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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Unity Consciousness, Meditation And Diamond Alignment

There are many websites that have arisen over the past few years that offer group meditations focusing on unity consciousness, and their numbers appear to be growing.  The WingMakers have an excellent site called Event Temples, where you can simply register for free with an email address and join others around the globe at various designated times daily to focus intention on heart-centered consciousness, thereby enhancing the energy field of the consciousness grid that surrounds the earth through your heart and your own life energy.  Drunvalo Melchizedek has written about the new grid in his book, "Serpent of Light: Beyond 2012", and has discussed the subject in various videos available on YouTube, some of which are posted on this blog.  Another excellent free website that I have recently come across is Diamond Alignment, which is operated by Jacqueline Joy.  The site offers personal, six-minute energy-infused meditation sessions to help align oneself with divine Source energy and the unity, love or diamond consciousness.  I really enjoyed the Diamond Alignment meditation and intend to be visiting there regularly along with Event Temples.  It's open and free 24/7/365.  To access the six-minute meditation page, just click "enter" on the main page and "enter" again on the next page that pops up.  And finally there is Fractal Energy Mandala, which is different than the first two sites and doesn't have a meditation area per se, but features the inspiring artwork of K. Allen Kay, which consists of beautiful, captivating mandalas that he has created intuitively.  You can order your own personalized mandala video through his site.

Why is something like this important?  There are likely several reasons.  First, the fact that the earth's kundalini force, or spirit / soul energy has moved within the past several years from the mountains of Tibet to a place in the mountains of Peru, indicating the that the dawn of a new cycle in the evolution of human, planetary and universal consciousness is near.  This event happens approximately every 13,000 years, according to the wisdom of various indigenous peoples and tribes around the world.  As Drunvalo has explained it (discussed in a recent video that I posted on this blog), the earth's kundalini (spirit energy) has since been activated in its new Peruvian home through a series of ceremonies in which he participated, the purpose of which was to initiate the kundalini from its new home within the earth to expand outward and ultimately form the new consciousness grid that surrounds our planet.  This is the grid that will essentially govern the coming new era in history, and which will bring about the evolutionary change of Mother Earth herself, along with all things upon, within and around her.

Second, this new era is said to be one of conscious co-creation.  If a planet-wide or universal shift in consciousness is going to occur and it is potentially part of our evolution as humans, then it seems to be a very important matter.  Becoming one with the new consciousness grid means being centered in one's heart; living from the heart.  In doing so, we become aligned with higher vibrational realities, higher dimensions, where we become one with Source energy in conscious co-creation from a place of unconditional love.  If love is the ultimate truth of the universe and the force which governs all of creation, is connecting with this Source energy simply a realization of truth?  It would stand to reason then, that the amount of people who become connected to this new level of consciousness through a realization of ultimate truth will likely be key to the pervasiveness of the grid itself, thereby enhancing or expanding the ability for more people to become aware that these higher vibrational realities exist.  Through such enhancement or magnification, our necessity as a race to shift our awareness into alignment with such a grid should become apparent to an increasing number of people, ensuring not only our survival, but our own evolution as a species.  So where is the tipping point?

I personally don't anticipate that it will take the whole population of 7 billion people to bring about this shift of consciousness.  I have a distinct impression that such a shift in awareness can grow from a few into many and at a certain point, become somewhat contagious, for lack of a better word.  "Catch a fire," as the late great Bob Marley would say.  Consider first that the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms are already one with Mother Earth and Source energy.  That leaves us humans, the most advanced life forms on the planet, to attune ourselves to this new consciousness and thus facilitate the evolution of our consciousness as the earth herself evolves.  As Drunvalo has stated, this would happen whether we were here or not, as it is part of the earth's and the universe's evolution - knowledge that has been known and kept by many indigenous tribes around the world for thousands of years.  The importance of "making the shift" into higher vibrations of consciousness has to do with not having to return and incarnate and repeat another 13,000 year cycle of birth and death at this particular strata of consciousness, which has been dominated by male energy alone.  Thankfully, if he's correct, that 13,000 years is only a tiny portion of the total of cycles of the Mayan Calendar, but still, who would want to go backward?  Perhaps some.  Definitely not me.  My recent four year run of living and creating in virtual reality simulators alone has awakened a part of me that's ready to return to my abilities of flight, teleportation between dimensions and existence in complete peace.

