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Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Spiritual Wind

Every so-many years or so, I receive what I call a New Spiritual Wind, which is like a vaporous awareness that sweeps over my being.  I can't pinpoint anything in terms of timing or any kind of action that I've taken in the physical world that would trigger such an event, although such may exist beyond my waking awareness.  To best describe the feeling, it's as though some kind of "knowing" has been activated deep within my being, yet said knowing is incomplete at the time of its arrival.  For example, I will notice a shift in my awareness and during such time, words and images will begin to (often flood) my mind, compelling me to seek out what something inside of me is trying to articulate.  Often the results are immediate and I am off reading or researching about a particular topic.  Sometimes these searches and the subsequent reading can take weeks or months.

What is interesting about this particular event at this time is its arrival on November 11th.  Although I am aware of the significance of the eleven/eleven date in terms of its acknowledgment in some circles as power numbers, that's not what is interesting to me at this time.  What is interesting is that I came across some old journals and in doing so, noticed that that the arrivals of the last two "spiritual winds" for me were on November 10th and 12th in previous years.  Perhaps it's just a coincidence, but having found those journals over this past summer and having made a mental note of the times, the fact that I've awoken on this 11:11 day with a whole new set of direction to pursue in my quest to understand more about myself is in itself interesting to me.  As far as the date itself is concerned, it's purely coincidence from my point of view, however, I have noticed that November seems to be a good month for me in terms of consciousness expansion.

The essence of what I received this time came about via a dream hangover, which is a self explanatory term I use for myself when I feel a certain pull associated with the information that I'm receiving that tends to (in my mind) point to my dreaming reality (while sleeping).  The message that I received this time was roughly the following... "Return.  We're here.  Raise your vibration.  Remember."  I've just ordered several books and some cds based on what I found earlier today online.  We'll see where this goes.