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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Documentary Coming: Thrive

I haven't had much time to post lately, however, I thought I would do a quick post regarding an upcoming documentary entitled, "Thrive," which is scheduled to debut online on November 11th.  The trailer is below.  At first glance, the film appears to be quite interesting, at least to me.  More information can be found at the Thrive Movement website.  Revolutionary change is needed on a global scale.  The current systems are broken and no longer serve the interests of the average person.  Why not today?  Why not right now?  We can change the world - for the better, for future generations, for the good of all.  Enjoy.

~ Namaste ~

Monday, September 5, 2011

New Clif High Interviews - Late Summer 2011

So here we are, less than 60 days away from what Carl Calleman has estimated is the end of the Ninth or Universal Wave of the Mayan Calendar - October 28th.  As stated in previous posts, quite a bit has happened so far in 2011, but does what has happened thus far this year portend a shift in consciousness and / or the dismantling of the systems and social structures that have governed this and previous cycles / waves?  Notwithstanding the many thought-provoking and tragic events of 2011, I remain undecided.  I still think things could go either way, with "business as usual" the likely outcome after we find ourselves beyond this October and then 2012.  There definitely seems to be an increase in unease (or dis-ease) on a number of fronts around the globe, but I'm just not convinced that the pace of change (which should be twenty times faster than the preceding Galactic Cycle) is enough to be indicative of any type of major change in awareness or shift as many have spoken about.  And, as I've said many times in the past, I find any mention of specific dates for predicted events to be suspect.

However, that could change at any moment, as even casual observation of the headlines of the day reveals.  There do appear to be just as many cracks in the sociopolitical structures as there are showing up all over the earth's crust.  I remain hopeful for massive paradigm shifts and positive change, even if that means an abrupt departure from life as we've known it in the civilized world as a means to an end.  Anything is possible.  What appears to be evident, at least to me, is that the current structure of the world - money, commerce, industry, politics, unlimited economic growth - is unsustainable.  Somewhere in the aforementioned cacophony that shapes public opinion via the media is an observation of how much of modern society has been removed from the beauty of nature, her cycles and rhythms.  Instead, the focus of life for many is the agenda of corporate interests, for profit, on virtually every front.  That is a meditation.  When you spend some time thinking about it, while perhaps at the same time picturing an HD video of the night sky with its brilliant stars as it showcases the wonder of the universe, you realize that our corporate agenda-driven world (consume, consume) is complete insanity.

Clif High of Half Past Human and the Web Bot Project has been busy analyzing the linguistics contained in his spiders' latest web crawls.  I always enjoy listening to Clif talk and I would also expect that he will be doing more interviews over the next several weeks as he completes his latest round of analysis.  A new Shape of Things To Come newsletter should be released soon, which will be available from the HPH website.  Each interview contains intriguing information, from the potential failure of the US Postal Service and the ensuing financial domino effect to the ongoing radiation leaking from the Fukushima reactors.  Personally, I can't see the US government letting the Postal Service fail, but I suppose anything is possible these days.  The videos below are "adventures in future viewing" with Clif High.  The first video is from Time Monk Radio on August 12th: (video since removed).

This second video is a more recent interview with Clif on Truth Frequency Radio, which debuted on August 27th:

~ Namaste. ~