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Friday, November 28, 2008

Reflections From The Ether

With everything happening in the world right now and not much to say I have been going back reading some earlier entries from journals over the years.  I've thrown away most of them, but I'm glad for the handful I've saved.  I found this particular notebook from 1999-2000, in which was written ten spiritual ponderances or contemplations.  These came to me over the course of about eighteen months, mostly in meditation after I had met my first spirit guide.  Tama, my guide and I had met after a long period of me sensing a presence, meditating, getting what I believed was the impression of a name.  Despite how strongly I felt Tama's presence at the time, I demanded that the only way I would acknowledge such a thing was is if I saw the name Tama somewhere (and not using the drums of the same name).  The first response at my challenge was, "Like a billboard?"  To which I said, "No. But it has to be put in front of my face.  I want to see it like that, in my face."

Several months went by and I was at my then job where part of my duties was purchasing music.  My EMI sales rep came in for his weekly visit, and before sitting down on the couch opposite my desk, handed me a copy of that week's New Release Book, which is a magazine (or was, lol in what used to be the music industry) that would feature major record distributor's upcoming releases for wholesale orders.  We went page by page until coming across a release from a duo of artists in Africa called Tama.  There the name was, about three months later, right in front of my face.  I still have the page from the book.  Whether it's a coincidence or not, which is entirely plausible, Tama gave me a lot to think about during the longest contemplative period that I had had until that point.  I couldn't have come up with any of this myself.  Over the years the two or three times I've looked at the notebook, I've valued the fact that this was shared with me.

  1.  Belief starts here.  Consider the tree.

  2.  Consider the sky.

  3.  If you don't take time, time will take you.

  4.  Take a moment and find the attitude.

  5.  It is not me who knows, but that which is that knows through me.

  6.  Let the spirit through.

  7.  There is no end to love.

  8.  Consider the flowers.

  9.  You already are.

10.  Everything that rises must converge.

When I looked up Tama, aside from drum, I found other meanings behind the name, including "to walk", "globe", "perfect" and "jewel", among others.  Many instances have arisen in my life since where one of those ten statements above has come to mind.  I believe my association with Tama might have been when I was a Native American in a previous incarnation, but I'm not sure.  I have some Iroquois blood in this life, but that's all I know, no history.