no context and it appears that they could be related to some kind of shifting in conscious awareness.  What I've experienced certainly has been for me, although not on a constant or permanent basis.  I know there is infinitely more out there than meets the physical eye, and I do feel as if a time is coming when the veil will thin or completely dissolve.  My internal beckoning began back in 2007 with the simple repeated message during meditation of "raise your vibration." 

Yet it could be that there's no meaning to any of it.  It could be that it just is what it is.  It could be that all of these ascension memes are propagated by people who have one thing in common:  they want to sell you something, whether it's a book, a dvd, a crystal, a mineral, an essential oil or a weekend retreat.  Other than the themes of their stories, that's the lowest common denominator here.  It always disappoints me, as it did when I discovered Lisa Renee's website last week.  Once again I resonated with an author or speaker and then I look at their website and see that they've commoditized themselves.  People say, well, you have to make a living, right?  Perhaps.  I don't judge people who do that, and I'm not doing that here.  But it's commerce, and commerce is the beast itself, or at least a big part of it.  My profit, your loss.  It's a major pillar of the dysfunctional reality in which we currently find ourselves.  And I've spent a large portion of my adult life commoditizing works of art, so I understand what it's like to do that.

I'm not an expert in other dimensions or understanding the Multiverse.  Far from it.  I'm just a traveler, a wanderer.  As I've said all along I have no answers, just experiences.  I believe however that I can safely say that commerce is not a word, idea or practice or thought in another, higher vibrational dimension.  It is one of the heaviest shackles around the ankles of humanity at present.  It holds us at our particular vectors point in life.  On the other hand, when you're in tune with Universe, she provides in the most astounding of ways.  We are the only creatures on the planet that create garbage.  Think about that for a minute.  Where does the garbage come from?  For the most part, it's things that others have sold us.  Can you see the matrix we're in?  Remove consumption as we know it, replace the written word and language with telepathic imagery, travel with teleportation, food with getting our nurishment directly from the sun or the energy that Nikola Tesla discovered could be harnessed from the air around us, and we would have ourselves a new earth indeed.

What I do find interesting though in what Drunvalo describes is that if we had such an event as an electromagnetic pulse that virtually wiped out our electronic world, we would indeed be faced with a brand new series of choices on how to live, individually and collectively.  Such an event would be a Grand Equalizer of sorts.  However likely or unlikely such an event is, wouldn't it have the same chance of happening without the ascension memes attached to it?  Haven't memes of impending doom been with humanity for thousands upon thousands of years? 

For some reason I see a corollary to separation theology here - the impending cataclysmic event that's potentially scary yet we're not supposed to be afraid of said event.  My mind drifts back to my childhood when I had stories of the many judgments of the Book of Revelation presented to me, over and over.  We were warned of coming cataclysms, yet told everything would be okay if we stayed close to G-d.  Either way, it all makes a good story.  If everyone chose to live from the heart, vibrating at their highest and best, what a wonderful world it would be.  But the reality is that there are all kinds of people in the human family.  I don't believe it would be a nice and orderly process, so to speak, getting everyone on the same page.  Anyone who's tried to rally twenty people around a concept in order to discuss and find consensus can attest to that.  As similar as we all are, we're still very different from each other.  Each of us has his or her own mosaic of reality, our reality tunnel, and they're all as different as fingerprints.  We're all experiencing life differently.

Such an arrival at a new consensus reality would likely be messy, sticky, and unpredictable.  There are so many variables that it's anyone's guess where some kind of new consensus would lead us, even if it had an approval of the majority of humanity.  Hundredth Monkey effect?  Perhaps, as I've said in the past, but we're talking a global quantum leap away from materialism.  Good luck with that.  The Grand Equalizer type of event that I mentioned seems the most plausible means to that end... "the old life is completely gone... we must rethink our existence."  That being said, how would the remnants of the old sociopolitical system feel about such things?  To say there would be no resistance to a major change like that from the old guard is somewhat naive.  Or is it?  I'd like to think we're all human, so to speak, and we could find consensus, but I honestly don't know how likely that would be.  As a hope, it's there for me, but in reality, who knows. 

Something that someone wrote in the comments below the video on YouTube made me think I'd heard it before:

"No need to fear, portals will open within ourselves automatically and we know all what we need to know. No fear."

