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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ian Xel Lungold Explains The Mayan Calendar

I mentioned Ian Xel Lungold in my last post.  Unfortunately, he passed away from cancer several years ago.  There's a lengthy video from the early 2000's where he discusses the Mayan Calendar, and calendars in general - their affects on society and the cycles through which previous generations of living things on the earth have manifested and changed.

I found this to be quite fascinating, and it looks like things will begin to get interesting starting later this year and into 2011 if his analysis ends up having any merit.  The Mayan Calendar is like a pyramid of time, thus their architecture in the ancient world, where time accelerates as we move into the last cycles.  It certainly looks that way with the benefit of hindsight in history.  In terms of the future and how things may affect us as a planet, as they say, "We'll see."  Ian's website, MayanMajix can be found here.

For the full set of two videos on the Consciousness and the Mayan Calendar, click here.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Belief Systems And Fear - Always Follow the Money

I am not a 2012 fanatic.  In fact, I generally disregard anything that has to do with things occurring on particular dates.  However, based on my own experience in my own spiritual and/or consciousness journeys, I do believe it's highly likely that consciousness, that of our planet and its inhabitants, is always changing.  That said, I also believe that it's plausible that ever-changing consciousness might have something to do with the evolution of all things.  If one studies nature, one can observe that everything is always changing.  People who are locked into belief systems have a hard time with this line of thinking, which to me, demonstrates the stranglehold that many of the earth's belief systems have on people, and it ultimately makes me sad. There was an interesting case that made some headlines in the scientific world not too long ago where lizards that had been moved from one island to another off the coast of Croatia are already exhibiting signs of evolutionary change - this within less than a decade.  I find such things exciting, as they echo Charles Darwin's studies of life on the Galapagos Islands, namely finches and turtles.  Richard Dawkins has actually done some interesting work in terms of evolution, faith and rigid public belief systems.  He's been featured on The Daily Show with Jon Steward and Real Time with Bill Maher.

If you're looking at the Earth (or Terra, as it is known), and you believe something other than what science has shown for example, that the earth is billions of years old instead of five or six thousand years, you get caught up in looking for things like a half-man, half-monkey, etc.  Such things as evolution are looked at by many organized religions as blasphemy.  I've always wondered why that is.  The people in those belief systems seem to think that there is typically an angry god up in the clouds that is looking to hit people over the head when they disobey or question anything.  That's never made sense to me.  When I used to think about it, I would ask myself to consider the source - and - is there money involved.  Many of these rigid belief systems are some of the largest money collectors on the planet, and they also preach messages of fear.  When fear and money are intertwined, one has to question everything that comes from such a source.  Anytime you hear a message that is fear-based, ask yourself if the messenger represents some kind of connection to money.  If the answer is yes, then the message is probably of an opportunistic nature, such as "fear: consume".

I remember several years ago listening to an interview with the comedian / actor / producer Ricky Gervais.  In the interview, he discussed his devout atheism.  At first, I was a little disappointed, not because he didn't believe in a "god", but because he's an artist, and prolific at times.  Many of us who create art, no matter the medium, eventually understand that there is something great at work - a place from which profound ideas and inspiration seem to flow like water.  But when he pointed out why, I understood.  He said something to the effect of "Why would an all-powerful, all-knowing deity create me and place me on a planet such as this and not want for me to question things with my own mind, one that I was endowed with?"  I found this very revealing and it reflects parts of my spiritual journey that have grown in amplitude from the time that I started to disassemble the belief system that I had forced on me from childhood on into adulthood.  "Right," I thought,  "This makes total sense to me."  Any other answer is denying a greater wisdom than yourself, even if you don't particularly believe in it.  When you throw in the fact that many (not all) of the larger belief systems have killed countless millions over the years, and have appointed themselves as the link between humanity and a greater wisdom, asked us not to question anything as they fill their coffers with money and perpetuate wars, you begin to see that something there isn't quite right.

Despite all of the hype about 2012, there does appear to be something going on in terms of humanity's evolution.  Certainly my consciousness has evolved beyond the rigid belief system of my childhood, which has been perpetuated for generations by those with money and power.  In this grand expansive universe, or multiverse, it makes sense to me that life is much more than shopping, accumulating material goods and watching mostly brainless television.  Anyone who spends time meditating - the simple act of calming the mind - knows this.  Those who don't engage in meditation remain governed by the left-brain, stuck in reptilian thought systems.  It amazes me how vocal and often hateful many of those who are stuck in that mindset lash out against anything that is concerned with simple spirituality - simply calming one's self in silence regularly and connecting with the deeper part therein.  For me, those people represent the herd or mob mentality, and while I have compassion for them, I tend to avoid that type of discourse at all costs.

There is an interesting online movie called 2012 that has undergone various changes over time, with a recent edit having been posted on YouTube.  It's not a movie in the grand sense, but more like a splice-fest of a lot of different people speaking about earth changes and thing that are happening to individuals around the world who are taking the time to go within and listen to their hearts.  I've read books and listened to lectures from many of the featured people in the movie, including Dannion Brinkley, Gregg Braden and the late Dr. Ian Xel Lungold, whose explanation of the Mayan Calendar is quite interesting.