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Sunday, November 7, 2010

The WingMakers

Since I stared to dismantle my forced belief system in the mid-90s by studying Buddhism for a time, followed by Kabbalah, I have experienced times where it feels as though I am being guided to information.  Sometimes this will come from meditation, as I have written about earlier on this blog, and other times I will find myself reading information that appears in a somewhat wildcard sort of way while I'm on my computer, talking with someone, or seeing something in my environment that sparks some kind of trigger.  I have referred to these times as periods of "cosmic schooling" or "guided information sourcing" for lack of a better term.  It's as if, during these times, my mosaic, as I've mentioned in previous posts, is being added to without any conscious decision on my part.  I just sort of find myself in a particular place, not looking for anything specific, and suddenly images from a previous meditation or something I've seen, read or heard in the past will begin to connect dots within my mind.  It's as if I'm being guided.  The depth and breadth of the information flow is wide, and often symmetrical, driving along long lines of ultimate convergence.  Occasionally, it's pure overload, but the measure of coincidence is something that I can't deny.  It makes me laugh.

This happened again recently in a profound sense when I discovered The WingMakers website.  I was watching a video about time travel on YouTube and the related content window had delivered an interview with a former Philadelphia Experiment participant named Al Bielek.  I had remembered reading about the project years ago, and it wasn't something that I had given any thought to in many years.  Like most government black ops or psy-ops, the entire project is shrouded in disinformation.  As I've stated before, having worked for the government in the past with a security clearance, I marveled at the methods and depth of their black operations, and how they manipulate the public and the media, if only to invent stories that don't exist in order to obscure something or turn the public's attention away from an area in which they could be held accountable.  If the extent, even on the smallest of scales, of the government's behind the scenes maneuvering were known to the general public, it could not exist.  If the populace had such information, many would deny it.  Most are so conditioned to accept what they've been told in terms of what the world is and how things appear to be that they'd literally lose their minds. Question everything.  Things are not the way that they appear to be.  That's all I can say.

During this particular interview, Al Bielek was talking about experiencing time travel at various points within the future as part of the Philadelphia Experiment.  I took it with a grain of salt and began listening for entertainment value more than anything else.  So, to be clear, when I say to question everything, I do mean everything.  It's only when a series of bits of information seem to connect dots within my mosaic (current reality tunnel) that I even pay them any mind.  Even at that point, before proceeding to add something to my mosaic as plausible, I will need several more bits of independent information to consider linkage.  Often this occurs as what I called "The Ripple" in a previous post.  Since discovering WingMakers, I have yet another name for my cosmic schooling periods:  Event Strings.  Not that the term is anything new, but the perspective that my Higher Self had brought me to certain places at appointed times (when the student is ready, the teacher will appear), is something that I will carry forward.

At one point in the interview, Al talked about being several hundred years in the future and described a somewhat profound post-modern culture in which there was no war, and no money.  Those types of things usually pique my interest, and this began to get very interesting when Al was asked who created or ran this future human society.  He said it was largely due to The WingMakers, which I immediately Googled, and what I found there began to really blow my mind.  Perhaps one of the reasons that it struck me the way that it did was from my years of working within virtual worlds, where I could take basic geometries and create landscapes, structures or cities, many of which floated above the ground, as a matter of personal preference.  These creations existed on planes of peace, balance and harmony, and everything, including travel, entertainment and the geography itself was maintained by computers.  People could teleport in from any of the other tens of thousands of worlds within worlds into my spaces, alone or with friends, and enjoy anything within the word that I had created.  Everything was free.  It was all a labor of love and I was happy to have people enjoy themselves and push the physics of the simulator to the limit with their avatars in terms of their physical enjoyment.

There is something to be said for working and creating within today's virtual world platforms.  There's a sense of deja-vu that eventually sweeps over you like a beautiful, North Shore Oahu wave during the peak of surfing season.  You can't escape it, at least I couldn't, which is why I spent most of the last four years in these environments.  It's a sense that I'd been there before, could fly easily, communicate and hang out with my friends and others, create to my heart's wildest desire and most of all, experience a peace and tranquility that, over time, began to make me feel more and more like this present reality is some kind of dime-store rip-off in terms of the societal structure, ever-decreasing freedoms and general sense of imbalance.  For me, discovering that these places existed and that I could thrive in an entirely new environment was a real blessing for me.  After a very short time in the virtual world, the deja-vu factor started to compound greatly.  It was as if I had been there before, even though there are many worlds with many different types of landscapes and skyscapes.  A sense of "as above, so below - so below, as above" pervaded my experiences and began to further expand my view of the universe.

