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Monday, November 30, 2009

Strange Odyssey

Recently I spent a month as a juror in a very serious case involving life and death.  I had been called many times in the past in various states of residence, but had never been picked and never wound up serving on a jury.  I was the last thing that I wanted to do.  Fortunately, the judge in the case was an interesting, seemingly well grounded individual, which helped to lessen the overall alternate reality feeling of such a venue.  During the entire complex time over many weeks, I managed to remain as grounded as I could, spending break periods and other times in as meditative a state as I could manage to create.

The whole ordeal was rather surreal.  Deja-vu moments for me are often somewhat infrequent; at least not that frequent, yet this experience seemed like I had stepped into another reality and at the same time the cast of players in this drama all seemed very familiar to me, almost in a creepy way.  Not negative in that sense, but creepy in that there seemed to be familiarity there that resonated with me on some levels but I couldn't find any substantiating reasons why I was having these particular feelings.  Suffice it to say that my inner being has been left with a nebulous sort of "this means something" feeling that I can't find any context for.  It could be anything I suppose, but walking into a deja-vu that lasts for weeks is an odd thing to comprehend.