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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Latest Drunvalo Melchizedek Interview By Lilou Mace

On January 24th of this year, Drunvalo Melchizedek was interviewed in Sedona, Arizona by Lilou Mace of Lilou's Juicy Living Tour.  If you are a fan of or have been following Drunvalo's work, you will find more interesting subject matter covered in this latest interview, including a discussion of angels, plasma beings, where we as a race currently find ourselves in history regarding the coming evolution of human consciousness and the importance of living in the heart.  The interview is embedded below in three parts.  The audio is not that great, especially during the first part, due to the lack of a windscreen on the microphone and the fact that it was only recorded in one channel, however, the wind becomes less of a factor in parts two and three.

Lilou lets the interviewee speak during most of her interviews that I have viewed thus far, which is great, however, I occasionally regret the lack of a pointed line of questioning, particularly when potentially intriguing information has the opportunity to be revealed.  It generally frustrates me in interviews when some possible hidden gem of a topic is referenced by the interviewee and dismissed as "Well, I can't talk about that here" or "that's another subject."  Often times when I hear that I say, "Wait - talk about that now."  Perhaps that's just the universe providing the needed information at its designated time.  Lilou's website can be found here, and her YouTube channel here.  Drunvalo operates several websites, including his main website, located here.  Several other important videos from Drunvalo have been included in recent posts and are available on this blog that can serve to give some additional perspective on the coming evolution in human consciousness.

Part 1:  Dimensions and Angels:

Part 2:  What's Next in Our Rapid Evolution?:

Part 3:  Living in the Heart Now:



Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing these wonderful interviews. Much love
Lilou, host of the Juicy Living Tour

Sevahn said...

Thank YOU, Lilou! I had discovered your work through these videos and have been really enjoying your site ever since. Keep up the great work!

-sevahn ;)