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Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Kind Of Ideological Catalyst

I had been planning to post a couple of links to interviews featuring John Lash and Paul Levy today, but something amusing occurred, which will end up being the subject of this post.  I was reading Clif High's latest post at HalfPastHuman and I couldn't help but think, "Wow, that's rather cryptic, Clif," when I clicked on the link in the upper left part of his post.  That link took me to a talk called "The Definitive UFO Tape," by one of the people whom I've admired most in recent years, the late Terence McKenna.  After listening to the talk, I believe I understand why Clif put it there.  Both McKenna and Joseph Campbell have influenced my spiritual path greatly.  Both were exceedingly brilliant men.  It's a very interesting talk, as is the one that auto-plays after it.

I had not heard this talk before, nor had I ever seen the picture used for the duration of the video, which is where it gets weird for me.  If I had come across the video in the past, based on the title, I probably would have opted to choose another McKenna talk, however, the talk / lecture presents the subject matter in a way that I had never comprehended before.  All I'll say is it has to do with the self, individually and collectively.  It reminded me of my Year Zero post a couple of months ago, where I asked whether we are all running from something inside of ourselves, individually and collectively, that is preventing us from evolving.  I wondered if we, as a race, are refusing to face or are blind to some greater truth.  Suffice to say, it is a powerful talk filled with insights.

But that's not the amusing part.  This morning, just before I woke up, I was dreaming and conscious of the dream.  I was on a hillside, at night, with two other people who were friends, but not from this life.  I often dream of strangers, at least strangers to this physical incarnation.  I knew I was close these two people somehow, but I don't remember who they were.  We were waiting for something, watching the sky.  They were both looking off in one direction.  As I stood on the slope of the hill, I turned around and looked up into the sky behind us.  "Look!" I exclaimed, as I pointed to a single glowing cross moving across the sky away from us.  I turned to my friends to see if they were looking, and when I turned around to look at the cross, the shape was a glowing cylinder with rings circling the outside.  It looked like a barrel or pipe.  Both the cross and the barrel glowed with a light orange hue.

The cross image confounded me.  Why am I seeing that shape in the sky?  Is it some echo from an earlier system of beliefs?  I questioned myself in the dream as I stood upon the hill.  I spent a moment wondering if it was supposed to mean something, because I felt it was out of the context of my dream.  I awoke moments later, still wrestling with what I saw.  I often dream of things in the sky, flying and stationary, but I don't remember seeing glowing objects in the night sky in a dream any time recently.  I continued thinking about the dream during the day, until I came across the video.  From my own dream analysis over the years, when I see objects appearing in the sky, they usually represent new ideas ready to be birthed.  At least that's how I've come to interpret them.  They don't represent the ideas themselves, they're just sort of 'coming soon' signs.

I realize I used the word amusing earlier, but the more I've looked at the picture used in the YouTube video (about which the uploader says he doesn't know the artist - in the comments), the more generally freaked out I am at the measure of coincidence.  It sends a fresh set of goosebumps across my body when I consider what in fact McKenna is talking about in the video, which is deep, heavy and resonates with me greatly.  To have arrived at this point via a link in one of Clif High's posts (another person whom I admire) just makes me laugh.  As I have said many times here, Universe can be as playful as a kitten when you are in the moment and connected.  Whether you arrive at a moment like that by chance or with focused attention, it doesn't matter.  The resonance afterward is the same, as you enjoy the aftertaste of synchronicity.

~ Namaste ~


Luke said...

Just yesterday I went and saw the Prometheus 3D movie, which is the precursor to the Aliens movies. The movie was about human explorers tracking down an alien race that in the movie had revealed itself in the art of ancient man. The 3D imagery of the film was both stunningly beautiful and horrifyingly grotesque. Overall I found the movie experience to be a dark one, also lacking the depth or texture one might hope for in a well developed film. On a lark, I checked in w/ your blog today and listened to the McKenna talk, which lightened the effects of the film w/ some inspired reflections about encountering alien consciousness and how that might continue to be conceived of in the popular culture. What you may find interesting is that the main character in the film wears a cross around her neck and this object plays a prominent role as she grapples with her existential beliefs vis a vis an earth shattering new understanding of the universe provided by her search for the ET's.

Sevahn said...

Hey Luke,

I have not yet seen Prometheus, although I have been hearing the hype for some months, as a coworker of mine is good friends with a key player in the film's production.

I'm even more interested in seeing it after listening to this McKenna talk, as the talk effectively flipped my paradigm regarding inter-dimensional beings and/or so-called ETs, forcing me to consider the unknown as potential glimpses of one's higher self attempting to connect with the earthbound human.

I began to consider some of the most intense dreams and spiritual experiences I've had in a different light, replacing the unknown (entities, energies, symbols, etc.) as attempts of my higher self to reach out to my earthly consciousness.

I even thought about the cross symbol in a different light as well. When I was a child, our family's belief system dictated that the cross symbolized a bridge, which we were taught was the bridge between the physical world and eternity.

And all of these new insights came at a time when I had just finished reading Neville Goddard's book, "The Power of Awareness." I believe McKenna says at one point in the talk that imagination is everything... like a ticket to anywhere one would want to go. That is the central theme of Goddard's book, from which I have begun training myself through focused attention to cultivate a new reality with my imagination alone.

I highly recommend the book. It's a short read, yet it is very deep, prompting serious reflection on life in the Materium and Universe at large.