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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Great Chant Link for "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo"

Developing a chant regimen by yourself can be difficult at first.  With many videos on YouTube, however, you can now participate in a group chant, which can be very helpful.  I have tried several different types of chants over the years, but the most effective thus far seems to be "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo", which refers to the Lotus Flower scripture in Nichiren Buddhism.  This is probably one of the best-known chants in the world.  People use it for manifestation, meditation and to align themselves with the greater cosmic source.

This chant was relayed to me many years ago through an acquaintance with whom I would occasionally discuss consciousness and spirituality.  The meaning of the chant is essentially devotion to the Mystic Law of Life, taking refuge in the Buddha or other object of veneration.  This chant is referred to as the Daimoku.  I have found that this particular link resonates with me more than others currently on YouTube, because it is a group doing the chant and part of the group takes a sort of harmony to the other group's melody, making it very easy to chant along with them.

The great thing about YouTube playlists now is that you can create a specific playlist, and place a video like this into the playlist multiple times, therefore making a chant session much longer and easier to follow along with at a designated rhythm.  I've found this chant great for clearing the mind and leaving me feeling uplifted, as a smile usually comes to my face automatically when I'm done.  Chanting along with this group for a time creates a certain resonance within my chest, a vibration, that feels good.  Although you can chant it to yourself, from what I've read it's supposed to be done aloud and that might have something to do with the resonance that it creates within the being who is chanting.

As with any effective computer-assisted effort such as this, headphones are required.