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Monday, October 18, 2010

Wake Up - The Film

I'm a self-confessed documentary junkie.  I've enjoyed the Sundance Channel and IFC for years because they are a couple of a handful of outlets to see quality documentaries that focus us issues that affect us all.  Every now and then, a really good one comes along, like Gasland from Josh Fox and Blue Gold - Water Wars, which was narrated by Malcolm McDowell.  Both of those films are not only profound, but should serve as a wake-up call to everyone everywhere as to just how fast, within the last few years alone, our world is being destroyed and poisoned.

Just recently, another documentary was released, from Jonas Elrod.  WOW.  If you have any sort of interest in other dimensional energetic beings, why we're here, how vast this cosmos is that is hidden from our view - and - where is life headed on this planet as our consciousness as a species evolves, this is a must-see.  Jonas also wrote an interesting article recently for the Huffington Post.  I believe, from my own spiritual experiences and windows into other worlds that have opened temporarily to me, that he is on to something big, and truthful.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Project Camelot Interviews Ashayana Deane

There's a woman by the name of Kerry Cassidy who runs a website called Project Camelot.  Kerry and her oranization's mission involves interviewing people that have had personal experiences or insights regarding a grand universal plan, including perspective on the place in which we as the human race occupy as it relates to a much larger family of universal beings, most of whom remain hidden from our view for a variety of reasons, including the fact that many vibrate at higher levels that we as humans cannot access with our left-brain thinking.

Years ago, namely in the 80s and early 90s, before I began to tear down my forced belief system from childhood, I relegated this type of discussion to potential government black operations (having worked for the government for four years in the 80s).  Though as my consciousness has expanded, I have found it more and more plausible that we are not alone in the universe, and that many of earth's money-making, non-aboriginal commoditized belief systems are nothing more than a select few people attempting to control the minds of the masses so that they can sell us more "things" as they accumulate wealth and deplete the planet's resources.

If what Kerry and Project Camelot have found thus far has any merit, and it may, since once again former armed forces officers have come forth to speak about withheld information regarding extraterrestrials, such revealings and/or contacts will change human history forever.  I realize that there are many different groups out there with different agendas, and I do remain a skeptic for the most part with any new information I receive, however, the possibility that we, as a race, have been genetically manipulated somewhere in the past and our destructive powers that be continue to exploit a once-perfect, in-balance planet gives me pause.

Several months ago, Kerry interviewed a woman named Ashayana Deane, who has been a channel for information coming from other realms.  This wasn't anything that I hadn't really come across and written off in the past, however, what riveted me to the interview was after Deane began to share her renderings of sacred geometrical shapes and how they pertain to a larger map of the universe.  As someone who has been extremely interested in Sacred Geometries for some time, I found this to be quite potentially revealing, especially when she goes into the journey of souls through the many different dimensions, based upon a soul's particular vibrational frequency.

Deane's renderings reminded me of the Master Universe Map as explained in the Urantia Book, which has always resonated with me for some reason.  The Deane interview is quite lengthy in multiple parts, but she does have some interesting things to say.