I remember a close friend telling me during my time in the woo-woo in late 2009, "You're having an awakening.  The Russians know all about this.  They've been researching this stuff for years.  They want people to wake up.  There's a universal force leading us each individually to another level of consciousness because our current level is not sustainable without destroying ourselves."  Could this really be happening?  It would perhaps explain at least some of what I've seen and experienced.  Context?  And then what?  The ecstatic reality of life in a higher dimension, finally?  Yes.  Or, is it just another day on planet earth and this is just another story.  As always, the path to whatever this could be or not be lies somewhere further down the massive grinding wheel of linear time.  And so we move along.  Thanks to Lilou Mace for the interview and Drunvalo for taking the time to share his thoughts.

~ Namaste ~

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Year Zero: Restate My Assumptions

I've been meaning to post since last November, but have been extremely busy and unable to devote time to writing.  I'd like to say thank you to the people who have posted comments here over the past few months.  Sorry that I haven't had time to respond.  I'm glad that something I've shared might have effected someone else in a positive way.  That makes it all the more worth it to share my thoughts and experiences.  Despite having a full schedule, over the past nine months I have continued my reading and listening to lectures, ever-fascinated with the possibility of receiving some new insight that will enhance and further develop my reality tunnel, my mosaic, the way in which I perceive Universe.  This is a core passion of mine.  Somewhere, deep down inside, I know there is something greater to be discovered, something that has to do with who we truly are beyond our physical shells.  I wonder sometimes if at some point, perhaps after moving on from this plane, I'll have a hearty laugh over the true nature of the physical world and our place within it as sentient beings.  That is my hope.

Compared with where my path has taken me over the past several years, Dark Night of the Soul, Cosmic Initiation and all, I am happy to be employed once again, even if it feels like a grind at times.  Last year around this time I was about three months away from becoming homeless.  Despite years of hard work, I'd lost my business.  This was something that I wanted to pursue for the rest of my life.  That wasn't all I lost.  My entire life crumbled before my eyes, and I lost my dearest love, someone who had brought me up to the Dark Night, which I would face alone.  I have been extremely blessed in that I have pursued many passions over the years, but this last one that I had turned into a business was, to my surprise, seemingly stronger than many passions of the past.  Ironically, it was the third time that particular situation occurred in my life within the last fifteen years, through no fault of my own.  Rather, I was a statistic, a side effect, of some national or global economic hiccup.  Regardless, I savor the blessings of getting to live many of my passions during this physical incarnation.

As my Dark Night of the Soul began, once again I had found myself adrift in a stormy sea.  Hopelessness like I had never known before was my constant companion.  A few of my friends were and still are in similar boats.  My heart goes out to those who are struggling to survive, all over this planet.  They struggle because this is the best that human civilization can do after many thousands of years of existence.  This is the best we have been able to do.  The evidence is all around us.  The current state of affairs in the world, our systems, our social structure, rampant suffering, is overwhelming, complicated and growing.  Yet what we see today is the cumulative effort of generations of humans over eons of linear time.  Where is Utopia?  Why is humanity so dysfunctional?  As I move through this life, I constantly add to and develop my perceptions of reality, and these are some of the questions that I ask as life continues.  I then contrast the assumptions of my perceptive mosaic and try to find a bridge between the two; context.

One of the most important lessons that I took from my two-plus years of dark time was to simply imagine a better world.  When I say that, I mean really imagine a better world:  no money, no commerce as we know it.  In their stead, a consensus reality rooted in peace, joy, cooperation and creativity.  It's an extremely tall order, I know, and most would say it's simply naive; inconceivable.  But it's not.  It's really not.  Our perceptions of the physical world and what is possible within it are so clouded that many generations of humans have become numb to the real magic of Universe over time.  I believe we've lost our way.  We've also been sold a bill of goods as to what's possible, how humans should live, what the true meaning of life is, etc.  It amazes me that when I engage people in conversations about what such a (new) world would be like, they primarily become reactive, echoing memes much like the media that shapes their perceptions of the physical world. 

To look beyond your box and shift your perceptions, just take time to observe all of the simple beauties that surround us, despite what your current life situation might be.  Are you able to see that even decay has great beauty?  What we have collectively been told by our social, religious and governmental entities is essentially lies.  The lies are many, layer upon layer.  During my Cosmic Initiation I was clearly and repeatedly told that virtually everything in this world is upside-down, opposite of the way things should be.  "But you can't have a society without money," people tell me; or "People must be governed," "Nobody wants chaos."  Really?  I wonder.

