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Monday, October 10, 2011

New Clif High Interview 10.7.2011 - Ground Zero Media

I had a hunch that Clif High would be doing more interviews, and below is a link to an interview he did with Clyde Lewis for Ground Zero Media on October 7, 2011.  In this interview, Clif goes into a bit more detail regarding the Web Bot's recent findings and what we may be in store for over the next several weeks and months.  Among the many topics discussed is the current Occupy movement that has been spreading to various cities, a potential Vatican crisis, food shortages and the end of the current banking system as we know it.

Always insightful and also entertaining, Clif provides more eye-opening views into what could be the near future. For more on Clif, visit Half Past Human.  Could we finally be approaching some kind of global tipping point that leads us into a new way of thinking?  Your guess is as good as mine, although the very thought of such a thing excites me greatly.  I'd like to believe that people all over the world are finally waking up, but only time will tell.  Enjoy!

~ Namaste ~

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Denny Smith Interviews Clif High & Clif's Grunch Warning

Below is a two-part interview that Clif High did with Denny Smith on WIBC Radio on September 30th, 2011.  Denny conducts a very professional interview, and unlike many recent interviews with Clif, this one provides some interesting back-story regarding the development of his Web Bot technology.  I listened to the interview a couple of times over the past few days, and was very surprised to find a new post on Half Past Human this morning regarding the Web Bot's latest findings and consequently what Clif believes could be coming over the next few weeks, which for the most part is not discussed in the Denny Smith interview.  Clif even gives a tip of the hat to Carl Calleman, who has studied the Mayan long-count calendar.

The following text below is a portion of Clif's latest posting on the Half Past Human website.  He appears to have a certain degree of, I don't know if confidence is the right word, perhaps  - a strong impression based on what his latest data points to - might be a better choice of words, regarding events in the near future.  I don't recall seeing him articulate Web Bot findings with such passion on a short timetable (next few weeks) before, but I've only been keeping tabs on him for the past two years.  It's interesting.  We'll know in a month or two if he's on to something.  Hopefully Clif will be doing more interviews soon.

I have been watching the Occupy Wall Street and other protests carefully.  I do find it interesting that, much like the beginning of the Mayan Ninth Wave with Mubarak defying the people one evening only to emerge the next morning and agree to leave, that within three weeks we reach the end of the cycle and now after many months, more protests have started in addition to those in many countries around the world?  Is this the beginning of something that will lead to quantifiable change or will things go back to business as usual in the coming weeks?  I remain neutral, even at this late date, however, I have set my intention for the highest and best good of all sentient beings, no matter what happens or doesn't happen.

Clif High - October 2011:

"Funeral for a Zombie...

Yo, Grunch just ahead!

Employing the word as his hero, Buckminster Fuller, Raven is busily warning, "Yo, Grunch just ahead!!!".

In this next 'tranche' (french word appropriated by banksters that means 'slice' which is what they are doing to all of us), the Giants of Our Age, which includes what i have labeled as Civilization 1/One (which makes us regular terrestrial humans civilization 0/zero), will be out for the Big Score with this next mega theft of resources (in the form of currency) from the global financial system.

In the mind control theater that was 911, the theft of 2.3 trillion dollars was covered up. In the 'financial crisis' of October 2008, there was over 6 trillion dollars sucked out of the planetary wealth. It is my expectation, that the next big score is targeting nearly 16 trillion of the new dollars that Ben (enemy of humanity) Bernanke has just created out of nothing. While it is factual that Bogus Ben Bernanke's bucks have absolutely NO value and are ephemeral at best, he has yet instantly obligated all of the USofA inhabitants to back his illusionary currency with their very real suffering and slavery.

This next Looting Frenzy will erupt within these upcoming few weeks, will last mere hours, but is intended by the giants (= entrenched powers = minions of the banksters) to affect us all for generations. Oh, and they are actively working to kill off most of us (What? You thought Fukashima earthquake,tsunami, and nuke disaster were 'natural'?), and to enslave those of your children that they 'allow' to survive.

These are not regular humans. These are psychopath beings who are so mentally ill as to be a danger to us all. The thinking individual need only examine their edifices, the corporations, and the resulting impact on our homeworld to know these perverted, twisted beings at their core (note, no heart, just a hole).

These are not regular humans. These are psychopath beings who are a danger to us all.

These are not regular humans. These are psychopath beings who are going to crash the planetary (mostly USofA/UK/EU centered) financial system over these next few weeks. Our data suggests that the most likely target date will be October 17th (a Monday), after very shocking developments emerge on October 15th.

The reasons, and goals of the psychopath masters of the banksters and political/military minion classes are not of concern at this moment in the process. We leave such examinations for the show trials of the survivors of the psychopath class later this decade. What is our concern is the immediacy of this pending event.

Wrap your head around the idea: the planetary financial system is collapsing now. The collapse was initiated a long time ago, and cannot be averted by anything that may be done at this point in the process of it falling over dead.

It is also important to note that the collapse of the financial/banking system MUST happen and further is a GOOD thing for most humans albeit on the other side of the suffering that is attendant to the process of this global death. We MUST grieve, but we must also BURY this stinking corpse as it is rotting of corruption!

So, let it die. We will rebuild. Note this. WE will rebuild....not they, the banksters, but we, the humans of earth.

But first, we have a funeral to attend. They, the banksters, and minions, have killed off the banking system. We note that already (October 8, 2011) the rumors of THE derivative swap cotango contagion are eroding 'confidence' in these 'trickster notes' globally. By the 15th of the month when our forecast shows a very sharp and sudden switch to release language that lasts but short days, the poison in the veins of the system should be clear to all. That is when we will all, like it or not, protest or not, be participating in the FUNERAL of the Zombie (planetary) Central Banking system...


Occupy Wall Street on Livestream:

Watch live streaming video from occupywallstnyc at

~ Namaste ~ 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Documentary Coming: Thrive

I haven't had much time to post lately, however, I thought I would do a quick post regarding an upcoming documentary entitled, "Thrive," which is scheduled to debut online on November 11th.  The trailer is below.  At first glance, the film appears to be quite interesting, at least to me.  More information can be found at the Thrive Movement website.  Revolutionary change is needed on a global scale.  The current systems are broken and no longer serve the interests of the average person.  Why not today?  Why not right now?  We can change the world - for the better, for future generations, for the good of all.  Enjoy.

~ Namaste ~

Monday, September 5, 2011

New Clif High Interviews - Late Summer 2011

So here we are, less than 60 days away from what Carl Calleman has estimated is the end of the Ninth or Universal Wave of the Mayan Calendar - October 28th.  As stated in previous posts, quite a bit has happened so far in 2011, but does what has happened thus far this year portend a shift in consciousness and / or the dismantling of the systems and social structures that have governed this and previous cycles / waves?  Notwithstanding the many thought-provoking and tragic events of 2011, I remain undecided.  I still think things could go either way, with "business as usual" the likely outcome after we find ourselves beyond this October and then 2012.  There definitely seems to be an increase in unease (or dis-ease) on a number of fronts around the globe, but I'm just not convinced that the pace of change (which should be twenty times faster than the preceding Galactic Cycle) is enough to be indicative of any type of major change in awareness or shift as many have spoken about.  And, as I've said many times in the past, I find any mention of specific dates for predicted events to be suspect.

However, that could change at any moment, as even casual observation of the headlines of the day reveals.  There do appear to be just as many cracks in the sociopolitical structures as there are showing up all over the earth's crust.  I remain hopeful for massive paradigm shifts and positive change, even if that means an abrupt departure from life as we've known it in the civilized world as a means to an end.  Anything is possible.  What appears to be evident, at least to me, is that the current structure of the world - money, commerce, industry, politics, unlimited economic growth - is unsustainable.  Somewhere in the aforementioned cacophony that shapes public opinion via the media is an observation of how much of modern society has been removed from the beauty of nature, her cycles and rhythms.  Instead, the focus of life for many is the agenda of corporate interests, for profit, on virtually every front.  That is a meditation.  When you spend some time thinking about it, while perhaps at the same time picturing an HD video of the night sky with its brilliant stars as it showcases the wonder of the universe, you realize that our corporate agenda-driven world (consume, consume) is complete insanity.

Clif High of Half Past Human and the Web Bot Project has been busy analyzing the linguistics contained in his spiders' latest web crawls.  I always enjoy listening to Clif talk and I would also expect that he will be doing more interviews over the next several weeks as he completes his latest round of analysis.  A new Shape of Things To Come newsletter should be released soon, which will be available from the HPH website.  Each interview contains intriguing information, from the potential failure of the US Postal Service and the ensuing financial domino effect to the ongoing radiation leaking from the Fukushima reactors.  Personally, I can't see the US government letting the Postal Service fail, but I suppose anything is possible these days.  The videos below are "adventures in future viewing" with Clif High.  The first video is from Time Monk Radio on August 12th: (video since removed).

This second video is a more recent interview with Clif on Truth Frequency Radio, which debuted on August 27th:

~ Namaste. ~

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Way Of Waking Up - Alan Watts

It's been many weeks since my last post.  A lot has changed in my personal life since mid-June.  As I have mentioned previously, I entered a Dark Night of the Soul experience precisely around this time in 2009.  Since then, several profound events have taken place in my life.  My awareness, perceptions and my mosaic - or reality tunnel - the way in which I experience the physical world - have changed forever as a result.  I found it curious that the aforementioned consciousness-related events occurred during a time when it appeared that everything I had known, built and established in my life continued to crumble around me.  In April, despite my continuing slide, I began to get a sense that the Dark Night had lifted and passed.  This was difficult to quantify, primarily because I found myself adrift in a wake of ever-compounding problems that had compromised my ability to survive and maintain even a simple life.