When we look at the current condition of the human race and the ongoing destruction of the planet, I believe it's important to consider that it likely won't take all of us being in tune with the new unity consciousness to enable others of our species to make the shift into that awareness, and here's why:  Consider the Hundredth Monkey Effect, around which there has been much controversy.  I disagree with the assertions on Wikipedia regarding the Effect being simply applicable to mythological New Agers, of which I am not a part.  The fact that many in New Age circles have incorporated said Effect into their teachings only serves to make it an easy target of enhanced negativity, as there are many memes within and about that community that are purely conjecture and hyperbole, whatever the "movement's" nebulous borders might be.  To my knowledge, since the writings about the discovery of the Hundredth Monkey phenomenon in 1952, no conclusive scientific studies have been done to substantiate the effect as factual, or at least have been made public knowledge.  That's okay.  There are other places in which to look for signs that something similar could take place within the world's population.

I also should note here that I often stand with The Skeptics Society on many issues such as this, and I look for scientific explanations for unproven phenomena, however, I have seen hours of behavioral studies on both humans and animals that indicate that this type of effect is entirely plausible:  that after a certain key number within a group adapts an awareness or behavior, that (variable) number being critical in ratio to the sum of a larger group (in highly evolved life forms such as apes and/or humans), many others will follow or adopt the new knowledge or awareness and the resultant growing awareness will eventually permeate the behavior of a majority of the group as a whole.  I think that this is possible because of what I have studied and observed myself within the fields of advertising and the arts.  I have also seen and experienced many things during this incarnation that I do not understand, some of which I have written about on this blog.  These things have no scientific explanation, no control-based studies, and I am left only trying to find context for the experiences, futile as that often appears to be.  However, if we are indeed currently being guided by energy forms or entities that reside within higher realms of consciousness, hence, new frequencies of awareness are actually being directed into our three dimensional world at this time, then the entire idea becomes even more plausible and perhaps even likely from my current perspective.

There are also some interesting observations that I have made considering The Solomon Asch Conformity Experiment, as one example, which deals with perception, human behavior, conditional judgment and peer pressure.  I should discern here that I don't believe any alignment with unity consciousness will come about - or could come about - through coercion.  Unity consciousness, or love, by its very nature is unconditional, and could not be attained by such means, since we must make a choice to connect in that way, with love and through surrender, from our hearts.  Consequently, I do believe that if enough people become a part of a new awareness or higher consciousness vibration, that it will lead to an "Aha Moment" and a tipping point for others.  If the ancients are correct, as has been written about and handed down for thousands of years through many of the indigenous tribes around the world, higher levels of consciousness and the attainment thereof should be encoded somewhere within our DNA, at the very least as a dormant yet present sense of an awareness of something greater than ourselves.

Sometimes I wonder, if that is indeed true, that such types of ancient knowledge actually resides somewhere within elements of our long-dormant, docile or inactive DNA.  Since most of our civilized world is cut off from the ancient wisdom, the hidden knowledge and the practices associated with connecting to higher realms, is that why we have created what we know today as organized religion (?)  To me, the concept of organized religion is multi-headed creature of endless divisions which almost always points people outside of themselves for salvation, and instead to so-called holy people, organizations and higher orders of alleged gatekeepers to the Creator or Source.  It's been my experience that nearly all of these institutions use fear-based methods to grow and maintain their followers - through the constant siphoning of money from their flocks.  To quote the late great George Carlin on the "man in the sky" version of God, "He's all-powerful, all-perfect, all-knowing and all wise - but somehow - just can't handle money."  Carlin was a brilliant man and one of the greatest thinkers of the past century.  Religions point us outside of ourselves.  Unity consciousness points us within.  The difference between the two (looking outside or looking within) has to do with taking the responsibility for ourselves, of sorting out our inner homes, our hearts, remembering that we are sparks of a divine energy that gives us our every breath and that the same energy wants us to become one with it again in a personal way that is unique to each one of us.