I ask myself if people who can't conceive of a better world are that entrenched, that myopic, that overwhelmingly enthralled by the cage they're in (hey - it has cable tv!) that they can't even imagine a world outside of their current box.  To those people, I say take a moment and look up at the reflection of infinity some evening while staring into the night sky.  Is this really the best world that we as a race of beings can imagine?  What is a country anyway?  It's a corporation.  The best slaves are the ones who think they are free.  We're inside a dense game of Monopoly, and we're playing that game to our detriment as time is wasted, time that could have been spent doing much more interesting things.  Imagine a world fueled by creativity, where each of us spent a significant portion of our lives making the world a better place for future generations, similar to The Great Law of Peace established by the Iriquois.  Maybe that's part of my Iriquois roots showing, but I believe it's more than that.  That type of thinking deeply resonates within me, yet it is only a doorway.  Great wonder lies beyond a commitment to build a world with those intentions.  Wonder that I'm afraid many cannot even comprehend.

2011 was a profoundly interesting year, filled with signature moments, from the tragic to the inspirational.  October 28th, 2011, the date that Carl Calleman postulated was to be the end of the 9th Wave of the Mayan long count calendar, came and went without much fanfare.  As I've said all along, I remain ultimately skeptical about a lot of what has been said regarding the times in which we live in terms of change, new thought and new ways in which to experience life such as what has been referred to as ascension.  I believe I would like to experience such a thing if it were to occur.  There is a deeply rooted part of my soul that aches for such a thing.  I'm an explorer at heart, and the greatest journey I can conceive of is inter-dimensionally traveling through the Multiverse.  Queue wonder, joy, peace and excitement.

However, I just don't know how likely something like that is, in terms of 'ascension' or humanity collectively shifting from the current paradigm into a wide open field of new possibilities and new ways of life.  I know it's possible, anything is possible, but how likely is it really?  If you read the many websites and forums regarding ascension, you'll see that there are thousands of individuals out there claiming to be receiving messages from beyond our planet, messages of hope from benevolent beings, and yet, there appears to be no evidence of a paradigm shift at all, only narratives about "it's started," "it's happening now," "it's coming soon," etc.  "Yes, I say, bring it," and then I release from expectation.  Not doing so can result in going down a rabbit hole of spinning memes with no discernible roots in truth.

But such musings also leave me seriously conflicted.  I have to say that a new kind of world is precisely what I saw during my weeks in the woo-woo in late '09 - early '10.  What I saw and experienced then was this planet literally vibrating into a split, into two earths, each vibrating at its own frequency, and one of those earths was vibrating at a much higher frequency than our current physical world.  Months later I was surprised to discover Dolores Cannon and others who were talking extensively about that very thing.  At the time of my experience, I was convinced that it had actually occurred and went looking for confirmations in my environment, yet there were none. My deep woo-woo experiences were vividly ecstatic, but at the same time, the pendulum would swing wildly with what I was shown.  I also saw a lot of destruction, suffering and some things of which I have not yet spoken.

On the web, it appears there are multiple narratives regarding some kind of shift that have been gathering steam for years now.  Even with my experiences, I would say beware the meme.  I often wonder if these same narratives, perhaps slightly altered for each era in linear time, have been with humanity for longer than anyone would care to admit, and we're just experiencing today's memes in a new way via the internet.  Or - are these stories of anticipation of some kind of tipping point just a byproduct of a race that has lost its way, creating more suffering than good, and collectively attempting to project a shift in its reality?  It's a curious mental stew.

We are creatures of hope.  Without it, we perish, game over.  Do we create stories of hope to avoid despair?  Isn't that the basis of the various myths around the world - the story of the hero and the hero as each one of us?  Perhaps I've spent too much time reading and listening to the work of the late Joseph Campbell, but I don't think so.  In between sleeping and waking, I have at times caught myself in what appears to have been my own narrative, as if I'm telling my life's story in a part of my mind to some other place as my life unfolds... my rationales, opinions, motivations, etc.  Are we essentially just telling each other stories of hope in order to keep from becoming hopeless or do we really believe that the world will one day quickly transform into a new place, a place of peace and joy?  I know I believe and I know that others do as well.  So why hasn't anything in terms of a real shift occurred?  The simple explanation could be that there are too many variables currently at play, and events are unfolding according to a complicated chain of cause and effect.  Or not.