By mid-June of this year, I was prepared for the worst, and was expecting to file for bankruptcy at the end of July.  Despite all of my best efforts, long hours and such with two businesses, the overall financial climate had destroyed virtually everything that I had carefully worked to build over the last seven years.  I thought at times that there was no hope, and had ultimately surrendered to the universe, ready to face the prospect of homelessness and continuously snowballing fiscal problems.  As far as I was concerned, the 11th hour had come and gone sometime back in 2010, and I was managing to hold on to shelter and stability by a single thread.  What was the lesson in all of this - the spiritual experiences, the disintegration of everything I'd come to rely upon (?)  And why was all of this happening?  I can't say.  I can only reflect upon what appeared to be opportunities for learning, growth and expansion.

Surrender, trust and compassion appeared to be underlying themes.  I felt as if part of what I was supposed to learn from the lessons of the past two years was that no matter how dark, how seemingly hopeless things were to get, it was my decision to either accept things as they are/were... or not.  I tried to stay focused on the fact that there is wisdom in uncertainty.  It was either that or let myself become overwhelmed with fear.  There were times when the latter would dominate my awareness for a day or two at a time.  Sometimes I would just sit with fear and feel it as much as I could, imagining the worst tangents possible, so as to illuminate and get to the root of the fear, similar to the Sedona Method.  This can be extremely difficult when you are at the end of your rope, consumed with thoughts of survival.  By mid-June I had given up on many levels.  I felt I had given my best efforts to maintaining the foundation of a somewhat stable life.  I worked through the dark time despite being unemployed, typically on consulting and spec projects, none of which produced any real income.  Things just appeared to worsen steadily.  My computers had all died, my vehicle was compromised and I was about to lose my home, in addition to the development of various health problems.

Then, one evening in mid-June, I received an intuitive hit regarding a potential gig that I had heard about through a friend who had been trying to get me a job where he was working.  I reached out to him, acting upon the intuitive hit alone and told him, "I'm sensing that next week there might be some kind of opportunity that comes about whereby I might get hired for a specific task based upon a new need of the company in question.  If so, please think of me.  I'll take any kind of work."  This was very humbling to me, someone who has always been entrepreneurial, working multiple jobs at once in addition to my creative pursuits.  But the last two years had been humbling and then some, leaving me at a point where I would jump on any type of lead, any possibility, even if it arrived via a seemingly random thought out of the blue.  To this great friend I say thank you.  You saved my life.  To the universe I say thank you as well for the gentle intuitive prompting of possibility as it appeared within my conscious awareness.  I'm grateful that I had the necessary mindfulness to act upon the intuition.

I began working for the same company at the end of June.  I love the offices, the vibe and the people with whom I work.  On many levels, I couldn't be happier.  My 3D background should serve me well with this job.  The slide has now stopped and a sense of stability has returned, enabling me to begin to repair a very complex life situation.  At the last moment, just when I thought I was headed for what I thought would be a murky life on the road, the universe stepped in and snatched me from falling.  I am forever thankful.  Although I was prepared for the worst, I had thrown in the towel and surrendered to whatever I was to be coming my way.  Perhaps it was through that surrender that I was able to get to this place.  I was afraid to surrender for a long time.  I'm a fighter, independent, and an autodidact.  Yet I was brought to a point where I had to yield to uncertainty and I had to remain completely open... open to surrender and whatever each day would bring, despite feeling as though I was standing at the edge of a tall cliff and could fall at any moment.

Miracles do happen.  I am proof of that.  And on that note, I leave you with another excerpt from the late Alan Watts in a short video called, "The Way Of Waking Up."  Alan was a brilliant man and an engaging philosopher.  I also find his signature laugh to be intriguing, especially in light of the topics that he explored with tremendous insight.  There is something in that laugh and there is magic in his words, which are alive with the beauty and wonder of the universe.  When I viewed this video for the fist time, it left me with a curious boost in awareness, one that was similar to the lift that I got from reading "Science of Being."  It gave me goosebumps.  It's a seven-minute-plus "Aha" moment.  Enjoy.  I hope to return to posting more regularly here, and wish peace and happiness to all who read these words. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Clif High Interview On Time Monk Radio Network 6.4.2011

I was pleased to see recently that Clif High from Half Past Human and Web Bot fame had emerged again recently and had been doing some interviews.  The last I heard was that he was working data for the formulation of the latest round of Web Bot predictions and suffered some kind of computer or server attack, losing much or all of his data.  As I understand it, he's back working with the data again and a new "Shape of Things to Come" newsletter has recently been made available (in May) from Half Past Human.

From what I've read and can imagine, sifting through the Web Bot data and doing the analysis the takes Clif and his team weeks once their proprietary software has completed crawling the web gathering the raw data.  I was fortunate to have also listened to a recent interview that Clif had done with Veritas Radio around the same time, however, that interview appears to have been pulled from the open web (otherwise I'd post that one here as well), and instead it costs eight dollars a month for a subscription to Veritas in order to view their content.  That's kind of a bummer, since I could listen to Clif for hours on end, but the interview below touches on a lot of the same subject matter.

The always intriguing, provocative and highly intelligent linguistics expert talks about what he has found recently in terms of language patterns on the web, and what we could be looking at going forward in 2011, including developments in ongoing events such as the Fukushima disaster.  It's another excellent interview with Clif from Time Monk Radio Network, the Web Bot Forum's YouTube channel.  The interview is in 12 parts, all of which should be accessible within the window below.  If not, hop on over to their YT channel and check it out.

~ Namaste. ~

Friday, June 17, 2011

New Website And Web Book Coming From WingMakers

In my effort to catch up with material I'd  come across during an extended downtime, I've set this up to post automatically during my time of limited computer access.  The WingMakers have launched another website, SpiritState, the focus of which is a forthcoming web book entitled, "The Dohrman Prophecy."  I've only just gotten to explore the new website over the past day or so and have signed up to participate in whatever they have to offer.  Virtually all of the WingMakers materials have resonated with me greatly, so I'm looking forward to reading the web book.  And, as I stated in my last post, my commentary for the time being on any posts will be at a minimum.  Perhaps that's a good thing.  Below is more information about the website and the new book, which I believe is the most significant release of materials from WingMakers in some time, perhaps since EventTemples.

The following is from Mark Hempel via the WingMakers' SpiritState website:

"The SpiritState Web Book Platform is the latest offering from James, the creator, author, composer, and artist who first launched the multidimensional and mind-expanding WingMakers website. Since 1998 over ten million people from across the globe have enjoyed the storytelling, art, music and spiritual philosophy of this innovative and visionary creator.

The SpiritState Platform will enable James to release his latest works, the first of which is The Dohrman Prophecy, a new mythos-based novel as powerful in its storytelling as it is in its philosophical prose. The Dohrman Prophecy is available exclusively as a Web Book, a technology that James commissioned from LightCode to enable readers to take notes, share comments, and connect with one another as they read, view and absorb the material.

The Ancient Arrow Project is a centerpiece in the WingMakers' materials and it has been completely re-imagined on this Web Book Platform, and it comes with a thirty day free trial. Also, James will be releasing the Collected Works of the WingMakers in two expansive volumes with editorial commentary by John Berges, a lifelong student of the world's esoteric spiritual works. This will be released on the Web Book Platform in the coming months..." [read more]

And below is a trailer for the Dohrman Prophecy web book.  As always, the quality of the WingMakers materials is outstanding.  My thanks to James, Mark and the other content creators for making this material available for free online.  Enjoy.

Update:  Some caveats regarding the website.  It appears to still be in its last states of incubation.  I registered and spent some time exploring.  The site is set up as a social networking website, a bit similar to but more detailed than Event Temples.  Apparently on SpiritState one can search for and befriend other members, but I couldn't get any of the search controls to deliver results with multiple logins, other than keywords within the "SpiritState User Guide," which is the only web book currently available, as "The Dohrman Prophecy" is yet to be released.  The second thing that I noticed after registering and receiving an account activation email was that the "The Dorhman Prophecy" is stated to be offered as a "Free 30-day trial," yet there are no "buy now" pages or parameters within the registration page that required any financial information.  The site also contains no advertising, which is great, but may portend that upon expiration of my 30-day trial, I'll be presented with a browser window that requires membership payments of some kind.  I'll know in thirty days.  Another feature or lack thereof that bothered me was that first and last names were required, yet no screen or website name.  In these days of multiple layers of privacy concerns, I didn't like that.  If I notice any changes I'll post an update here.

~ Namaste. ~

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Terence McKenna's Final Earthbound Interview

I came across this interview via Reality Sandwich shortly after reading "Science of Being" and had intended to post it here some time ago.  If you're a seeker and you're not familiar with the work of the late Terence McKenna, perhaps you should be.  If you already are and you haven't seen this interview, I'm confident you'll enjoy it.  Terence was one of the true modern pioneers of reality exploration and we were fortunate to have him with us for the time that we did.  In this interview by filmmaker John Hazard, Terence shares his thoughts, experiences and views about the nature of time and reality.  I'm thankful that John have chosen to share the interview online, finding it to be extremely interesting, and for Reality Sandwich making it availalble.

