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Sunday, June 24, 2012

John Lash: Three Interviews ~ Gnosticism, Sophia

I recently had an introduction to John Lash through an interview on Time Monk Radio.  I enjoy the TMR interviews.  Most of the time their guests are intriguing and the questions from the TMR hosts are typically on-point.  John Lash is somewhat like a latter day Joseph Campbell, exploring myth and the inter-connectivity of all life on this planet.  His take on Sophia, the earth goddess, and her place within the grand myth... launching herself from the center of the galaxy into the manifestation of what we know as our planet Earth, or Gaia, is a story that I find quite interesting.  There's something there in terms of resonance for me and I've taken various points from that story to add to my mosaic of perception.

Since the time of the TMR interview in early May, I've listened to two other Lash interviews, and although some of the same points are covered in the three interviews (embedded below), each one has its own pearls of information that, at least to me, are fascinating ideas to ponder.  For the past several years, I have been intrigued by the Gnostics of old and their understanding of universal wisdom.  John gives the Gnostics historical context, from which it is easy to begin to understand the story of the earth goddess Sophia, the grand myth that is the story of our galaxy and the secrets that have been hidden from our view over many years by the powers that were.  

John Lash on Time Monk Radio Network April 13, 2012:

John Lash on Gnosticism and Sophia:

John Lash - The Gnostics - Meta History Series:

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