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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Drunvalo Melchizedek Interview: Audri Scott Williams

Audri Scott Williams from 13 Moon Walk 4 Peace interviewed Drunvalo Melchizedek in Sedona, Arizona on February 11th as part of her radio show, Peace Talks for Life Conversations Radio.  Peace Talks is transmitted every Friday from 12p - 1pm Eastern Time in the US.  Posted to YouTube on March 18th, the three part interview is embedded below.  Audri covers a lot of ground with Drunvalo, including a discussion of plasma beings - other-dimensional ascended light beings - who are here to assist us with our evolution and ascension into the higher realms.  The plasma beings, as I understand it, are the ones that travel through the dimensions of the universe in merkabas (light vehicles).  The merkaba is also our light vehicle as humans, also known as the rainbow body or light body, the vehicle of the soul.

It appears that these types of light vehicles are being seen around the world more often than ever.  I have viewed several videos over the past few months from various parts of the globe and where people seem to have captured these vehicles with cameras.  Some links are provided further down in this post.  These light or plasma vehicles also bear a direct resemblance to the types of light vehicles that have been recorded by James Gilliland and others at the Eceti Ranch in Washington state for some time now.  The light vehicles are unlike vehicles used by the Greys or Reptilians, which often appear to resemble human science fiction or futuristic military aircraft.  The vehicles of the plasma beings appear to be composed of pure light, as opposed to solid mass.  Drunvalo's discusses some of his history with the plasma beings, including an invitation to see them up close from Carlos Diaz and the Vatican's subsequent efforts to silence Diaz is a story of intrigue in itself.

Also discussed are the Mayan time cycles, the Hopi Blue Star Prophecy and the observation that many of the time cycles of ancient indigenous peoples are coming to an end within the next couple of years.  Drunvalo also provides some interesting insights on the human heart and the importance of the part it plays in our development, from the beginnings of physical human life to the role it plays in our evolution and ascension into higher realms.  If you are a fan of Drunvalo and you haven't read his book, Living In The Heart, I highly recommend it.  There are some wonderful explorations of the power of the human heart contained within the book, including the ability to change and expand consciousness through simple heart-based meditations that can affect one's physical world.  That book highly affected my personal journey.  Audri and Drunvalo also reference Credo Mutwa and his work.  For those interested in ancient and hidden history regarding the evolution of human DNA and manipulation from the perspective of a Zulu shaman, there's a fascinating in-depth 3.5-hour interview that Credo did with David Icke recently that can be found here.

Despite a slow start due to technical issues, Audri does an excellent job with this interview, and Drunvalo, as always, offers an enlightened view of the grand play that is taking place currently with the human race, planet earth and the universe at large.  Audri's YouTube channel is located here.  Drunvalo's primary website is located here, and an older site featuring a lot of Drunvalo's work is called Spirit of Ma'at.  Thanks to Audri Scott Williams, Peace Talks and Drunvalo for making this video and its message available widely on the web.

::: Part 1 ::: 

::: Part 2 :::

::: Part 3 :::

For more information on Carlos Diaz, I have embedded an older documentary below called "Ships of Light," or at least parts therefrom, that explores and analyzes Carlos' earlier sightings of plasma vehicles in the 1990s.  There is some compelling information presented in the videos, and I find that the resemblance to the light vehicles that have been photographed and recorded around the world recently is something to consider.  I've never been one to follow UFO sightings, but in the various pictures and videos that have surfaced recently on the web, I do find the similarity to the objects allegedly observed by Carlos Diaz to be intriguing.  Here is a link to the website of a cultural anthropologist, Michael Hesseman, who investigated Carlos' claims.  Hesseman's conclusions, as well as those from another group of researchers was that Carlos' photos, etc. were not hoaxed.  

Of course, the skeptical side of me wonders why no video has yet surfaced where these light vehicles are directly over the head of anyone who happens to be recording them.  Perhaps, as would be expected, such light beings from another dimension are acutely aware of surrounding beings on the planet's surface prior to approaching earth and are awaiting the proper time of their revealing, keeping in accordance with what many have said is a universal law of non-interference in the affairs of the living beings on any planet, unless other universal laws are broken beforehand.  Said breaking of universal laws in the past, according to some, has led to the ongoing interference from the Greys and Reptilians that we have been experiencing for thousands of years, which Drunvalo references briefly in the above video and has spoken of in the past during previous interviews.  

My hope is that Drunvalo and others are correct insofar as these visitations are increasing and more bold video evidence will surface in the days and months to come.  As I've stated previously, if such mass disclosure does occur, expect the powers that be to use hysteria to scare people, either with earthly-designed military aircraft not yet viewed by the general public or through an alliance with negative other-dimensional beings in an effort to maintain the status quo by stating that all beings alien to earth are "evil doers."  The late German - American scientist and father of rocket science Whernher Von Braun warned prior to his death that such a day would come.

::: Ships of Light Part 1 :::

::: Ships of Light Part 2 ::: 

::: Ships of Light Part 3 ::: 

Below are some links to various videos of what look to be possibly light vehicles of plasma beings, similar to those captured by Carlos Diaz.  Unfortunately, many are shot from a distance.  Most notable are the now-famous sightings over the Dome of the Rock at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, which was observed at 1am local time on January 28th, 2011 from various points, including some American tourists who appeared to capture the closest view of the object.  Could the object be an activated merkaba?  Here is another video of the same object captured from further away.  The reaction of all observers of the Dome sighting appears to be quite similar, especially when the object quickly departs into the heavens.  

Here is a link to a video taken in Spain on January 16th, one from the UK recorded this past New Year's Eve; one spotted in Germany on January 16th; a long distance shot taken in Hunter Valley, Australia in January and another in Amsterdam in September of last year and Glastonbury, UK late last year.  There are many more that have popped up on the web from other countries over the last several months, including the US.  And those sightings appear to be similar to those observed at the Eceti Ranch as well.  Do any of those videos, or others, prove anything?  Certainly not, but I can't recall ever seeing so many photos or videos of these potential plasma-being light vehicles in the past.  There have been other recent sightings of craft that look to be physical, 3D vehicles, including one popular sighting recently in Brazil, but I didn't include that link here.  It's something that I continue to watch, with the hope that we'll see more information emerging on the subject soon.

~ Namaste ~

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