The following is from John Hazard via the Reality Sandwich website:

"In this last video interview before his untimely death, Terence McKenna describes Novelty Theory to director John Hazard with an elaboration of its core principles involving hyper-complexification and the compression of Time. He holds forth on the correspondences between the structure of the DNA molecule and the Chinese I-Ching, then shows how his notion of an Archaic Revival leads from the theories of mind and the art movements of the early 20th century to the Shaman as the quintessential figure of the 21st century, with psychedelic substances being the bridge between these worldviews...." [read more]

~ Namaste. ~

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Back After A Break: A Journey Update Mid-2011

It's been some time since my last post.  Life events have unfolded in a way recently that have made it difficult for me to post regularly.  Said events are best described as a series of contractions, as if everything I had come to rely upon in my life, including the ability to pursue my creative outlets, has been moved outside of my grasp in virtually every area.  I feel a sense of irony that these things have been occurring at a point in my journey where I have been shown over and over the need to release things, to surrender to the present moment and detach from the past.  I feel as though I'm standing on a small island that keeps getting smaller very quickly as the days pass and it's somewhat frightening at times.  Yet, in some sense there's a comfort that I find there, knowing what I know now... that everything is illusory, temporary and in motion.  Lately as things continue to crumble around me, I wonder if I'm resisting going through some kind of door by trying to maintain the status quo in my life, which has progressively dwindled over the past few years at an ever-increasing pace.  When things get to the point where you have no place to live or to store what remains of your belongings, it is extremely difficult not to focus on lack and rather, abundance.  I've wondered recently if this is a blessing or a curse.  It's likely the former, but it's still tough.

I continue to incorporate what I learned in the last book that I mentioned, "Science of Being," which is where I left off back in early April.  At that time, I couldn't decide whether my next post was going to be about where we are now in the Mayan Universal Cycle or to focus on the brilliance of the late Terence McKenna as presented in his final earthly interview, which will be the subject of my next post.  During my absence from the blog, I had an unexpected house guest for a few weeks and we both did a master cleanse while she was here.  I occasionally wandered back to the aforementioned "Science of Being" for inspiration while we fasted and spent an increased amount of time in meditation.  During the ten-day cleanse, I meditated on such things as "I am not my thoughts," the concept of cognitive dissonance, polarity and other simple profundities that can really get one's wheels spinning once the bonds of accumulated toxins and [negative] food influences are broken.  As it turned out, I wasn't all that toxic, but I was way overdue for a fast of some kind, however short it might have been.  Given what has happened to me over the past few years in terms of awakening, I was eager for a breakthrough during the fast.  Although I had some insights, I have no new event or breakthrough to speak of at this time.

I'm still on the fence about the Mayan Calendar in terms of corollaries to an evolution of consciousness.  I remain hopeful, yet skeptical.  Certainly we're within the calendar's final time frame, whatever that does or doesn't mean.  In terms of relevance to the evolution of life on earth, I believe that remains to be seen.  I've wondered a lot lately if such a potential leap in consciousness (as has been discussed by many) could simply be an "Aha" moment of realization that starts with a single individual, eventually leading to a Hundredth Monkey Effect that produces a palpable shift in the way in which most everyone around the world thinks and views their existence.  That type of tipping point could literally usher in the spirit of a new age.  I'd written about that here previously.  Looking at world events that have transpired thus far this year in many categories, it seems plausible to me that we could be heading toward type of consciousness or awareness epoch like that, however, given the ending time of the Mayan Ninth Wave, late October of this year, that would seem to portend that we are due to experience even more profound events than those already seen this year, both positive and negative, in a relatively short period of time and at an increased frequency.  

Leading Mayan interpreters Ian Lungold and Carl Calleman had originally placed the start of the Ninth Wave on February 11th.  Calleman has since adjusted that date to March 9th.  I still find myself placing the start of the Universal Cycle where Lungold (he has since passed on) had originally placed it years ago, February 11th.  Perhaps that is because I happened to be streaming Al Jazeera during the Egyptian night when Mubarak defied the people in a speech, only to emerge the next morning, February 11th, to announce he was stepping down.  Because that event took place in Egypt, from which humans measured time for thousands of years before the British moved the Prime Meridian, I thought it was significant, since the movement of humanity between Mayan calendar cycles is typically indicative of the birth of new systems and new levels of awareness, and the previous cycle's systems and socioeconomic structures fall, yeilding to new ways of thinking and being.  I suppose for the people of Egypt it appears to have been a positive event thus far and I hope that is the case for the long term, not only for Egypt but for all the other countries that the Egyptian people have inspired since.

I also have concerns with the meddling of corporate interests to suit their own ends, not only in that region of the world but across the globe.  It seems evident to me that we live in a world shaped and sculpted to suit the needs of corporate interests in their never-ending quest for profit and unlimited economic growth.  I find the latter laughable.  There's no such thing.  The fact that we could be approaching a tipping point in terms of the global population and depletion of resources makes it easy to see that at some point in the future, a world beyond economic growth per se may be one of the only ways to sustain humanity.  In such a scenario, we as a species would have to move from a survival-based consciousness to one of universal explorers and creators, expanding upon our own uniqueness, individually and collectively.  Before anything like that could occur, some big leaps in thinking and awareness would have to be resonating within the human collective at a high frequency.

Such leaps would likely have their best hopes for realization if societal structures reflective of outdated paradigms gave way - completely - to exciting new ideas.  What that likelihood is at any given point in history is anyone's guess.  Many people spoke of a wave of revolution after Egypt, and in some countries that has occurred, large public demonstrations in others, but are these events indicative of something in terms of a breakdown or shift in the established order?  Or are these political uprisings, however organic and well-meaning being manipulated by the same military industrial complex that serves as an arm of the multinational conglomerates?  I had been casually marking dates on my own calendar that are of general significance since the start of the Ninth Wave, especially regarding weather and natural disasters.  I happened to watch an Australian television show online called "100 Days of Disaster," which presented 2011's disasters thus far, through the first hundred days of the calendar year.  Since then, the US has experienced waves of severe tornadoes have swept through parts of the midwest and south, annihilating entire communities.  Floods and fires continue across the globe along with earthquakes and volcanoes.  Political unrest continues as well.  Same as it ever was?  I also came across an article stating that many of the large television networks in the US have already spent much of their 2011 budgets for field reporting and live news coverage in the first calendar quarter of this year.  Do the events of 2011 warrant much thought about the Mayan Calendar?  

The only reason that I started reading about the Mayan Calendar was because it kept appearing in material that I was being guided to over time.  After an array of unexplainable cosmic / spiritual experiences (written about in earlier posts) that have increased over the last few years for me, I began to read more about it and ponder any potential significance in terms of my own experiences and the material to which I was being guided, all of which had to do with the expansion of consciousness and heart-based living.  Several years back in meditation I began to receive the singular (and somewhat cryptic at the time) message:  "Raise your vibration."  I have been "hooked" since then.  What keeps my interest is the sole fact that we could be living during an exceptionally rare time when great strides in the evolution of consciousness could be realized.  Just that hope alone, that potentiality, awakens something inside of me that desires to be aligned with the higher purpose of any type of event or process of that kind that could take place.  If one takes even a casual look at world affairs in terms of tension and instability in key places, along with the ongoing Fukushima disaster (which I believe is being downplayed severely by the media) and ongoing bizarre weather around the globe, it seems like we could be on a precipice of some kind... a time when the old thinking just doesn't work anymore and we have to evolve.  Then again, maybe that's just how things appear to be from time to time, generation to generation as socioeconomic and geological cycles complete their courses.

Spiritually (and otherwise), what continues to haunt me now is my lucidity experience that I had several months ago.  I've been unable to return to that state, not particularly the scene in which I found myself (that, as far as I know could have been inconsequential), but the induction trigger that causes the swirl in the center of closed eyelids and the subsequent "teleportation" to another reality, which, in my case, occurred through a painting.  I've set my intention, visualized heavily and attempted to recreate the "portal" but to no avail as yet.  I did it once in March of this year, and it was one of the most profound experiences of my life.  I know it's there now, that ability, that means of travel.  It means something.  I was wide awake in another reality with my full waking consciousness.  Why did I have that experience?  True, I had been experimenting for some months, somewhat driven you could say, to attempt to transit into a lucid state using a customized technique that I had been using to induce astral travel.  What was driving me, like my salvia divinorum experience late last year, was to be able to find answers in order to solve real-world problems from a dream state.

And yet the outcome was totally unexpected, and unlike any lucid dream I'd ever had.  Like my Cosmic Initiation in late '09 and the Dream Burst experience earlier this year, the lucidity adventure seemed rather random, despite my efforts.  I had been shown during the Initiation that travel through paintings was an inherent quality that all humans either possessed or could develop somehow with practice.  I wasn't sure.  So much information flooded through me during that time that it was hard to make sense of much of it, especially what was coming from the ether, which still gives me goosebumps when I think about that time.  Since then, arriving as echoes since early '10 via what I call "The Ripple," I've seen a portion of what was shared with me occur, not so much in terms of future events, but in terms of cosmic mechanics and vibration... how things work beyond physical sight, possibility.  The Ripple is a term I coined to describe a simple, subtle way in which the universe communicates with all of us, all of the time.  If you're thinking about a problem, for example, and over the next 24 hours you observe events in your life that appear to indicate a solution, for example.  In that case, typically three answers would come back in a short time, through other people much of the time, and very random.  It requires mindfulness, but it's always there and you need to look for it.  It's like a kitten at times and all I can say is you'll know when you're plugged into it.  It's a combination of bliss, a knowing and a playfulness that is sort of difficult to describe beyond those words, other than to say that there's a fearlessness that somehow emerges from being connected to this awareness, the root of which is love.

