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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Three Years and Some Months Later

It's been some time since my last post, a little over three years.  A lot has happened during that time, and although I've thought about posting here and there, I haven't had the drive to continue this particular blog, which I'll leave up in the event that anyone else finds themselves going down the rabbit hole with a cosmic initiation, akashic download, or starseed awakening; whatever you want to call it.  Such experiences really defy any parameters which would confine them to mere words.

There's a lot more information out there now then there was in 2010 when I only had the cached remnants of Graham Ledgerwood's old website to see that someone else had what appeared to be a similar type of rabbit hole experience. Add the late author Philip K. Dick to that list.  Wonderful story there, although I'm sure for PKD at the time, it was indeed terrifying, as it was at times for me. I have even since spoken with an old friend from over twenty years ago who had a very similar experience.  She referred to what happened to her as an Akashic Download, and unlike my month-plus journey, hers lasted over a year.

If a new blog emerges, I'll post a link here.  I may even post here again. It's hard to say right now.  A lot of my spare time of late is being spent on a new project called Kuriosa33 with some friends.  We're focusing on creating art with vibrational intention as part of the art's creation.  The intention embedded in the art is that it can be used as a portal for astral travel, OBEs and lucid dreaming.  Most of what we've been working on is still on the drawing board and will require a lot of experimentation. Currently, some of the wrapped canvas wall art that we've created can be found on Zazzle and soon to be on another site in different configurations, sometime in the coming months.

Quite a bit of strange experiences began for me in late 2007, about a year after I created this blog to talk about my virtual reality experiences, which, it turned out, were so amazing and ongoing that I never had the time to write about them.  After I began to notice the seemingly strange nature of real life events happening around me in late 2007, I turned the blog's attention to those types of matters.  What was happening to me at that time caused me to question the nature of reality more than ever before.  Eight years later, I've had an array of beautiful, consciousness-related experiences that have helped me to sharpen my focus and raise my vibrational energies. One of the most important things that I've learned over this time is that all answers lie within.  Internal work on ourselves is paramount to helping the world as a whole.

Over the past twenty years or so, maybe as far back as 1987, something in the world shifted/changed.  Since then, it has appeared that we as a race of sentient beings are on some kind of crazy train to annihilate ourselves and the rest of life of the planet.  I've felt that part of my awakening experience has been strongly rooted in the fact that the world as we now know it is perhaps the opposite of how it should be on many levels.  I believe that the planet, like everything else around us (matter = energy), is energy, and therefore, in some sense, alive. The spirit of the planet, the goddess or whatever you want to call her, appears to be calling out for humanity to ascend to a higher vibrational level of consciousness.  The rub there is that doing so runs contrary to the programmed nature of our societies.

As I wrote about back in early 2010 or so while in the rabbit hole, I was presented with a mind's-eye video of the planet morphing or splitting into two distinct planets, and yet the average person on either side of the split would not sense that anything was happening.  "Raise your vibration" was a phrase that was running over and over in my mind.  At the time, completely overwhelmed by that and all of the other information that was flooding in, I thought perhaps it was happening in real time.  Some time after the rabbit hole experience, I came across the late Dolores Cannon speaking about the same planet-morphing phenomenon and found the measure of coincidence to be extremely interesting.  I had gotten the same informatoin from the aether while down the rabbit hole.  Whatever I was connected to at that time flooded me with information, including destruction as far as the eye could see and masses of poor refugees, and yet there was no underlying context for me to interpret what I was being shown, which left me with endless questions.

There's an inspiring video (below) of Russell Brand talking about where he senses humanity is on a grand linear timeline.  Yes, he's somewhat of a controvertial figure and not everyone's cup of tea, but I believe he totally nails it in this montage of several of his speaking engagements.  I suppose it's fitting that I embed that below, since it gives me hope to hear someone of note, with access to mass media, speak this way.  Going back five or six years, I knew who he was, but that was about it.  One day on the way back from the beach, I was listening to Elvis Mitchell's The Treatment on NPR, and tuned in past the guest's intro, so I didn't know who the interviewee was until the end of the show.  "Who is this guy?  He's dropping some knowledge,"  I thought as I listened intently.  I just love the fact that there is someone in the mainstream culture speaking about life on earth this way.  I have a group of close friends that I see often, and when we get together, we talk about precisely what Russell talks about in the montage.

Several years ago (also written about here), I had an experience whereby I literally appeared to have projected my consciousness into another physical dimension.  It had taken me nine months of attempts (not really knowning what I was attempting), with pranayama and lucid dreaming exercises nearly every day and night during that time.  What I learned duing the projection was that my consciousness, as far as I could determine, projected into one painting in the waking world, only to project through another painting in an alternate reality.  That experience was separate from the aforementioned rabbit hole thing. 

Both of those experiences led to the desire to create meditative art with the intention of the art serving as a portal for consciousness projection.  Any image can be used for projection.  This is just something that we're experimenting with as we tinker with ideas along these lines.  Some of the art reminds me a little of the Wingmakers cave paintings at Ancient Arrow.  As I recall from my reading of their materials, time travel through paintings was mentioned at least twice.

Below is a recent (long) promo video for the online store.  It's still being built out and is far from finished.  Our hope is to soon begin working with crystals, frequencies and vibration, incorporating more multimedia projects and realized experiments in the coming months.

Thanks for the comments and to those who wrote to me sharing their experiences.  I hoped that some of what I wrote might help or inspire people.  On one level I regret coming back to the blog with an update including a commerce-related post, but it's what I'm doing in my spare time at the moment.  As I've said before, universe/multiverse isn't trying to sell us anything.  The energy from All That Is comes to each of us as differently as snowflakes or sand granuals on a beach are each uniquee.  Each person's experience is different, as it should be.  At the same time, some of us have begun to see that the multiverse is not as it might appear [Hint: it's all a hologram, including our minds].  We sense that the veil that separates us from the many surrounding realities has begun to thin.  As it thins, we want to take advatange of journeying into some of these other realities.  Everything is energy.  Everything is data.  Peace.