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Monday, April 21, 2008

Another Interesting Book

Over the years, despite any particular spiritual discipline being practiced (or not), I have read many books about near death experiences (NDEs).  Authors Betty Jean Eadie and Danyon Brinkley immediately come to mind.  It's a subject that's fascinated me as much as astral projection, or out of body experiences (OBEs).  I've woven parts of people's experiences into my mosaic over the years, discarding anything that doesn't resonate with me.  Having finished Dr. Michael Newton's book, "Journey of Souls", I am once again adding to my mosaic.  His studies have provided some deep personal insight and have further magnified certain things that I came across while reading Monroe and Van Dusen, among others.

What I like about Newton's book is where the content comes from - a series of case studies presented from hundreds whereupon he attempted to access parts of the inner self of his patients through hypnosis without offering suggestions thereto.  Sure, I take everything I read with a grain of salt.  I enjoy being the skeptic, however, when a particular reading seems sensible to me, I trust in my ability to feel the resonance of such information with my inner being.  It's a process that I can't thoroughly articulate at this time, but its underlying nature is mathematical, as if I can sense the information being absorbed as it's scattered across a giant wall in my mind that is my mosaic, and multiple calculations take place, some taking longer than others to complete, but very many.  Depending on the outcome, I will either feel a resonance, a vibration and see in my mind where pieces of the new information are indexed within my overall mosaic or I will feel nothing.  The commonalities and corollaries between experiences in Newton's studies is profound, suggesting that there is something at play in the universe that is far greater than what we have typically been taught to understand.

Sidebar - I just thought about the last paragraph before posting where I said the mosaic is like a giant wall - It would be cool if if the mosaic turned out to be something that when filled with the necessary data, would unlock keys to further understanding and/or ascension.