Whatever that information source is, Source, Higher Self, etc., during the Initiation it was like the volume had been turned way up, as it had been with my physical senses, and I could see how the universe was communicating with me subtly, all of the time.  Upon further reflection, I noticed that said ripples jibed nicely with the saying that all of the answers to our problems lie in front of us somehow, perhaps even in the subtlest forms.  This state of awareness in late '09 quickly became so overwhelmingly present at one point that I decided not to make any plans on any given day, and just to follow its guidance moment to moment.  At the time, I didn't want it to end and I actually thought that I had either broken through to a new permanent awareness of some kind or that the earth I found myself on had literally vibrated away from the earth I was born on.  When the component of projecting one's consciousness on to physical objects or quadrants within space-time was introduced to me by that same source as entirely possible, even ordinary outside of our current consensus reality, that amazed me.  When my lucidity experience in March of this year, fourteen months after the Initiation, actually delivered a somewhat involuntary result as it did (an alternate reality), not only could I see The Ripple here (these being long ripples) but it gave me a whole new perspective for the lucidity experience than I would not have had without the Initiation.  What did it mean, if anything?  Recently I began searching the web again for time travel through paintings (my first searches yielded minimal results) and came across an article about the early WingMakers' writings, in which I found this on the Bibliotecapleyades website:

"I began to hear them speaking to me.  It began as a word or two...  then a sentence...  maybe just once a day.  It didn't make much sense...  what I heard.  But then one day I was working on a chamber painting and I saw something move in the painting.  One of the symbols moved and it was absolutely not an illusion or trick of the light.  Then I realized that the WingMakers could interact with me, that they were time traveling to my time and that somehow their paintings were actually portals in which they moved through time...  When I finished with the access code and it worked, I knew then that I was indeed communicating with them."

Paintings as portals?  Of all places, too... WingMakers.  As I said, I was first introduced to paintings being somehow conducive of consciousness during my Cosmic Initiation.  Prior to the Initiation, I had casually caught myself at times between waking and sleep states, both going in and going out, somehow projecting my awareness to a wall, or particularly a painting, as if some dormant ability had been ever-so slightly awakened and I was awake enough to observe this with my mind in a rather effortless fashion as something that my mind was doing outside of my waking consciousness.  This, I knew, was aided by my experiences in virtual reality.  During the Initiation, it became clear to me that paintings were in fact a means of travel, however, one has to really appreciate the state of mind that came during those weeks of initiation in order to grasp how solid and yet outrageous that concept seemed to me at the time.  I knew the concept of teleportation well from my years working in virtual reality simulators.  In virtual reality, there are different means of teleportation, each with its own navigation method.  Like flying, those and other abilities awakened something inside me that clearly understood these abilities to be inherent.  Following the Initiation, it went a step further, and with the lucidity experience - bam - there it was.  Somehow, telepathy, teleportation and other abilities seem eerily familiar and natural in a way that's hard for me to describe.  From my earliest times in virtual worlds, there was a growing sense of, "Wait, I've been here before, in this peaceful, quiet alternate reality where I can shape thought into physical form."  And every time I go back into the virtual worlds, it's same thing.  It's as if somehow this life as we know it is only a portion of what it could be - or is supposed to be on some level.

Nearly a year after the Initiation, I was watching a video about the Philadelphia Experiment during what I've called "a guided information session" and I was introduced to James and WingMakers as a somewhat brief mention in the video.  I began to search about them online, eventually finding their websites.  The teaching materials of the WingMakers is what intrigued me from the start, among them principles of heart-based living.  The paintings and music were icing on a gorgeously delicious cake.  It was like reading the summation of a large body of work that I had been reading page by page for the past several years in terms of cosmic philosophy.  The writings about the Sovereign Integral and the heart really resonated with me.  They also dovetailed nicely into what I had been reading from Drunvalo Melchizedek and others.  Along with the resonance of the teachings came a stream of awareness that connected with my years of working in highly detailed virtual reality simulators - and the deep memories that those virtual experiences had awakened in me - a nebulous cosmic deja vu - as if all of this accumulated knowledge was somehow intricately connected and not just science fiction.  After finding the above excerpt from the early WingMakers writings, I went back to the WM website and started reading the Neruda interviews and some of the other material searching for the mention of time travel through art and learned about something that they called Tributary Zones.  I continue to wonder if I can develop the skill whereby paintings can serve as some kind of vortex through which I can transit different dimensions and realities.  I have persisted in attempting to trigger another ultra-lucid experience and will report here should one occur.

There are several items that I had scheduled to post since I lasted posted in early April.  Since my time online is now limited, I will attempt to post them in a series that will likely contain little to no commentary from me.  My hope is that anyone who reads this blog who is struggling during these times finds some solace in the words written and links provided so as to enhance their own journey.  Seek.  Spend time and be still.  There is exponentially much more out there than meets the physical eye.  This blog started out as a chronology of my virtual reality experiences, but was slowly pulled in another direction where it has become an outlet for me to share my own spiritual journey and experiences, which have intensified since I began writing several years ago.  Although I'm in a rather tough spot in life at the moment, I know of many others around the globe who are facing similar situations.  If that applies to you, stay strong.  More posts, mostly videos that I've recently come across, should follow in the coming days.

~ Namaste. ~

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Most Incredible Book: Science Of Being

Several days ago, a friend told me about a book called "Science of Being" by Eugene Fersen.  I read it the following night and I am in the process of reading it again.  Similar to The Kybalion in terms of exploring Hermetic Laws (Universal Laws) and their applications, I found it difficult to stop reading.  It's a milestone book for me.  Within its pages are powerful truths - secrets of the universe - which are expressed in a thoughtful and eloquent way.  Wonder abounds.  The way in which the material is explored and the information presented is methodical and easy to understand, complete with lesson reviews at the end of each of the book's seven lessons.  Practical application of the truths contained is also presented, as if the book was written with intention, personally for a friend.

Despite one's belief system, combinations or lack thereof, the author expresses fundamental universal truths in such a way that the overall teachings transcend any one particular spiritual discipline, and rightly so, just as a return to complete unity with Source or All That Is is beyond any belief system.  As penetrating as the material is, the underlying simplicity of the nature of the Universal Laws and their application is beauty in itself.  Not to negate faith in any way, but there is nothing to believe per se within the book, rather, to understand or "innerstand."

Conscious realization of The All is explored, as is vibration, emotions and how to simply focus Primal Energy that is flowing all around and through us constantly.  There are profound answers to questions that have obsessed and troubled humankind for thousands of years... why we're here, what it is we have to learn and how to practice same in order to ultimately unite once again in spirit with All That Is.  Anyone who is practicing raising their vibration and maintaining same in daily life knows that mindfulness is key to such practice.  This book gave me a nice, gentle boost in terms of mindfulness that I had not had prior to reading it.  It's just a couple of thoughts and a pause when the thoughts bubble up, but it has been recurring nicely at a frequency that causes me to connect with it many more times per day.

Also found within the book is a rather detailed description of the Great Fall from "Heaven," which eventually led to the world we find ourselves in today.  Despite years of theological studies in earlier years, this was a story that I had always wanted to hear in detail, and which is not found in modern Christian scripture to any extent, similar to details about what is only a fleeting mention within the Bible's Book of Genesis of the "Great Men of long ago," referring to angels taking human partners.  If that did happen, two different spiritual forms merging, in essence, it would be news or at least written about for future generations.  From my time reading about the Fall and the Great Men as a child, it had bothered me that such grand stories were not preserved in detail for everyone.

Reading about the Great Fall here aroused old suspicions that many of the older spiritual texts and contemporary translations we have today have been truncated, edited and censored, in order perpetuate control.  Imagine, for example, that the Star Wars trilogy was in fact a history of some species in a distant star system.  Technically, it was written based on the great myths of our planet, but let's just say for a moment that it took place somewhere.  Why would anyone reduce the story to a paragraph or two within widely available so-called holy books unless there was some agenda there?  I doubt anyone could begin to transfer the grand spectacle of a story so full of awe and wonder into a couple of paragraphs.

Source, All That Is, is revealed in a unique light in the story of the Great Fall and throughout the book, transcending any dogmatic boundaries with immeasurable love.  Fascinating.  Another mind-blowing element for me was the nature of Love versus Mind, embodied / personified in the Christ versus Luciferian energies in the Christian traditions.  During my Cosmic Initiation many months ago, this constant struggle and the need to overcome same was a central theme that I was shown from Source throughout the intense time, including the elements of falling due to mind (ego) in an historical sense, karma wheels created hence, spiritual warfare and Love's innate quality of just "being" that transcends Mind.  I believe that any seeker who reads this book with an open mind will find many treasures within its pages that they can take forward, providing perspective on life as well as methods to cultivate and maintain simple mindfulness that can lead to greater realization(s).

Born into Russian royalty, Baron Eugene Alexandrovich Fersen,wrote the book in 1923. The first run was printed in gold ink, which is made from gold leaf and honey.  It has been said that the original copies are embedded with magnetic healing vibrations by the author, who crafted the original books himself.  I've heard from the person who turned me on to the book that copies of the original printing have sold on Ebay for over $3000.  Fersen eventually moved to the United States and founded The Lightbearers Organization.  During his lifetime, he was associated with many of the world's most eminent teachers, scientists and philosophers.  You can read more about his life story on the Science of Being website.  The book, "Science of Being," is available through the same website as a PDF download for $12.98.

