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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lilou Mace Interviews Drunvalo Melchizedek April 7, 2012

I've listened to quite a few of both Lilou Mace and Drunvalo Melchizedek's interviews.  This one's a bit different, at least at the beginning.  Drunvalo talks about crop circles and their messages, much like Pane Andov, and how said messages are instructions and/or warnings about an upcoming dimensional shift of some kind.  Drunvalo references Russian cosmonaut and scientist Marina Popovich, whose story about extraterrestrial warnings can be found here.  Note: I did see a link to Examiner [dot] com in that article, which is a bullshit factory, so that article is likely suspect.  I don't remember a time though when I've seen Drunvalo talk about impending earth changing events with the type of matter-of-fact urgency he has in this interview.  After watching the entire video, I wished they had stayed on that topic for the duration, but there didn't seem to be too many details.  Hmm.  When people pin potential cataclysmic events to such things as solar flares and planetary alignments, I tune out.  I've watched those memes come and go over the years too many times to place any merit in such predictions.  


If, however, Drunvalo is correct in his statement about NASA expecting big changes to come over the next few months (1-9) and said changes are expected to have both a high impact and high likelihood, then this interview is worth viewing.  NASA did issue a warning about solar storms in 2006, with two varying viewpoints from two different scientists as to when such a thing would be most likely to occur.  Consequently, NASA's website as of November, 2011 states that the likelihood of a 'killer solar storm' that would render our electronic world useless to be physically impossible.  That doesn't necessarily tell us anything either, since the previously deemed impossible can often be proven wrong, particularly when a Black Swan event comes out of nowhere to catch a populous off guard.  When an unexpected cataclysm occurs, they often redefine concepts of what is possible or can be reasonably expected.

Since change is the only constant in our reality, one should always expect a measure of the unexpected, however, I believe a lot of those out there that are spinning yarns about a shift are going to keep pushing said shift into the future with each coming year if in fact no evident shift occurs in the very near future, just like some did with the end of the Mayan Ninth Wave last November.  "It's been adjusted," I remember reading the day after October 28th, 2011.  "Sure it has," I thought at the time.  That's what appears to happen again and again.  "But it's coming,"  Yeah, right.  I would love to believe that on some level, and I'm more open to such a thing as never before, anticipatory even, yet I see the way that memes like ascension are given life and energy, only seeming to support various sorts of industries that crop up around them.  I can safely state this: Universe is not trying to sell us anything.

NASA has announced some interesting things of late, including finding new objects at the end of the electromagnetic spectrum and gamma-ray bubbles at the center of our galaxy that span fifty-thousand lightyears.  I have heard some say that these discoveries are indicative of a coming shift, but they're just people's theories.  Even if one were to give the killer solar storm some measure of possibility, I believe one must beware the meme here.  The 'series of cataclysms' story from Popovich and others is just a story at this point.  It has all the markings of another "it's just around the corner" type of (end times) event or series of events (to come).  If there's anything to it, we'll know soon enough, as a beckoning will come from within.  Universe does what she does and our planet does what she does, and we move through linear time.  I have yet to see any evidence of any solar event seriously affecting humanity in my lifetime.  I'm not saying something like that is impossible, but it is Pi in the sky from my viewpoint.

Ironically, my last post was about trying to find context for a variety of bizarre consciousness-related experiences I've had over the past few years while managing to avoid the many memes that are out there regarding a shift, ascension or whatever you'd like to call it.  That's one of the main reasons that I've been watching what many of the people that I mention on this blog have been saying: because I've seen, felt and experienced a series of things that as yet have no context and it appears that they could be related to some kind of shifting in conscious awareness.  What I've experienced certainly has been for me, although not on a constant or permanent basis.  I know there is infinitely more out there than meets the physical eye, and I do feel as if a time is coming when the veil will thin or completely dissolve.  My internal beckoning began back in 2007 with the simple repeated message during meditation of "raise your vibration." 

