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Monday, March 14, 2011

Clif High - Web Bot Predictions 2.0 - March 12, 2011

If you are interested in future predictions and potential coming earth changes, you should know who Clif High is.  Clif has developed the Web Bot Project, which uses proprietary software that contains algorithms for the analysis of linguistics on the web, thereby making predictions regarding possible future events.  The Web Bot's track record in terms of predictions isn't perfect, but it is strong enough to warrant ongoing consideration regarding potential future occurrences.  If you are familiar with Clif and his partner George Ure's work and you haven't heard this recent interview, you're in for a treat.  I've listened to most of their recent interviews, many of which are available on YouTube, over the past seven months or so.  Recorded on March 12th for Truth Frequency Radio, this interview is a little over three hours long, and is packed with all kinds of provocative information.  Clif is highly intelligent and well-informed.  He is one of my favorite voices in the current future trends community and he brings his solid intellectual analysis to every issue that is discussed.  His insights are often profound and highly compelling.

I listened to this interview earlier today and considered it a must-post, especially because of the subject matter of my last post and the various memes circulating on the web regarding a potential seismic event in the coming weeks somewhere in the US.  Of note in this interview is Clif's discussion of the "expando planet" or "expanding earth hypothesis," which virtually mirror's Pane Andov's assertion that the planet is in fact expanding.  Clif explains precisely how and why this could be happening.  When you consider the various large cracks in the ground that have recently appeared in Africa, Pakistan and Michigan, along with the increase of seismic activity along the Ring of Fire, the expando planet theory becomes quite interesting, at least to me.

Also discussed in the interview is the fact that the Web Bot predicted "ill winds" and "radioactive volcano," which may now in hindsight be pointing to the current unfolding events surrounding the nuclear meltdowns in Japan.  Toward the end of the interview, Clif discusses how he "stays sane" in the midst of all of the information that he receives.  He stresses the importance of meditation and a proper diet as they pertain to maintaining one's highest possible vibration.  Clif's website is called Half Past Human.  His blog is located here.  Clif and George publish a report called "The Shape of Things to Come" every few months or so, which includes the latest Web Bot linguistics analysis.  The report is available through their website.  Truth Frequency Radio is powered by Oracle Broadcasting.

Clif elaborates on some of the Web Bots previous predictions, gives his analysis about the Earthquake in Japan, cracking in the earth, the Libya conflict and much much more.

Listen to the full three-hour interview on Truth Frequency Radio by pressing the Play icon below:

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