There's a big difference between going within for transformation and looking to lay it all on some "guy in the sky" and letting "him" figure it out, as many within the organized christian churches see it.  I do believe, as Jesus of Nazareth said in John 14:6: "I am the way, the truth and the life.  No man cometh unto the Father but by me."  However, I believe that the churches of the world have twisted the accurate translation, like many other parts of scripture.  What I believe Jesus was saying was, that there is no way to connect to the "Father" universal Creator Consciousness unless you have the Christ Consciousness of unconditional love, or unity with all things.  That unity starts within one's own individual heart space.  There is no other place from which we can attain that unity with Source energy.  Some within the circles of organized religion would term that kind of thinking blasphemous.  In my younger years, within the confines of my inherited belief system, I would probably have agreed.  But consider the source when looking at the organized, for-profit religious "businesses" that would make such accusations.  As I have stated in previous posts, anything or anyone that points you outside of yourself for salvation, at least in my opinion, is suspect, because in doing so you abdicate responsibility for the affairs of your own heart, which is ultimately the place from which all of our creations flow and is our place of connection to the wisdom that created us.

Having spent many years as a professional in marketing, primarily music, art and pop-culture arenas, I also find intriguing what has been described as the Hundredth Monkey Effect through a perspective provided by author Malcolm Gladwell, what he termed "social epidemics" in his brilliant book, "The Tipping Point" as well as what Saatchi & Saatchi CEO Kevin Roberts wrote about in his book, "Lovemarks".  If you've read those books, and have perhaps watched the Derek Sivers video that is in previous post below entitled, "How To Start A Movement", you can begin to see how Madison Avenue exploits certain elements of human nature to fuel the development of brand loyalty and further devotion to consumerism through the growth of movements.  All movements start with a single thought, and just like our thinking patterns, expand into thought strings and then systems of thought, which most often lead to physical action in the world around us.  That was my job, in various forms for over twenty years.  To identify, help create and enhance movements within the underground or counter-culture and bring them into the mainstream where they became known as trends.  Through those lenses and those of my experiences in brand-building, brand loyalty, and consumer behavior, I believe that there is something to be learned here in terms of how awareness-based movements within small groups can lead to adaptation by larger groups.  These movements are real phenomena, which initially activate something within some individual members of a group and grow with their own type of conscious awareness.  Such things are likely primal at their roots, and they're also likely have something to do with the expansion of conscious awareness and the fact that everything and everyone is ultimately connected.

In addition to years of acting training, I spent a couple of years studying at The Groundlings School of Improvisation in Los Angeles, where through many different types of exercises, I was shown how people can unite and connect around ideas, thoughts and concepts that are held within a portion of a group's consciousness without the entire group being told in advance what those ideas or concepts are.  Those types of exercises can appear to be magic to those who are new to observing the experience.  They give fascinating context for getting information "from the ether," as it were, through the very slightest of expression and observation only, and without any formal direction or explanation.  What one sees in those exercises is the power of Now within a collective or group of individuals.  In a larger context regarding acting and that craft, being in the Now can also produce what is known as "happy accidents," which can be profoundly mind-blowing when they occur.  Many great scenes in classic films became a part of the finished work through just those types of experiences... unscripted moments that just happened.  The late director Robert Altman was known to keep his camera rolling longer than many of his colleagues in order to catch such moments.  He was acutely aware of the potential of consciousness in the present moment and the wonders that it can produce.

At the same time, I'm also very anti-herd (or mob) mentality.  There are many examples throughout history where these same types of conscious actions through groups can have disastrous effects.  I've always been one who marches to the beat of a different drummer, and I avoid the herd / mob mentality almost every time that I see it appear, for better or for worse.  I've found it is in fact better to abstain from becoming a part of either a herd or a mob, whether it's at a party, a sporting event or people rushing to buy the latest gadget or brand.  Just like reactions to anger take time and should be thought-through, I use the same tactics for my approach to virtually any type of mentality like that of the herd.  The thing that makes unity consciousness different for me, though, is that it's love itself.  If there was ever a time to become more aware of being in the Now, in the present, and aligning oneself to a higher vibration of love, I believe that time is now.  In my relatively short time in this physical incarnation, I have seen the world change to the point where it isn't the same place in which I existed in my younger years, and it appears to be going in a direction that is unsustainable for both the earth itself and humanity.  I'm willing to be a part of this shift, this expansion of consciousness if and when what they call The Ninth Wave of Consciousness becomes evident within our field of perception.  For me, it can't arrive fast enough.  What else is there to look forward to in a larger sense?  More inflation, job scarcity, food shortages, disease, pollution, etc.  No thanks.  Something inside of me resonates with the vibration of "there has to be a better way" as I search for meaning in this world.