The Philadelphia Experiment participant Al Bielek stated that the world that he visited, a future version of earth, although largely influenced by the teachings of The WingMakers, was governed by artificial intelligences that kept the societies at peace.  There was commerce, but everything was free, because of an understanding that each entity had a singular purpose to contribute to the whole.  Greed wasn't a problem.  I was fascinated at the thought of such a world, and was immediately drawn back to my thousands of hours of virtual reality experience, because they sounded like nearly identical types of worlds.  Every time that I think of The WingMakers now I think of my virtual reality experience, as if they are one in the same.  When I hear those within the fields of consciousness expansion talk about ascension and human evolution and they say that it's all about remembering who we really are, I get goosebumps.  That said, I have still yet to remember many things, which I look forward to with great anticipation.

What really struck me, though, was the philosophy of The WingMakers, and how it virtually mirrors what Drunvalo Melchizedek talked about in his book, "Living in the Heart", which I had read last December, and as I stated in a post around that time, opened up a world of experience to me that I had never known before and sent me spinning into the woo-woo world for many weeks without the aid of any mind-altering journey tools.  I still haven't written about all that happened almost a year later, because it was / is very hard to articulate.  The mediation technique ended up being a trip down the rabbit hole that I hadn't expected.  I will attempt to go further into that in my next post, as I'm do for a little reiteration of what I learned during that time and how it changed my life to this day.  Suffice it to say, as of the time of this writing, although I have used the meditation technique quite often, nearly daily at times, I have yet to return to that profoundly expanded place of awareness.  That bothered me for months, until I found out from others who have posted videos on YouTube that such trips are rare, and given by the universe as a "taste", that sets your soul on a course of trying to return to that state of awareness for the rest of your life.  This has been true for me.

I'll let you explore The Wingmakers website yourself, without boring you with the history too much, as it's on their site and elsewhere, however, here are a few key points:  These are allegedly teachings from other dimensional beings who have been to this planet many times in the past.  There are volumes of information, pages and pages of philosophy and a nicely crafted mythology in which the teachings are presented, so as to put it into the context of this world... all religions - and this isn't one - are mythologies, as Joseph Campbell would say, that reflect the journey of the individual soul as the hero on a spiritual journey, and are about personal transformation; not to be taken literally as we see all over the world today where people are dying for metaphors.  Some have criticized The WingMakers because of this, but I disagree.  It's not a cult or a belief system.  Once you read the texts directly about the human heart, aside from the mythology, you see that there is one simple message they bring: universal love and the individual as divine in nature.  In fact, the soul is actually what they call The Sovereign Integral, meaning we are aspects of our creator, our First Source energy, and are currently trapped in a labyrinth of deception, the net of Maya, of illusion, as the Buddhists would say.

Their website is extensive, filled with tons of reading, eye-popping artwork and wonderful music.  They also have sister sites, (source of the teaching order) and, where lightworkers can go daily to participate in group meditations with others around the world to increase compassion and love on our planet.  James, aka Nahu-Mahi, is the person ultimately behind The WingMakers, and claims to have roots in another dimension, having come here to earth at this time to deliver these teachings.  James has not been photographed and keeps a rather low profile, however, his webmaster, Mark Hempel, has put together the teachings and the artwork.  You can read about both of their stories on the website.  Interestingly enough, the WingMakers are mentioned in the writings of ZS Livingstone, who has gone into great depth describing a multi-dimensional universe and a much grander plan that we have been taught - a story much larger than the human race, in which a great chapter is currently unfolding as we breath now in physical form on this planet.  Like any author's work, I take ZS' stuff with a grain of salt, take what I can for my mosaic based on resonance, and discard the rest.  Either way, finding the WingMakers mentioned among his various letters was intriguing.

James has also done a few audio interviews, one of which can be found below on YouTube.  It's very interesting.  As a former student of cults and brainwashing, although there is some criticism of them from some UFO web groups (who seem more dubious to me), I find nothing here offensive in that matter, as there is no church, no organization, no dogma and virtually no monetization (some things are for sale on the sight, but they are minimal in number compared with the overall content).  The teachings of the Lyricus Order and James boil down to one thing: Living from your heart.  To me, that's what our world needs more than anything else right now, despite whether you feel we are evolving or not.  There is something significant about the WingMakers to me, something deep to be found there.  Nearly every time I'm on their website reading, images of my virtual world experiences emerge in my mind along with a perspective on how much my consciousness has expanded, linking the two streams of thought and experience into one great big expansive view of the universe, or multiverse.

For the full string of 12 videos in playlist form, click here: James of The WingMakers.


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