Yet it could be that there's no meaning to any of it.  It could be that it just is what it is.  It could be that all of these ascension memes are propagated by people who have one thing in common:  they want to sell you something, whether it's a book, a dvd, a crystal, a mineral, an essential oil or a weekend retreat.  Other than the themes of their stories, that's the lowest common denominator here.  It always disappoints me, as it did when I discovered Lisa Renee's website last week.  Once again I resonated with an author or speaker and then I look at their website and see that they've commoditized themselves.  People say, well, you have to make a living, right?  Perhaps.  I don't judge people who do that, and I'm not doing that here.  But it's commerce, and commerce is the beast itself, or at least a big part of it.  My profit, your loss.  It's a major pillar of the dysfunctional reality in which we currently find ourselves.  And I've spent a large portion of my adult life commoditizing works of art, so I understand what it's like to do that.

I'm not an expert in other dimensions or understanding the Multiverse.  Far from it.  I'm just a traveler, a wanderer.  As I've said all along I have no answers, just experiences.  I believe however that I can safely say that commerce is not a word, idea or practice or thought in another, higher vibrational dimension.  It is one of the heaviest shackles around the ankles of humanity at present.  It holds us at our particular vectors point in life.  On the other hand, when you're in tune with Universe, she provides in the most astounding of ways.  We are the only creatures on the planet that create garbage.  Think about that for a minute.  Where does the garbage come from?  For the most part, it's things that others have sold us.  Can you see the matrix we're in?  Remove consumption as we know it, replace the written word and language with telepathic imagery, travel with teleportation, food with getting our nurishment directly from the sun or the energy that Nikola Tesla discovered could be harnessed from the air around us, and we would have ourselves a new earth indeed.

What I do find interesting though in what Drunvalo describes is that if we had such an event as an electromagnetic pulse that virtually wiped out our electronic world, we would indeed be faced with a brand new series of choices on how to live, individually and collectively.  Such an event would be a Grand Equalizer of sorts.  However likely or unlikely such an event is, wouldn't it have the same chance of happening without the ascension memes attached to it?  Haven't memes of impending doom been with humanity for thousands upon thousands of years? 

For some reason I see a corollary to separation theology here - the impending cataclysmic event that's potentially scary yet we're not supposed to be afraid of said event.  My mind drifts back to my childhood when I had stories of the many judgments of the Book of Revelation presented to me, over and over.  We were warned of coming cataclysms, yet told everything would be okay if we stayed close to G-d.  Either way, it all makes a good story.  If everyone chose to live from the heart, vibrating at their highest and best, what a wonderful world it would be.  But the reality is that there are all kinds of people in the human family.  I don't believe it would be a nice and orderly process, so to speak, getting everyone on the same page.  Anyone who's tried to rally twenty people around a concept in order to discuss and find consensus can attest to that.  As similar as we all are, we're still very different from each other.  Each of us has his or her own mosaic of reality, our reality tunnel, and they're all as different as fingerprints.  We're all experiencing life differently.

Such an arrival at a new consensus reality would likely be messy, sticky, and unpredictable.  There are so many variables that it's anyone's guess where some kind of new consensus would lead us, even if it had an approval of the majority of humanity.  Hundredth Monkey effect?  Perhaps, as I've said in the past, but we're talking a global quantum leap away from materialism.  Good luck with that.  The Grand Equalizer type of event that I mentioned seems the most plausible means to that end... "the old life is completely gone... we must rethink our existence."  That being said, how would the remnants of the old sociopolitical system feel about such things?  To say there would be no resistance to a major change like that from the old guard is somewhat naive.  Or is it?  I'd like to think we're all human, so to speak, and we could find consensus, but I honestly don't know how likely that would be.  As a hope, it's there for me, but in reality, who knows. 

Something that someone wrote in the comments below the video on YouTube made me think I'd heard it before:

"No need to fear, portals will open within ourselves automatically and we know all what we need to know. No fear."

I remember a close friend telling me during my time in the woo-woo in late 2009, "You're having an awakening.  The Russians know all about this.  They've been researching this stuff for years.  They want people to wake up.  There's a universal force leading us each individually to another level of consciousness because our current level is not sustainable without destroying ourselves."  Could this really be happening?  It would perhaps explain at least some of what I've seen and experienced.  Context?  And then what?  The ecstatic reality of life in a higher dimension, finally?  Yes.  Or, is it just another day on planet earth and this is just another story.  As always, the path to whatever this could be or not be lies somewhere further down the massive grinding wheel of linear time.  And so we move along.  Thanks to Lilou Mace for the interview and Drunvalo for taking the time to share his thoughts.

~ Namaste ~

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