Below is an amusing video that I recently came across on YouTube.  One of the reasons that I found it amusing is that during my cosmic initiation period in late 2009 - early 2010, one of the things that Source energy clearly expressed to me while I was pondering how and why I could perceive that there was a veil over the earth, was this:  Our sun, viewed in the higher realms, looks more like a disco ball or crystal diamond sphere than the hot molten mass that we currently understand it to be.  As profound as that bit of information was, it has remained among several items that I have still not mentioned in my recent Recap or Bits & Pieces posts.  I had chosen not to include that bit of information about our sun, as I hadn't yet found any real context for it.  It would have just been a line like, "Oh, and by the way," so I left it out.  Upon seeing this video, I was immediately reminded of what I had been told during the initiation period, because now it has a bit more context for me.  It made me think about what I've described as "The Ripple" in a previous post, although this ripple took some time to reach me.

Is alignment with unity, love or diamond consciousness important?  I would say yes, since grounding oneself within one's heart, which is our sacred space, can only benefit the planet and all living things.  Is the number of people who are actively in tune with those higher vibrations, thus, have activated their merabah - the human light body - equally important?  I would say yes to that as well.  Where any potential tipping point could be is anyone's guess.  I've fiddled around with various equations using the circumference of the average merkabah and the total square feet of the earth's surface (for which the amount of total square feet numbers about 5.5 quadrillion), but I haven't come to any conclusions.  There are likely elements and variables to such an equation that I'm not aware of, the answers to which may only lie somewhere within the realms of higher consciousness.  Some say it will take 1/3 of the earth's population to reach a tipping point, which, with earth's current population at 7 billion, would be about 2.33 billion of us.  That's a profoundly large number of people, 1 billion more than the total population of China.  Whatever the number, it has to start somewhere, and if there is any element of expansive unity consciousness that is infectious by any means, then I am willing to invest time and my heart energy into helping to bring about its further manifestation.

All of this is exciting when we look at where we are right now in history, at the cusp of the  Universal Cycle of the Mayan Calendar, or the Ninth Wave of Consciousness as it has been called.  This cycle is supposed to bring with it an expansiveness and an ease that enables more people to become aware of higher vibrations of consciousness.  Some say this Ninth Wave begins on February 11th of this year.  Others say it will begin on March 9th, and with it will come the fastest pace of changes we as humans have ever experienced.  Each of the Mayan Calendar cycles is shorter than its predecessor.  The first, or Cellular Cycle, was 16.4 billion years long.  The latest and current Galactic Cycle was 11 years in duration.  In contrast, the Universal Cycle will be between 234 and 260 days long.  That means that each month will seem like a year in terms of our perceptions as we observe changes taking place around us, both good and bad, to apply earthly judgment to them.  This should be evident to nearly everyone on earth.  Time will soon tell all.  My hope is that we are truly on the cusp of the realization of a new era in consciousness.  Until then, we have tools from various teachers and websites that can help us connect to the consciousness grid through audio and video enhancements, like this video below of sacred geometries, set to ambient sounds from the late astral traveler and pioneer Robert Monroe's patented Hemi-Sync brainwave entrainment catalog.  This one is in HD and works well in full screen mode but may take a few moments to load.  Headphones are always best.



Luke said...

This is a really interesting post. I've been thinking about a lot of concepts you bring up here: the collective consciousness, the effect of virtual realms on the human mind, the telescoping or speeding up of time processes. You have some really interesting perspectives. Thanks for sharing.

Sevahn said...

Thanks for your comments, Luke. I've felt compelled to write about what I've been perceiving, so it's great to hear that others have questions along similar lines.

Some teachers out there, like James of the WingMakers, for example would say that these events for each of us are moments when our higher spiritual selves directing us toward these questions in the hope that we remember our true nature.

If there is truth behind our perception of time speeding up in the coming cycle, we should be able to perceive it very shortly.

peace ; )