I know there is more out there.  I've seen beyond my box.  In the past five years alone, I have had an increasing array of rather bizarre occurrences for which I am still seeking context.  These include having what is best described as 1) a spontaneous kundalini experience, during which time I tapped into a kind of hyper-dimensional information stream for several weeks (randomly and without effort) wherein I experienced a completely different world; 2) experiencing incredible bliss while being formless; and 3) (my essence) pouring out (from within a painting) into another (strange yet familiar) material reality with my full waking awareness.  I've seen glimpses of real magic.  That I can't deny.  As a result, it leaves me with a thirst, a hunger for more.  Even with that result, knowing that there is a desire growing within me, I occasionally need to check myself and reevaluate. 

It's my desire to constantly become more in tune with the universal forces that drive me, as if trying to solve a massive series of riddles.  At the same time, in terms of figuring anything out, Occam's Razor likely describes the solution to the mysteries best - the keys to the secrets of Universe - like hyper-dimensional travel, 360° vision, telepathy, communication beyond language via high speed image montages, materializing at will and teleportation are accessible to each of us.  I was shown this in late 2009.  I believe it to be plausible that said keys are ultimately accessible by very simple means.  Sometimes I wonder if those keys might unlock doors of perception in a simple realization, something basic, ingrained within all of us, somewhere.  Can such a connection be made even before a soul has learned the lessons that are part of this physical incarnation?  That too seems plausible to me.  Lessons, hmm.  Why else would we be here?

Clif High said something in a recent interview resonated heavily with me.  He talked about the desire to understand how Universe wishes to create itself.  That's an exploration that will really bake one's noodle.  And yet I feel that aptly describes where I'm at in my journey at this point in linear time.  I firmly believe that there is more to this existence, this physical life, than meets the eye.  I can safely say that is a given.  Mysteries abound, but just what are they, and are they, too, infinite in nature?  If you take the time to seek, you will see Universe reveal its ways in subtle yet enchanting form.  In stillness, awareness of the magic of Universe begins to bloom like a beautiful flower.  One can get a sense that despite what happens in this physical life, everything is indeed going to be okay.

In late 2007, about three months after I began this blog to write about my experiences living and working in virtual reality simulators, I started to receive inspiration to seriously explore out of body experiences, past life regressions and other subjects along those lines.  I had done this at various points previously in my life, and like an old dearly loved friend, these inspirations have grown exponentially since that time.  My years of work dismantling my inherited belief systems were at such a point that there was capacity to for me to move in those directions and explore like never before.  Inspirations came as a fresh waves over time.  They seem to occur every few years or so.  What I like about them is that I've used such times to exercise critical thinking in terms of my assumptions about the nature of reality.  These times are for reassessment and fresh analysis.  I take my mosaic or reality tunnel and turn it on its head.  Year Zero: Restate my assumptions.  The assumptions contained in that clip from Darren Aronofsky's brilliant film, Pi, have been a part of my reality tunnel since the 90s.

Over the past few months, I've read the Hidden Hand postings, Ra's "The Law of One," "Tao Te Ching" and Malcolm Godwin's "The Lucid Dreamer".  I've also listened to many lectures, including recent interviews with Dolores Cannon, Clif High and Ananda Bosman.  I was also following the recent sagas of Benjamin Fulford and David Wilcock for a time, mostly out of curiosity.  If you're not aware of those individuals and their recent stories, you can read more about them both here, on Summer Burkes' blog.  Both situations appeared to me to be eerily similar to Bill Ryan's communications with "Charles" last year, a shadowy figure from within some powerful shadow organization with a rather strange tale to tell about the manipulation of humanity over thousands of years.  All I can say about Fulford, Wilcock and Ryan is again, beware the meme.  That's not to say anything negative about any of them or posit that their stories couldn't lead to something positive.  One must question everything, and in these times, at this point in our history, it's more important than ever.  Part of the human experience is getting caught up in and acting out dramas.  It happens to all of us.  Still, it is key to question everything.

It appears to me that there are many narratives running loosely along the ascension and 2012 memes.  People with alleged secrets or inside knowledge pop up here and there, spin yarns and then fade into the background shortly thereafter.  They are typically stories of the hero fighting against the larger, corrupt system.  Many of those narratives read to me like reflections of separation theology, which is the fundamental dogmatic apparatus of most organized religions.  I take them all with a grain of salt.  Many are simply distractions.  Nobody's coming (to save us).  The way out is within.  It's an individual experience, one that comes from a concentration on opening the heart.  The Now, and being fully present in the Now, is the best teacher I have found to date, and I have had many teachers.