*photo from Science of Being [dot] com

~ Namaste. ~

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Alan Watts: A Conversation With Myself

This is deep: more brilliant reflections from Alan Watts.  Recorded in 1971 as part of a television show, Alan ponders the limitations of technology and the problem of trying to keep track of an infinite universe with a single-tracked mind.  The program is embedded below in four parts, which was made available through Alan's son Mark and courtesy of the Alan Watts website.  Not only was Alan ahead of his time, his reflections in these videos are deeply profound and especially apropos for the time in which we now find ourselves: within the Ninth Wave of the Mayan long count calendar as the previous consciousness cycle and its systems are beginning to crumble.  What would our world look like today if great minds like Mr. Watts were influencing the evolutionary course of humanity instead of the current geopolitical structures?  Certainly the planet would be a decidedly different place, likely exponentially wondrous.

Poignant and penetrating, there are so many thoughts to ponder in these videos that I have watched them several times over the past two days.  The questions that Alan poses and his insights into the nature of the universe, the singular egoic construct verses the larger whole and "happening versus doing" echo the ancient teachings of many indigenous tribes around the globe, as well as the greatest thinkers within the current consciousness movement.  In terms of our fundamental nature as energetic beings, we have created and exist within a construct of systems that run counter to our very essence.  At the core of what Alan is saying is the revelation that we must awaken to the larger truth of our existence as human beings... being.  I love his observations on the nature of "the wiggly world."  Many who have spent time in the tribal / house music scenes will recognize the term as coined by Larry Heard (Mr. Fingers) to describe the free-flowing expression of dance on a primal level.  It's hard to believe that this was recorded 40 years ago, as Alan's reflections are of paramount relevance today.  Our thanks to Mark Watts for making these videos available for public viewing.  It is a real treasure - simply brilliant.  Enjoy.

::: Part 1 :::

::: Part 2 :::

::: Part 3 :::

::: Part 4 :::

~ Namaste. ~

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Existential Videos: All Will Arrive - Alan Watts Is God For 10 Minutes

I came across the two embedded videos below earlier today during my morning reading and found that they compliment each other nicely.  If you're in the mood for a little existentialism, you might find these videos to be interesting.  Between the two, there is quite a bit about which to think and/or meditate upon.

The first video is from LelaBear, entitled "All Will Arrive."  Taken from her YouTube page, this is how Lela describes the video: "My video illustration of the role of the psyche in our collective spiritual awakening... originally inspired by Jed McKenna's audio book series "The Enlightenment Trilogy" produced by Wise Fool Press...  synchronistic inspiration fueled by the fusion of two of my favorite visionaries - Fintan Dunne, Independent Journalist and Sam Brown, the quintessential cosmic artist for the interview with Jungarian scholar Paul Levy, author of "The World Is Psyche."

The second video features audio from a class taught by British philosopher, writer and speaker Alan Watts (1915-1973).  In the video, he plays the role of a delusional patient who thinks he is God.  Watts allows his students to ask him any questions they'd like, and the results are quite informative and entertaining.  There are some fascinating points to ponder in the video.  Thanks to Daniel Silversun at Esoteric for raising awareness of the video by reposting it.

~ Namaste. ~

Monday, March 28, 2011

Helpful Meditations

There are more meditation videos online now than ever before on places like YouTube.  Below are two helpful videos that I have been using lately.  The first is an excerpt from Jonathan Goldman & Crystal Tones, called, "Crystal Bowls Chakra Chants."  It's about ten minutes in length.  The soft chants interweave into the tones quite nicely.  I like to take videos like that on YouTube and put them into a playlist - the same video on the same playlist three or four times - and then have a good 30-40 minute auto-playing background soundtrack for a meditation.  I really enjoy simple tone-based meditation soundtracks, like the Solfeggio Frequencies that I wrote about in a previous post.  I used to listen to simple ambient music like this with headphones during my time creating in virtual reality simulators, where my work itself became a meditation of creation.  The tones I would listen to would merge with the sounds of breezes, water, etc. in the simulator and really provide a profoundly deep immersion experience.

The Crystal Bowls track also makes a good background for other meditations, such as the many group events taking place daily around the world on places like the WingMakers' Event Temples and the newly-launched site Do As One, which features guided unison breathing.  I really like the concept of group meditation events.  Never before in modern times have so many people been able to come together in meditation on a daily basis to focus positive intentions together that will hopefully have a broadening cumulative effect on our world as time goes by.

The second video is a guided meditation from Drunvalo Melchizedek.  The mediation is similar to the one outlined in his book, "Living In The Heart."  Focus and intention is placed on Mother Earth, with one's love sent down to her, and then to Father Sky, or essentially everything in the universe outside of the earth.  In his book, he adds giving thanks to and acknowledgement of the Unity Grid or Consciousness Grid that comprises the higher dimensions and includes ancestors and ascended beings whose energy is contained in the grid that surrounds the earth.  In the book, focus is first placed on Pachamama (the earth), followed by the Unity Grid and then finally directed to Father Sky, the All That Is.  I've been playing the Jonathan Goldman video as a background to Drunvalo's guided meditation, playing both simultaneously.  They seem to flow nicely together.

Jonathan Goldman ~ Crown Chakra ~ Diamond Light

~ Guided Meditation by Drunvalo Melchizedek ~

Peace ; )

Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Clif High Interview On Time Monk Radio From March 14

Below is a new interview on Time Monk Radio with Clif High from Half Past Human and the Web Bot Project from March 14th.  This interview was done two days after the last interview posted here from Truth Frequency Radio, which occurred on the 12th of this month.  Clif's proprietary software program and his linguistics analysis are some of the most intriguing elements to emerge over the past decade or thereabouts in terms of trend forecasting and future events.  His insights are unique and often compelling.  As of the time of this interview, he is still pointing to the period around March 25th as indicative of the emergence of a long period of "release language" which is supposed to extend to October of this year, according to the Web Bot data.  Such a long period of release language typically portends the occurrence of a rather large, traumatic event on a global scale.  Clif goes into detail about the post-March 25th release language period again, also mentioning that there is the potential of variance, meaning that the on-or-about March 25th event could be something currently developing on the planet that could potentially get worse or the release language could be pointing to a new event that has not as yet occurred.

As of today, March 27th, it would seem that we have either entered into a variance period in terms of the occurrence a new event, or it could be that the Japan nuclear situation, unrest in the Middle East or the ongoing protests around the world will blossom into something greater than their current status may indicate.  We would assume that Clif is speaking from an up-to-date perspective in terms of the Web Bot's crawls of its spiders, but we're not sure as he doesn't explicitly state when the most recent data was collected and analyzed.  That said, we understand that the crawling and subsequent analysis is quite complicated and takes time, however, the potential events that Clif speaks about here have been showing up in the Web Bot data for some time before this year.  The interview is embedded below in 9 parts, which should all be accessible from the single video window below, running in an auto-play mode from the beginning to the end of the entire interview.  If the video does stall between segments, one can traverse the different segments using the arrow keys on the sides of the video.  For anyone who has been following Clif or listened to the last interview from TFR (previously posted here), he goes into greater detail and explanation that provides more perspective on potential future events.  Our thanks to Clif High and Time Monk Radio for making this interview available.

Peace ; )

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Drunvalo Melchizedek Interview: Audri Scott Williams

Audri Scott Williams from 13 Moon Walk 4 Peace interviewed Drunvalo Melchizedek in Sedona, Arizona on February 11th as part of her radio show, Peace Talks for Life Conversations Radio.  Peace Talks is transmitted every Friday from 12p - 1pm Eastern Time in the US.  Posted to YouTube on March 18th, the three part interview is embedded below.  Audri covers a lot of ground with Drunvalo, including a discussion of plasma beings - other-dimensional ascended light beings - who are here to assist us with our evolution and ascension into the higher realms.  The plasma beings, as I understand it, are the ones that travel through the dimensions of the universe in merkabas (light vehicles).  The merkaba is also our light vehicle as humans, also known as the rainbow body or light body, the vehicle of the soul.

It appears that these types of light vehicles are being seen around the world more often than ever.  I have viewed several videos over the past few months from various parts of the globe and where people seem to have captured these vehicles with cameras.  Some links are provided further down in this post.  These light or plasma vehicles also bear a direct resemblance to the types of light vehicles that have been recorded by James Gilliland and others at the Eceti Ranch in Washington state for some time now.  The light vehicles are unlike vehicles used by the Greys or Reptilians, which often appear to resemble human science fiction or futuristic military aircraft.  The vehicles of the plasma beings appear to be composed of pure light, as opposed to solid mass.  Drunvalo's discusses some of his history with the plasma beings, including an invitation to see them up close from Carlos Diaz and the Vatican's subsequent efforts to silence Diaz is a story of intrigue in itself.

Also discussed are the Mayan time cycles, the Hopi Blue Star Prophecy and the observation that many of the time cycles of ancient indigenous peoples are coming to an end within the next couple of years.  Drunvalo also provides some interesting insights on the human heart and the importance of the part it plays in our development, from the beginnings of physical human life to the role it plays in our evolution and ascension into higher realms.  If you are a fan of Drunvalo and you haven't read his book, Living In The Heart, I highly recommend it.  There are some wonderful explorations of the power of the human heart contained within the book, including the ability to change and expand consciousness through simple heart-based meditations that can affect one's physical world.  That book highly affected my personal journey.  Audri and Drunvalo also reference Credo Mutwa and his work.  For those interested in ancient and hidden history regarding the evolution of human DNA and manipulation from the perspective of a Zulu shaman, there's a fascinating in-depth 3.5-hour interview that Credo did with David Icke recently that can be found here.

Despite a slow start due to technical issues, Audri does an excellent job with this interview, and Drunvalo, as always, offers an enlightened view of the grand play that is taking place currently with the human race, planet earth and the universe at large.  Audri's YouTube channel is located here.  Drunvalo's primary website is located here, and an older site featuring a lot of Drunvalo's work is called Spirit of Ma'at.  Thanks to Audri Scott Williams, Peace Talks and Drunvalo for making this video and its message available widely on the web.

