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Sunday, January 9, 2022

Back after some years with many tales to tell, but this is not the time. Thank you to the people who've commented and messaged during my six year absence. I hope what's been written here has helped you, even in the smallest of ways, on your journeys.

It's been (wow) six years (this time) since my last post and we now find ourselves in a completely different world in terms of thought constructs, psychoses of various kinds and manipulation on multiple fronts, among the worst of which is the corporate controlled media. The war for the mind has been going on for a long time. What's different now is the technology and our current scientific knowledge as it applies to DNA, electromagnetics, quantum physics and nanotech.

I've had many journeys into the spirit worlds and off-world fields since I last posted, including experiences as or more profound than my 'cosmic initiation' back in late 2009. What I saw at that time had absolutely no context... an inability to travel freely, increasingly unsafe streets all over the world, people collapsing and having seizures, heart attacks or just literally losing their minds. An ostracizing of a segment of the population was also present in the scenes/montages I saw, the reason for which I could not determine back in 2009. Also bio-tracking in a dystopian Orwellian world and seemingly endless piles of rubble, among other things, are what I saw back then in vivid color.

Now is the time to live in the Heart, and maintain your awareness as resting in the zero-point or "no-thing" state described in books like the Tao Te Ching. Each being will be approached in their own way, to make a choice between following the Heart or the Mind going forward (in linear time; life). Delores Cannon spoke and wrote about this time, of earth evolving (as everything does). In this case, the planet wishes to and is raising her consciousness, which will provide those grounded in heart energy protection. She (as John Lash stated years ago) loves all but doesn't care which path each takes, as all paths lead back to Source energy, eventually.

If you've had strange consciousness experiences or seen entities, orbs, etc. I believe that's an indication of where we are in the current timeline, so to speak. As the weeks and months roll on, expect more veils to fall, more of the hidden or "occult" to surface (nothing to do with "evil" per se) and for those in resonance with their heart energies, long lost gifts and abilities should begin to return.

Although I have been doing various things over the past six years, I've continued with my art, the purpose of which ties into the time in which we now find ourselves. Over the past year I've landed in a sea of awakened creatives who are all creating art with passion and purpose. I'm not sure I need to tie any of that to this blog, at least for now, but if you're an artist who has recently gotten into nft's, you know what I mean.

We (as a planet) are in for what for most will be a rough ride. Stay connected to your heart and the earth. Be a beacon of love to all living things. You know that old saying about the gates of hell, "abandon all hope, ye who enter here" or words to that effect? Where the earth's consciousness is headed in its higher vibratory evolution, the opposite will be true, as if written on the gates of heaven, "Abandon all belief, ye who enter here."

It's strange times now and they will continue. As the world becomes harder to "believe" in terms of what is happening, begin to direct that energy to your imagination through your heart space and begin to "unbelieve" a lot of what you were taught that the world around you is, as well as what is possible. In the end, it's all energy, mind and awareness. Anything is possible when you are vibrating at a high enough level.

Those of you who are familiar with Clif High's work over the years might enjoy catching up to where he is now, in this increasingly strange world after years of research and predictive linguistics, woo-diving, etc. You can find his recent videos here. He's more relevant than ever. Thanks, Clif. For those who have followed his webbot predictions and Alta Reports over the years, remember "Sun Disease" and how it kept coming up in the date for years? It was postulated that something would go awray with the sun. Instead, it appears it predicted what was initially known as corona.

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