The beautiful thing about the Now is that it's always there, always accessible, in an instant, no matter what situation in which you might find yourself, and until death comes and we cast off these physical shells, no one can take The Now away.  There is nothing that any of us need to look to that is outside of ourselves.  Being.  Being here, now, is all that counts.  Have you noticed how our technology, corporations, governments and the media are pushing us in the opposite direction, seemingly with greater force as time goes on?  Distractions.  There is nothing better than experiencing life being fully present in each moment, and yet for many, it becomes more difficult to do so as we move through linear time.  Sometimes I feel as though this is the simple thing that Universe is attempting to communicate to us, as if therein lies all the answers to our myriad problems of earthly existence and our potential evolution as a species.

In my latest Year Zero event, I have restated my assumptions.  Here they are:  We have incarnated physically here to learn and therefore to grow, spiritually.  We all did this through sacred contracts long before our arrival, as we have done over and over for eons here and elsewhere.  As part of our pact of life experience within this density, we agreed to have our cumulative lifetime memories, or access thereto, blocked or veiled, so that we could experience the Law of Confusion in a polarized world.  Hermetic Law gives us clues to understanding the paradigm.  I can say from my time in the woo-woo that the real magic of Universe is virtually incomprehensible.  It's not what any of us thinks.  It's beyond comprehension, and each person's awakening process to the wonder of Universe is an individual journey that unfolds in very personal ways, as if each awakening process is custom made.

We're here to develop our souls through the experiences of polarity, right and wrong, black and white.  Yet we come, as energy systems, as sparks of Source, of the All That Is, the great energetic mind in which we live and breathe, into physical form from a place where there is only 'rightwrong' and 'blackwhite,' beyond this dimension.  Universe unfolds according to Hermetic Law, as outlined in the Kybalion.  There are seven Universal Principles:  Mentalism, Correspondence, Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm, Cause and Effect, and Gender.  Essentially there are no opposites, only opposite ends of a given spectrum.  "There's a thin line, between love and hate," as the song goes.  Think about that for a moment.  Many can't even conceive of such things, so they remain in essence slaves to the dramas of life and sew the seeds of victimhood and ignorance in doing so.

We are essentially inside an infinite holographic simulator of some kind, and we're in a dense sector.  As above, so below.  Other dimensions exist, perhaps even infinitely.  Other parts of ourselves exist in some of these other dimensions.  There is a higher version of ourselves that exists, vibrating at a higher level, in a higher dimension, outside of linear time.  This higher self works with our spirit guides and/or angels, and guides our experiences based on our choices so that the lessons we came here to learn are presented to us, despite our choices or station in life.  There is no escape, regardless of life choices, from lessons being presented in real life dramatic fashion.  In Kabbalah, this is called one's tikkun, things that we personally have to work out, to learn, and in doing so make the world a better place.  This higher self could be, from our current perspective, a future versions of each of us.

Other energy systems and/or entities from other dimensions transit at various points through our daily lives, yet like two-dimensional flat shapes on a flat plane that would find it impossible to comprehend a three-dimensional being, we remain largely constrained within our 3D reality and its density, unable to fully comprehend dimensional realities that are vibrating at a higher frequency than ours.  There must be ways by which one can master transit at will to other dimensional experiences.  That is the prize that I have sought my entire life.  Over time I began to tell myself that I already know the answers to the questions I ponder, and that it's a simple act of remembrance that is the key that will unlock all doors.  That would be a simple solution right there, however difficult.

I ask myself -- If all that there is, and all that ever was, is love - is that a clue that would lead to further understanding of Universe?  How far must one go to be love incarnate?  What does that actually mean in terms of moment by moment living of life?  Does wisdom play a part in balancing what would otherwise be an all-consuming, runaway compassion?  If, as The Law of One states, "There is only one of us here," then what are we collectively running from, as a race, in terms of a full understanding of selves and our place in Universe?  Or, are we being manipulated beyond our ability to comprehend?  If we are being manipulated, is the manipulation taking place just so we might learn lessons and realize, in terms of a starting point, who or what we don't want to be?