::: Part 1 ::: 

::: Part 2 :::

::: Part 3 :::

For more information on Carlos Diaz, I have embedded an older documentary below called "Ships of Light," or at least parts therefrom, that explores and analyzes Carlos' earlier sightings of plasma vehicles in the 1990s.  There is some compelling information presented in the videos, and I find that the resemblance to the light vehicles that have been photographed and recorded around the world recently is something to consider.  I've never been one to follow UFO sightings, but in the various pictures and videos that have surfaced recently on the web, I do find the similarity to the objects allegedly observed by Carlos Diaz to be intriguing.  Here is a link to the website of a cultural anthropologist, Michael Hesseman, who investigated Carlos' claims.  Hesseman's conclusions, as well as those from another group of researchers was that Carlos' photos, etc. were not hoaxed.  

Of course, the skeptical side of me wonders why no video has yet surfaced where these light vehicles are directly over the head of anyone who happens to be recording them.  Perhaps, as would be expected, such light beings from another dimension are acutely aware of surrounding beings on the planet's surface prior to approaching earth and are awaiting the proper time of their revealing, keeping in accordance with what many have said is a universal law of non-interference in the affairs of the living beings on any planet, unless other universal laws are broken beforehand.  Said breaking of universal laws in the past, according to some, has led to the ongoing interference from the Greys and Reptilians that we have been experiencing for thousands of years, which Drunvalo references briefly in the above video and has spoken of in the past during previous interviews.  

My hope is that Drunvalo and others are correct insofar as these visitations are increasing and more bold video evidence will surface in the days and months to come.  As I've stated previously, if such mass disclosure does occur, expect the powers that be to use hysteria to scare people, either with earthly-designed military aircraft not yet viewed by the general public or through an alliance with negative other-dimensional beings in an effort to maintain the status quo by stating that all beings alien to earth are "evil doers."  The late German - American scientist and father of rocket science Whernher Von Braun warned prior to his death that such a day would come.

::: Ships of Light Part 1 :::

::: Ships of Light Part 2 ::: 

::: Ships of Light Part 3 ::: 

Below are some links to various videos of what look to be possibly light vehicles of plasma beings, similar to those captured by Carlos Diaz.  Unfortunately, many are shot from a distance.  Most notable are the now-famous sightings over the Dome of the Rock at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which was observed at 1am local time on January 28th, 2011 from various points, including some American tourists who appeared to capture the closest view of the object.  Could the object be an activated merkaba?  Here is another video of the same object captured from further away.  The reaction of all observers of the Dome sighting appears to be quite similar, especially when the object quickly departs into the heavens.  

Here is a link to a video taken in Spain on January 16th, one from the UK recorded this past New Year's Eve; one spotted in Germany on January 16th; a long distance shot taken in Hunter Valley, Australia in January and another in Amsterdam in September of last year and Glastonbury, UK late last year.  There are many more that have popped up on the web from other countries over the last several months, including the US.  And those sightings appear to be similar to those observed at the Eceti Ranch as well.  Do any of those videos, or others, prove anything?  Certainly not, but I can't recall ever seeing so many photos or videos of these potential plasma-being light vehicles in the past.  There have been other recent sightings of craft that look to be physical, 3D vehicles, including one popular sighting recently in Brazil, but I didn't include that link here.  It's something that I continue to watch, with the hope that we'll see more information emerging on the subject soon.

~ Namaste ~

Monday, March 21, 2011

I AM: The Shift Is About To Hit The Fan - Documentary

I'm dropping a quick post here to raise awareness about an excellent documentary called "I AM," the latest film from award-winning comedy writer and director Tom Shadyac, who brought us Ace Ventura, The Nutty Professor, Liar Liar, Bruce Almighty, and Patch Adams, as well as other films and television series.  I have not yet been able to see the film, which is currently in limited release in theatres in the US, but several friends have recently seen it and have reported back that it's an inspiring and uplifting work.  Who could expect less from Tom Shadyac?  The quality of his work speaks for itself and I look forward to viewing the film when I'm able to do so.  The documentary features interviews with Desmond Tutu, Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, Lynne McTaggart, Coleman Barks and Thom Hartman, exploring the questions of what is wrong with our world and what we can do to change it.

A central theme of connectedness and unity runs through the movie.  To me, this type of message is extremely important, especially at this time when we see people all over the world beginning to awaken, standing up to tyranny in a quest for independence and the dissolution of corrupt governmental and for-profit belief systems.  The more that messages like those contained in "I AM" reach the masses, the faster we can begin to unite as one voice and begin to further raise the collective vibration of humanity and the planet.  Tom's story is quite compelling.  As he puts it, he has been on his own quest of awakening for years, and like many of us he began to question the memes and handed-down beliefs that govern much of the world and its control systems.  Not only does he talk the talk, but this man really walks the walk, having given away much of his wealth, stepping away from his Hollywood A-List status and instead opting to simplify his life by moving to a mobile home park. 

The trailer is embedded below and the film's official website is located here.  On the film's official site you can view Tom's blog and learn about his Foundation For I AM, the specific purpose of which is "dedicated to filling the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those impoverished in our society."  I find Tom's personal story quite inspiring and wish him all the best with the continued success of this film and his other endeavors.

::: I AM: The Shift Is About To Hit The Fan [trailer] :::

Peace ; )

Major Breakthrough: A New Type Of Lucidity - Wow!

If you've been following my posts over the last several months, you'll know that I have been searching for context and meaning amidst what appears to be the complete demolition of my life and my ego that I have been accustomed to for so long.  Everything has appeared to be dissolving around me, and witnessing this cascade of my familiar life elements as they continue to tumble and turn to dust, I have actively been seeking answers and direction.  It all started with the Dark Night of the Soul, within which was contained a period that I came to call a Cosmic Initiation (all previously covered in this venue, at least partially).  The initiation gave me a completely new perspective on reality, one that I had never known before, and it didn't come about through journey work of any kind, rather, it happened randomly.  I was introduced to a way of being that consisted of the inability to plan anything, and lived completely in the moment for several weeks, during which time I had a treasure trove of insight and experience bestowed upon me that has permanently changed the way in which I view the world and the human condition. 

Since that time, I have continued to seek out answers and plot some kind of new life direction that entails truly living at my highest potential, not by worldly means or status, but by being led completely by Source energy and my higher self, wherever such a journey may take me.  I have been trying to, as I call it, "break the fourth wall" during normal states of consciousness through meditation and lucid dreaming for about the past six months.  Often times this quest has led me to feelings of frustration, that somehow I'm not doing things correctly.  I know they're there - multiple states of expanded consciousness, and I have tried to remain as focused and determined as I can be to achieve such states without the aid of journey tools.  Back in February, a friend told me about a technique from Malcolm Godwin's book, "The Lucid Dreamer," through which one can learn to trigger lucidity within the dreamworld.  I have experimented with various methods since around 1995, most notably with the Nova Dreamer, which at that time cost me $300 and after years of use I could never achieve the same results that would occasionally occur within random lucid dreams.  I haven't been able to afford Godwin's book, so I took the simple technique that my friend shared with me and customized it to include my own personal flavor, which included a recipe for maximum empowerment within the dream world (written about here and here in previous posts).

I had been using the lucid dreaming trigger technique for almost a month.  On the second day, I had an excellent lucid flying dream, but after that, nothing.  Saturday evening I had viewed Rick Strassman's documentary (embedded in the previous post) and was pursuing an event string or as I have come to call them, a guided information sourcing session, the thread line of which had to do with breaking through the worst kind potentially overwhelming life obstacles that one can expect to face (homelessness, bankruptcy, et al).  I had been thinking about the singular egoic mind construct that defines our everyday world and how I have continued to feel frustrated in terms of watching my old life wash away in the absence of any kind of new direction emerging.  It was during this reading that I came across an article from Sonia Barrett entitled, "When Nothing Seems To Be Working." 

I had not known about Sonia before that introduction, and spent some time afterward on her websites Spirit In Form and Sovereign Mind Radio.  The "When Nothing..." article appeared to be apropos for what I have been feeling, and my left-brain egoic mind kept stating, "Yeah, but you don't know how bad my life is right now."  I have been so blessed in my life and have lived in abundance until these past couple of years.  I've always been able to create and share art, and join in the celebration of the creations of others, and for the life of me, I don't know how things changed, or why.  Sonia seemed to speak from direct experience, addressing even that type of egoic questioning in the article.  I later found some bio information on an Information Machine blog post that links to a recent interview that she did with Vertias Radio, outlining part of her struggle and quest to break through the matrix.  I listened to that interview along with another recent one that she did on her own website and found her energy and insights to be uplifting.  I consider discovering Sonia a good find and plan to explore more of her work as time goes on.

On Saturday night / early Sunday morning, I went to bed and fell asleep around 2:45am local time, only to be awoken an hour later by annoying, vibrating and buzzing sounds.  It was so disorienting that I first thought that I was having an involuntary OBE or astral travel experience.  As I stirred from sleep, my second thought was that a motion picture film crew had begun shooting a film across the street.  Usually we receive filming notices in advance if this is to happen.  I stumbled out of bed and then thought that something was happening to my computers, as I began to notice a melody above the cacophony of vibrating noise.  Then I saw that it was someone parked out in front of my building, who had apparently dropped somebody off after an evening of partying.  I was incredibly annoyed, as were many people in my building - it was that loud - shaking everything.  I have a large sound system in my car, but I have rarely heard something that loud outside of seeing a piece from a custom auto show on cable television.  He must have had at least four 16-inch JBL's pounding out sub-bass in that car.  Plus, as I looked out the window, I noticed that he had his back hatch opened as he fiddled with some items in the car, which only made the sound worse.  I finally laid back down in bed after he drove away and wondered if I could get back to sleep.

