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Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Most Incredible Book: Science Of Being

Several days ago, a friend told me about a book called "Science of Being" by Eugene Fersen.  I read it the following night and I am in the process of reading it again.  Similar to The Kybalion in terms of exploring Hermetic Laws (Universal Laws) and their applications, I found it difficult to stop reading.  It's a milestone book for me.  Within its pages are powerful truths - secrets of the universe - which are expressed in a thoughtful and eloquent way.  Wonder abounds.  The way in which the material is explored and the information presented is methodical and easy to understand, complete with lesson reviews at the end of each of the book's seven lessons.  Practical application of the truths contained is also presented, as if the book was written with intention, personally for a friend.

Despite one's belief system, combinations or lack thereof, the author expresses fundamental universal truths in such a way that the overall teachings transcend any one particular spiritual discipline, and rightly so, just as a return to complete unity with Source or All That Is is beyond any belief system.  As penetrating as the material is, the underlying simplicity of the nature of the Universal Laws and their application is beauty in itself.  Not to negate faith in any way, but there is nothing to believe per se within the book, rather, to understand or "innerstand."

Conscious realization of The All is explored, as is vibration, emotions and how to simply focus Primal Energy that is flowing all around and through us constantly.  There are profound answers to questions that have obsessed and troubled humankind for thousands of years... why we're here, what it is we have to learn and how to practice same in order to ultimately unite once again in spirit with All That Is.  Anyone who is practicing raising their vibration and maintaining same in daily life knows that mindfulness is key to such practice.  This book gave me a nice, gentle boost in terms of mindfulness that I had not had prior to reading it.  It's just a couple of thoughts and a pause when the thoughts bubble up, but it has been recurring nicely at a frequency that causes me to connect with it many more times per day.

Also found within the book is a rather detailed description of the Great Fall from "Heaven," which eventually led to the world we find ourselves in today.  Despite years of theological studies in earlier years, this was a story that I had always wanted to hear in detail, and which is not found in modern Christian scripture to any extent, similar to details about what is only a fleeting mention within the Bible's Book of Genesis of the "Great Men of long ago," referring to angels taking human partners.  If that did happen, two different spiritual forms merging, in essence, it would be news or at least written about for future generations.  From my time reading about the Fall and the Great Men as a child, it had bothered me that such grand stories were not preserved in detail for everyone.

Reading about the Great Fall here aroused old suspicions that many of the older spiritual texts and contemporary translations we have today have been truncated, edited and censored, in order perpetuate control.  Imagine, for example, that the Star Wars trilogy was in fact a history of some species in a distant star system.  Technically, it was written based on the great myths of our planet, but let's just say for a moment that it took place somewhere.  Why would anyone reduce the story to a paragraph or two within widely available so-called holy books unless there was some agenda there?  I doubt anyone could begin to transfer the grand spectacle of a story so full of awe and wonder into a couple of paragraphs.

Source, All That Is, is revealed in a unique light in the story of the Great Fall and throughout the book, transcending any dogmatic boundaries with immeasurable love.  Fascinating.  Another mind-blowing element for me was the nature of Love versus Mind, embodied / personified in the Christ versus Luciferian energies in the Christian traditions.  During my Cosmic Initiation many months ago, this constant struggle and the need to overcome same was a central theme that I was shown from Source throughout the intense time, including the elements of falling due to mind (ego) in an historical sense, karma wheels created hence, spiritual warfare and Love's innate quality of just "being" that transcends Mind.  I believe that any seeker who reads this book with an open mind will find many treasures within its pages that they can take forward, providing perspective on life as well as methods to cultivate and maintain simple mindfulness that can lead to greater realization(s).

Born into Russian royalty, Baron Eugene Alexandrovich Fersen,wrote the book in 1923. The first run was printed in gold ink, which is made from gold leaf and honey.  It has been said that the original copies are embedded with magnetic healing vibrations by the author, who crafted the original books himself.  I've heard from the person who turned me on to the book that copies of the original printing have sold on Ebay for over $3000.  Fersen eventually moved to the United States and founded The Lightbearers Organization.  During his lifetime, he was associated with many of the world's most eminent teachers, scientists and philosophers.  You can read more about his life story on the Science of Being website.  The book, "Science of Being," is available through the same website as a PDF download for $12.98.

*photo from Science of Being [dot] com

~ Namaste. ~