Could it be that this entire physical life experience, based on learning, isn't nearly as serious as we make it out to be, and it's essentially a game that resets itself after each physical incarnation?  Is our true nature to exist with 'lovehate' or 'hatelove,' sans polarity as we know it, since Hermetic Law says that they are one in the same, just opposite sides of the same spectrum?  I continue to tell myself that I'm a spiritual being having a human experience in a polarized 3D materium.  Having worked inside 3D simulators for several years, this has been part of my mosiac / reality tunnel for some years now.  I believe Universe brought me to that place as part of my awakening process.  This planet, I now believe, is in fact some sort of school.  Successful completion of previously outlined lessons could lead to vibrating at a higher level, thus, opening the doors to higher dimensions.  Then again, that may not be the case at all.  

I've identified as an Indigo Child since first reading about the subject many years ago.  This could be my first time here on earth.  Perhaps it is, yet I have seen glimpses of memories from worlds unknown to me in this lifetime.  Could some of that be what is called cellular memory, part of my ancestral DNA or are they scenes from past incarnations?  I believe it's likely that I'm what Dolores Cannon has come to call a Volunteer Soul.  That concept resonates with me greatly, and it would explain a lot if it were true.  Five words could sum up my physical incarnation:  stranger in a strange land.  There is so much that I don't understand in terms of why things are the way they are on this planet... suffering begetting more suffering.  For some reason, Ravel's "Bolero" seems a fitting piece of music to serve as the soundtrack for the circle of life.   I just thought I'd mention that, haha.

I'm not a glass-half-full kind of person, but by and large, people are suffering, and many all over the world have nothing to eat, no fresh water, etc.  We're saying to Universe on some level, "This is the best we can do.  It's every person for him or herself.  It's just the way it is."  Planetary school or no school, this continues to bother me.  Some would say, "So change it," and I do try in my daily life that is before me, in each moment.  Anything else is dreaming, but I do dream as well.  I dream big.  When I contrast the natural beauty of the planet and the creations of some of the most prolifically talented people around the world, I arrive at a bittersweet irony.  Will there ever be a true paradigm shift, where we, as a race of sentient beings, drops the shackles of our consumption-based, Madison Avenue-fueled, pharmaceutical-drenched existence to step into and collectively embrace a new era and new ways of being?  I'm talking beyond one's wildest dreams here.

If that is ever to occur, it will start with a simple thought:  I can imagine a better world.  I believe that if we can mentally conceive of something, however far from technological capacity it may be at any time, it's ultimately doable.  So naive or not, ascension / paradigm shift or not, I choose to experience the rest of my journey in the Now, my perfect teacher.  I believe that the archenemy of humanity is the human ego.  One can trace most if not all of the world's problems to the ego (e-g-o: everybody's got one).  I believe that if there is such a thing as "The Beast" of biblical scripture and/or myth is commerce itself; it's consumption.  This, too, has been part of my reality for some years now.

It appears to be so obvious to me.  Our civilized world with all of its corruption, is a largely a mutant bastardization of the gift of life.  Within that bastardization lie the banksters, the corporations and their many minions that we know as politicians and leaders.  It's such a joke once you really begin to look closely at the whole thing.  Bread and circus for the masses, eagerly served up 24/7 by the media, while greed runs its course across the long table of consumption as (figurative, programmed) swine feast endlessly.  Our world runs on the premise of infinite economic growth, as if the resources of the planet and the blood, sweat and tears of its inhabitants has no end.  It does have an end.  We cannot continue like this if we wish to survive.  That much is evident to many around the world today, and for that I am thankful.  Could it be that we're gaining some traction?

Up until this point in linear time though, this is the best we have managed to do and it's rather disappointing.  But that doesn't mean that there isn't hope.  We live within a universe of infinite possibilities, therefore, the potential for a paradigm shift is there, it's just a matter of if and when.  I can't say that I put much hope in the messages of channelers.  More of them have emerged over time, and their messages, at least to me, seem to be proverbial carrots dangling on sticks.  Just like the ascension and 2012 cataclysm memes, "something" is always "just around the corner" and yet nothing out of the ordinary appears to happen that would usher in any kind of real change.  I've seen these cycles come and go since I was a teen and began reading consciousness-related materials.