Since last September when I began to attempt to "break the fourth wall" and enter into either a lucid or some other kind of inner-exploratory state just prior to entering sleep mode, I have been sleeping with a circular band over my eyes to maximize blackness and cut down on any types of distraction.  When I first started doing this, it was during the daytime.  I noticed that usually within twenty minutes or so, sometimes less, I would begin to see nebulous purple-blue globs move around on the inside of my eyelids.  Occasionally, if I was very tired or had a lot of activity prior to attempting sleep, these globs would be punctuated by random flickers that didn't seem to be connected to the purplish globs.  I eventually read online that the body is discharging energy through the nervous system, which results in the flickers.  The globs interested me, so I spent many days in pre-sleep mode casually observing them.  This takes patience and a release of expectation, and for me it took several months of careful observation that eventually led to further definition and exploration of this state and what it can potentially lead to.

When I was relaxed, focusing on my breath and casually observing the purplish globs, I began to notice that they would become punctuated in intensity at various points.  I also noticed that the longer I remained in that state, the intense areas (light purple, almost magenta in color) would become outlined in a light greenish-yellow along the edges as they moved around and morphed in shape.  I could easily follow the brighter parts with my eyes and have done so since last September on most nights as I fall asleep.  Over the course of these past few months, I have remembered previous states of mediation whereby upon reaching a very deep state, on occasion I would notice an area of morphing images that would appear within my field of vision, eyes closed, where images morphed eventually into full color pictures.

I knew that same place, projected on to my closed eyelids, to be the inner world of other dimensions that I had experienced as reality in many prior journey work excursions, assisted by sacred herbs, etc.  From those experiences, I learned not to judge what I saw, only to observe.  Early on in years past when accessing that point I would become afraid of some of what I was seeing, but eventually learned that it's harmless, and if I kept fear out of the equation, it just became something interesting to watch.  I always wondered what the source of it was... another reality?  Inner reality?  Ultimate reality?  Previous journey work using "tools" seemed to indicate that what I saw during these recent pre-sleep states was indeed a faint representation of the larger, full-blown other-dimensional visual experience that one can have when assisted by sacred tools or herbs, etc.  I have remained intrigued ever since, determined to see if there is indeed a connection between the two, or they are one in the same.

Over the course of the last several months, doing this observation virtually every time I tried to fall asleep, I became aware that the morphing globs would sometimes form what looked like still photographs - flashes of distinct imagery that were definable, though not familiar to me in terms of daily references of people, places or things.  "Whoah!" would usually be my brain's reaction, and as I had such a realization, the picture would gently fade back into the morphing purples.  I kept trying to train my brain not to be fascinated by what I saw, just to let it be and observe.  In recent weeks, this process has become more easy for me to develop but I am by no means a master of it as yet.  I have found that if I remain still, I will be able to see beautiful vast expanses of nature... skies, flowers, mountains, water, birds, etc.  Most of the time they remained fleeting.  Occasionally I would see what looked to be much like the virtual worlds I spent so much time in from 2006 - 2010.  About a week ago during one such experience, I noticed that I was looking at what appeared to be a computer screen of some kind, with alphabetical letters (language) and photos of people, none of whom I knew.  It seemed to be scrolling slowly, but constantly.  "This is new," I thought at the time.

Each time I would try and bring the picture of the "screen" further into view in order to read the writing, I would loose grasp of the letters.  Every time I saw the screen, the letters looked to be something easily readable in English, yet with each attempt to focus, they would disintegrate into gibberish and I would get mildly frustrated.  The pictures of people intrigued me as well, and I would struggle for context, as if searching my memory in order to find a match somewhere with someone I had known in the past.  It appeared that by this time I was getting better at this method, whatever it is, of opening a part of my perception while in a normal, pre-sleep state of mind.  During that time I had a new experience, which I wrote about in a previous post where I called it a Dream Burst.  The Dream Burst was distinctly different than this, and did not occur in the same way as these images were appearing.  The burst was a lucid dream-meets-astral travel experience, something completely new to me despite similar experiences in the past.  It was initiated by something, perhaps an entity, speaking to me within my dream mind which ignited an astral experience within the dream; pure bliss, and very different than this activity I had been engaging in since last autumn in terms of training myself from outside the dream state.  In hindsight, perhaps the Dream Burst was a necessary precursor to what I would come to experience, which is the subject of this post. 

As I laid there on my bed on Saturday night, after the booming sound system had left my block, I wondered if I should continue to try falling asleep or get up, make some tea and go back to the computer.  I decided that sleep would be best, or at least the attempt to do so.  I had the band around my eyes and felt a bit rattled, and tried to calm myself by shaking my foot, which sometimes helps me to calm down quickly and fall asleep.  I began watching the purplish globs, which once again started to morph into brighter globs with their signature greenish-yellow outlines.  A few still photos captured for brief seconds within my field of view, as often happens.  I remained the observer.  Then, it appeared very quickly within the center of my view that there was some kind of vortex there, a quick swirl of all the globs that lasted for about a second or two.  The next thing I noticed was that my awareness was pulled into this "vortex," for lack of a better word.  This was not like an OBE vortex, which can occasionally feel like a vacuum cleaner and make one feel like they're being literally sucked off of the bed.  This was different, no body-pull sensation, just awareness, as if I had been staring at a whirlpool that I somehow poured my consciousness into.  No physical pull.

I came out of the other side about six feet above the ground in the dream state, within a flat or apartment of some kind.  My essence poured out of a an old painting that was on one of the walls.  It had a conclave type of frame that curved out from the painting itself about two inches.  I stood on the floor.  There I was, wide awake, with my full conscious awareness that I carry in the everyday 3D physical world.  Bam - just like that.  I knew I was "dreaming" but I wasn't exactly sure where or how.  Had I traveled in time?  Another dimension?  A past existence?  Was this what is known as Quantum Jumping?  I was completely astounded, so much so that I quickly tried to calm my emotions so that I wouldn't knock myself out of that state.  I was elated.  Fascinated. Stunned. Excited beyond belief.  "This is a major breakthrough!"  I thought as I began to explore my surroundings.

I had experienced many lucid dreaming experiences in the past, but none where I carried with me the totality of my waking awareness that I have every day.  In past experiences, only part of "me" was present, enough to know who I was and that I was awake in the dream, but not my "waking all."  Wow.  This place in which I found myself appeared to be 3D, just like my waking physical world.  The building that I was in seemed very similar to my present residence, yet it was completely different.  Instead of white walls, the walls of the interior were a deep olive green color.  Old paintings adorned the wall that I had passed through at a rather odd height.  "That's strange," I thought, as I looked at the wall.  They were closer to the ceiling than the middle of the wall, typically hung higher than one would hang them here, today, in this world.

There was antique furniture everywhere, quite a change from my post-modern furniture from this present life.  And strewn about this rather messy place were items that I knew to be mine, with some even baring a resemblance to things in my physical world, yet they were all different.  The flat contained a dining room, which I currently don't have, consisting of a dark wooden dining table and tall chairs, along with a hutch and a small desk or dresser of some kind.  I stepped carefully around the living room, dining room and an adjacent smaller room with low chairs and a coffee table, which looked to be a center of activity with many items on the coffee table.  I passed through the smaller room and opened a door that led to the hallway.  "This isn't my building," I said, "Yet it is, or at least it's familiar to my building and I do live here."  I walked to the end of the hallway and looked out the window.  There were other buildings across the street, some with faint lights coming from rooms.  "Wow, this is incredible... absolutely incredible."

I walked back into the flat again, through the small room and into the living room, where I made my way to another window, which also faced the street.  There were no cars, no horses, no vehicles of any kind, yet I noticed a few people walking on the street below, including a couple that appeared to be walking a dog.  I focused on the street for a few moments and realized that I could project the visual input area of my consciousness out in front of the building, and I briefly floated it down the street as I observed the buildings and windows across the way.  I saw people in some of the windows.  One couple was sitting in bed.  I didn't see any street lights and couldn't determine if the architecture of the buildings was from any particular time period.  Most of the buildings appeared to be made of brick but they weren't brownstones.  I returned my awareness to the living room of the flat and immediately thought of my friend in this physical world who had shared the Malcolm Godwin technique with me several weeks ago.  He said that initially the intensity of what he experienced was so great that it scared him and he had to stop.  "What I really want to do," he said the night that he shared the technique, "Is to try and fall asleep from that lucid zone and see where I wake up."  I thought that's what I should set out to do straight away, but then I stopped myself.  I couldn't do it just yet, there was too much to see and explore first.

"Oh wow - a mirror - I've gotta find a mirror!"  I turned from the window and scoped out the living room in greater detail, and noticed that there was a large full-length mirror on the wall to the left of the painting that I seemed to have come out of upon my arrival.  I gazed over at the mirror.  I was somewhat stunned that I could see myself, as I didn't remember that from any previous dream experiences, or having the presence of mind to even seek to find a mirror in a dream for that matter, yet I had the same conscious awareness with which I exist in the physical world, from which I am currently writing this post.  I then walked up to the mirror.  Wow.  I looked different than I do in this reality, as if I was a completely different person.  I was smaller in stature, and noticeably lighter, not that I am large or overweight in this world.  I moved my legs and arms around.  It was captivating.  Slowly I got very close to the mirror and began to examine my face, nearly pressing my head on the glass.  Somehow, despite looking completely different, I knew it was what I call "me" in the physical world.  I was very familiar with this persona, and its body.  I was blown away.  "I've gotta find a pen - something to write with - paper - I've got to put this stuff down in writing!"  I went into the dining area and found a writing instrument and a piece of paper.  Just then a knock came at the door, a door on the other side of the flat from the one I used earlier to walk into the hallway.