Many memes within the 'consciousness community' appear to me to be eerily similar to the impassioned chatter of many televangelists of the past several decades who have predicted trials, tribulations, future events and end times.  I often wonder if those types of narratives are part of the game that keeps us locked inside of this matrix of consumption and materialism.  Perhaps time will tell, perhaps not.  In life, one must learn to expect the unexpected, to be prepared for the blindsiding effects of black swans.  Certainly considering various viewpoints is healthy, and can help one to gain further understanding, but too much immersion and we fall victim to the memes themselves.  I would venture a guess that we'll see plenty more black swan-like events before anything that resembles the many ascension memes.  As for anything you find written here, take what resonates, if anything, and discard the rest.

I may sound like somewhat of a pessimist, but I'm not.  I have lived by the mantra, "Never lose your sense of wonder" since my early years, and I do believe that in order for a paradigm shift to occur that would usher in a grand new human life experience, it has to start with a single thought, and that thought could be to imagine a better world, as I stated earlier here.  Everything in this physical plane begins with a thought, however unlikely or seemingly impossible such a thought would be.  I do know also that any thoughts must initiate action in order to be fully physically realized.  Over the past few years we've seen sparks... the 'spring' movements in various countries, the Occupy movement here in the US.  They give me hope, but for now, all I can do is to live moment to moment, with mindfulness and a dedication to stay in the Now.  When I use my imagination, I say "Why not?" to a better world, a better way of life, to the expansion of human consciousness that reaches for the keys to the secrets of Universe and all of its infinite possibilities. 

Are we approaching Terence McKenna's Timewave Zero or will life continue to go on as it has, with humanity stuck inside of an outdated paradigm that does itself and the planet no good?  All that I have, all that I have ever had, is the present, the Now.  The time for gurus has passed.  Simply being, loving and living out each moment, no matter what comes, is all there is.  Is that essentially part of the human physical experience on earth, desperate to repeat itself over and over, to hope for hope's sake - or do simple thoughts, dreams and hopes of a better world lay down the track for human evolution to race across in future years?

As I've said all along, I don't have any answers.  I am just a being experiencing this life.  Events globally have unfolded in an intriguing way over the past decade or so, enough to make me wonder how much longer the current paradigm is sustainable.  When I couple those observations with my own somewhat bizarre consciousness-related experiences, I can't help but wonder if we are approaching some kind of tipping point.  It would certainly give me context for many things, yet often times Universe offers no context, so becoming attached to outcomes or expectations does no good.  One must surrender to the present moment and just live.  And as I live, hope - great hope, continues to live with me, regardless of my assumptions or whatever my mosaic of perception looks like at any given time.

Here are some recent videos that you might find interesting...

Lisa Renee on Hundredth Monkey Radio.  This was a real blessing for me to find.  Fascinating.  This one starts somewhere past the six minute mark.  I have just listened to this as I finished this post while retrieving the saved video links for Dolores and Clif below.  Lisa's spontaneous kundalini experience, though different than mine (hers was apparently much more painful), has so many eerily similar details to mine, including the precursor of a Dark Night of the Soul experience, that it nearly freaked me out.  She uses the word 'initiation,' as did I, and talks frankly about how one questions one's sanity when this type of event string unfolds.  This is the first time that I've come across someone who appears to have had the same series of experiences - Wow.  And talk about timing - Whoah.

The latest from Dolores Cannon:

The latest from Clif High...

Clif's Wujo - Web Bot Update, March 20, 2012:

Clif's Wujo: Release Language Waves, COP Training, Unknowing (March 29, 2012):

~ Namaste ~

Monday, October 10, 2011

New Clif High Interview 10.7.2011 - Ground Zero Media

I had a hunch that Clif High would be doing more interviews, and below is a link to an interview he did with Clyde Lewis for Ground Zero Media on October 7, 2011.  In this interview, Clif goes into a bit more detail regarding the Web Bot's recent findings and what we may be in store for over the next several weeks and months.  Among the many topics discussed is the current Occupy movement that has been spreading to various cities, a potential Vatican crisis, food shortages and the end of the current banking system as we know it.

Always insightful and also entertaining, Clif provides more eye-opening views into what could be the near future. For more on Clif, visit Half Past Human.  Could we finally be approaching some kind of global tipping point that leads us into a new way of thinking?  Your guess is as good as mine, although the very thought of such a thing excites me greatly.  I'd like to believe that people all over the world are finally waking up, but only time will tell.  Enjoy!

~ Namaste ~