Between the excitement I was experiencing and a millisecond of dread upon hearing the knock, I took a moment to regain my composure and center myself.  I did not want this to end.  It was too valuable an experience and I didn't know how delicate a state it was.  After years of trying to find an experience like this, carrying my waking awareness, I didn't know if I'd ever get back to such a place, so I calmed myself and decided I had to answer the door.  Thankfully, fear was not a factor.  Rather, it was a slight cautionary impulse, like a spark, and not something that I became fixated upon.  I felt safe.  I felt just like I do most often in the physical world.  The knocking continued, quick, repetitive bursts of insistent, short knocks.  I approached the wooden door and noticed that it had a sideways-sliding opening at eye level that I could push to one side and see who was at the door.  I opened it.  On the other side of the door stood a man that I knew was familiar to me.  "Rosancrantz," I thought.  He spoke with a thick Eastern European accent.  "Let me in."  I opened the door.  It became evident to me upon opening the door that I shared the flat with someone, although I couldn't get a read (or "ident" as Robert Monroe would say) as to who this person was.

I recognized Rosancrantz as someone I knew who was an old friend of my roommate and understood that they both had gone to university together.  At the same time, I also realized that I knew him to be somewhat of a pest from time to time, neurotic and needy.  "Where is he?  I need to speak with him," he said.  I told him that I didn't really know but that he could stay as long as he liked.  He came in, went straight to the dining room and began pensively pacing around the table.  "It's important.  I need something.  When will he be back?"  Again, I said I didn't know.  My thoughts then turned to the paper and writing instrument, followed by:  "I've got to ask him some questions about where we are and what year this is."  I began to quiz him as he paced around.  "What day is this?"  I asked.  He looked at me with a jolting grimace, as if to say, "How ridiculous?" But I persisted.  "Seriously, I need to know what day this is."  "Oh," he said, "That's right.  You've been seeing that medium," which I realized was considered some form of a psychiatrist.  "It's 3rd October," he said.  "Year, what year is this?"  I quickly blurted out; my hands holding the paper and "pen" on the dining room table, ready to write as I stared at him, anxiously awaiting a response.

He looked at me briefly again like I was mad, finally cocking his head back in a seemingly arrogant, scholarly sense, only to break the pose for a moment due to what appeared to be a feeling of pity for me that had come over him, and he slowly said, "Oh -3 ('03)."  I focused intently on writing it down, 10/3/03, watching as I put the date to paper.  "Wait," I thought, "2003?  1903?  1803?  Some other century?"  I no sooner had those thoughts when I noticed he had started for the door.  "I have to be going.  If you see him, tell him I must speak with him at once."  I went over to the door, opened it for him and he left.  While the door was still open, I noticed several people in the hall to the left who were talking.  I had a moment of curiousity about talking with them, but decided to just close the door and be alone in the flat once again.  "Rosancrantz - now how exactly do I know him?"  I wondered for a few seconds, but my thoughts quickly turned back to the fascination and overwhelming joy that I was wide awake with my normal earthly consciousness.  I wanted to first continue exploring the flat, because it was so familiar to me.  I looked around the living room for a few more moments, eventually becoming intrigued with the mirror again.  I walked up to it, once again marveling that I had a different physical appearance but the same exact awareness from my physical world.  Just then, everything dissolved into a swirl and I woke up on my bed.

I couldn't believe what had happened.  Just as intense and wild as the dream burst, yet completely different.  I got out of bed and began to search the web for "soul travel through paintings" and various other word strings that might yield some kind of similar results, i.e., "time travel through paintings," "soul essence through paintings," etc.  I came across one book in which author Mike Wilks appears to have described such a phenomenon in a work of fiction called "Mirrorscape."  I had never read or heard of the book before but it's been added to my wish list for sometime in the future.  This dream, other-dimensional, time travel, quantum jumping experience will be with me for the rest of my life, another dangled carrot after which to chase, in the hope that I might be able to discover more about my true nature and that of the universe / multiverse.  I have been there now, wide awake in dreamland, and I will never forget what it was like.  I then wrote my friend an email who had shared the Godwin lucid dreaming technique with me, describing what had happened.  Was this what he was talking about, was this type of full-waking lucidity really what lucid dreaming was all about?  If so, I had only partially experienced it in the past.  Though lucid in the past, never was I ever "all there" like this.  When I woke up, I noticed that I had only been asleep for about 90 minutes, so this wasn't something from late sleep-stage REM, during which our deepest dreams typically occur.

Even though I was there for some time, the experience ended too soon, and the next time I find myself in such a place, my sole intent is to try and solve problems within the physical world through thought and analysis from that other-worldly dimensional space.  If I could somehow send energy from that place into the physical world, that would be something.  Perhaps even send triggers into my waking world from the lucid dream state.  Wow.  My mind was buzzing with possibilities.  I wish I had the time to do that before it had all dissolved.  I feel like there is so much to learn.  For now, all I can do is to repeat the Godwin technique and focus on what appears to be a portal that can be opened through those purplish globs on the inside of my eyelids with much patience and determination.  If I could master such things, the physical life and its challenges would become dwarfed within the greater context of exploration.  Many of the great teachers, yogis, etc. say that we each have the universe within ourselves, and that through the doors of the heart lie the gateways to other worlds.  I hope that this was a taste of just that kind of experience.  I'm happy that I was able to enter such a space without the aid of any tools.  The possibilities are indeed endless.  Malcolm Godwin, thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights.  Parts of me, long-dormant, have awakened because of your work and I am forever grateful.  The same gratitude goes out to all of those whose work I have referenced here in this venue; thank you.

On that note, I'll leave you with a few things that I came across earlier on Saturday night, prior to my watching the Richard Strassman documentary and reading about Sonia Barrett, one of which is an interview of scholar and lecturer Graham Hancock, author of "Fingerprints of the Gods," among other books.  In this interview below, entitled "Setting History Free," author and lecturer David Wilcock examines some of Hancock's work and his theories about the nature of our existence, the lost or hidden history of humanity and what may lie ahead for us as we move through linear time in an effort to evolve human consciousness.  This is another fascinating video that virtually any seeker should find interesting.  It puts current world events into a larger perspective and spans a course of time much larger than any of our individual lifetimes.  I can't state it enough now, due to the myriad of experiences I have had over the years, most recently the Cosmic Initiation, Dream Burst and the aforementioned lucid dreaming adventure, that there is much, much more to reality than what we can perceive with our physical eyes; that much I do know.  I don't claim to have any answers.  I remain skeptical and just like anyone else, I only have my experiences, some of which I have attempted to share in this forum.  I only wish to remember what is my birthright, my greater truth, and in doing so realize my greatest potential, becoming forever free to create and explore the universe / multiverse.

::: Setting History Free :::

And finally, the last piece of this long post is a link to the final chapter from a book by scholar and author Michael Tsarion, entitled "Aliens, Alien Visitation, and Genetic Manipulation."  I first became aware of Michael's work in 2005, and have watched several of his rather lengthy videos, many of which are available on YouTube.  Michael goes down the rabbit hole in such detail that he is virtually unmatched as a master dot connector of hidden pieces of history, manipulation and exploitation of the human race.  In this, the final chapter of the aforementioned book, which I found on Scribd (no idea how it got there or why, as its only the last chapter of a book), he sums up the human condition in much the same way that Hancock and Wilcock talk about in the interview above, even going so far as to touch on the fact that the creation of art can be and often is the universe itself speaking to us, trying to gently get us to remember our history and divine rights as sovereign individuals, if we would only take the time to stop, focus, observe and listen.

By the time the chapter got to the famous lines from Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven," (below) I was taken aback.  As a former music industry executive and deejay, I have listened to thousands of albums and tens of thousands of songs from all over the world.  As you can imagine, the classics like Zeppelin I have heard over and over.  In terms of how these lyrics are presented within that chapter of Tsarion's book, he says, "Artists and minstrels of more recent times also have the same macro-theme [referring to cosmic inspiration] in their creations, though few are aware of it… consider the final lines of the song "Stairway To Heaven," by Led Zeppelin, and then why millions resonate with this and other masterpieces without knowing consciously why."  This blew me away.  Validation.  In previous posts regarding my Cosmic Initiation, I state in detail how the universe, or Source energy, showed me the EXACT same thing, although through other songs and works of art.

It is indeed a grand, infinite space in which we find our conscious awareness abiding at present, and we're only able to currently view a minuscule portion of its majesty.  It's my belief that if you take the time to be still and open yourself up, perhaps with perseverance and due diligence, the universe will reveal itself to you in all its glory.  After all, on every level, it is the very fabric in which we exist and it comprises everything... in the Hermetic sense, "All That Is," or the mind of god.  I see the message in this song so clearly now.  The lyrics below will never have the same meaning for me going forward, featured in Chapter 22 -  Epilogue:  There's Still Time To Change The Road You're On, from Michael Tsarion's "Aliens, Alien Visitation, and Genetic Manipulation":

And as we wind on down the road
Our shadows taller than our souls
There walks a Lady we all know
Who shines white light and wants to show
How everything still turns to gold
And if you listen very hard
The tune will come to you at last
When all is one and one is all
To be a rock and not to roll
(From Stairway To Heaven – Jimmy Page and Robert Plant)

Peace ; )