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Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Experience - A Dream Burst

About a week ago, I had a particular dream experience stands out as virtually unique on a few different levels, enough that I thought it was worth sharing here.  I had been using a technique for lucid dreaming that a friend came across in Malcolm Godwin's book, "The Lucid Dreamer" and shared with me a couple of weeks ago.  The technique involves affirmations before falling asleep whereby one attempts to creates queues within the physical world that activate lucidity within the dreamworld.  Around the same time, I also began a daily ritual of Pranayama Breathing in an attempt to have another kundalini experience.  I began both of the techniques in order to reconnect with the expansive cosmic energy forces that dominated my physical world for an extended period a little over a year ago.  I have been seeking answers and direction for my life for some time, and have become somewhat frustrated that no apparent solutions have come forth.  Yet last week, I had a peculiar experience that I've come to describe as a "Dream Burst."  Dream Burst is the best way that I can describe the experience.

I doubt that the pranayama breathing or the lucid dreaming techniques had anything to do with the "Dream Burst," since I had only been doing both for two days at that point and have not had any type of similar experience in the seven or so days since.  After it happened, I was fumbling for the notebook that I keep close to my bed, repeating the term "Dream Burst" over and over so that I wouldn't forget the description of this expansive experience that came to me within the dream.  This occurred in the early afternoon while I had taken a short nap.  I was asleep for maybe forty-five minutes in total, and the "Dream Burst" lasted approximately four or five minutes in total at the very end of the nap.  I had begun to dream, and in my dream I was seated at a table, actually more like a bar, within a residence of some kind that appeared to be on a tropical island.

It was a beautiful tropical home, like a well-thatched hut of some kind that had windows but no glass panes.  The window areas had door-like hatches that were open and secured to the ceiling of the hut.  There was also an open door toward the end of the bar beyond which I could see palm trees.  I remember feeling the tropical breezes as I sat at on a chair at the bar with several pieces of paper in front of me and a pen or pencil in my hand.  I was writing, attempting to sort out some kind of list.  As I sat and wrote, I realized that I had become lucid within the dream and immediately began to try and determine what it was that I was writing.  Just then, as I found myself aware and attempted to focus on what was on the papers scattered in front of me, something unseen spoke to me within my mind, saying, "You are trying to remember something in your life right now.  What you are trying to remember is what it's like to be formless.  It feels like this - Remember?"

Just then, my entire energy field lit up as if I was a "sparkler," which is what we in the US call a hand-held child's firework that is often seen on Independence Day.  It was intense and I vibrated wildly.  The feeling was similar to the best astral travel experience that I could recall, yet quite different.  My entire energy field felt spherical, and I found myself floating in the air above the chair and bar, completely enveloped in pure bliss.  I didn't want it to stop.  I immediately started saying, "I surrender!  I surrender!" as I was floating gently upward very slowly.  Although it brought to mind feelings similar to some excellent astral travel / obe experiences of the past, this was something entirely new for me.  I can't recall ever having something unseen in a dream speak to me within my dreaming mind.  It felt as if I had been shot out of a slow motion flare gun, and just like a flare, I felt as if I was glowing and drifting over the landscape.  I became aware of my etheric or energy body, and it felt as if my arms and legs were stretched out wide and I was in a kind of blissful state of suspended animation.

I tried desperately to gauge and quantify the experience.  Since I couldn't recall ever having something speak to me within my mind during a dream, I tried to focus on the identity of what it was that had spoken to me.  Usually it's people or animal forms of some kind.  Once I was "lit up," I didn't sense any type of entity or energy form near me.  All I wanted to do was to perpetuate the experience and try to use the state to transit into another realm.  I felt like that was possible, yet as much as I tried, I couldn't seem to direct myself anywhere.  I just felt like a bubble floating on a breeze.  The next thing that I noticed was that I could still feel myself sitting at the bar, and the identification with the two body positions - floating bubble and seated on a chair - seemed to go back and forth in milliseconds, as if I was experiencing bi-location simultaneously.  I had experienced similar bi-location events in dreams before, but not like this.  As awareness of those two states shifted back and forth quickly, I began to experience a third state; tri-location.  To my amazement, the third state of awareness was of being in my bed in the physical world, in a completely different position (lying on my side with both arms near my chest).  As I alternated between the awareness of the three different positions or states, I realized that I was awake in my bed.
I kept my eyes closed and tried with great effort to focus myself entirely on the blissful sphere state, but to no avail.  The two dream states faded very slowly, with the buzzing and vibrating of the blissful state slowly lowering in intensity as I became more and more aware of the singular state of lying in my physical bed.  Although I was initially disappointed that I couldn't seem to maintain either the tri-location or shift awareness completely into the blissful floating bubble, I was impressed.  The intensity was unlike anything I had experienced in the dream state in many years, if ever.  I didn't move my physical body for several minutes, attempting to shift myself back into the dream, but it didn't work.  When I finally got up, I thanked my higher self, source energy and whatever energy that had initiated the experience within my dream, as I had no baring on who or what that energy form was that had spoken to me.  About an hour after the experience, I happened to be walking into my bedroom when I saw purple-blue orbs spiraling around the perimeter of my room near the ceiling.  They lasted for about three or four seconds.  Although I do see orbs and flashing blue-white lights from time to time, these orbs were different and that was another first for me.  I laughed and thanked them, whatever they were or represented, for the little show they provided, and welcomed them to return any time they wished.

It's been about a week now since this took place.  I have continued with the pranayama breathing twice a day, and I've used the lucid dreaming technique every time before entering sleep, but have had no experience even remotely similar since that time.  As I face a continually mounting set of physical life survival problems, it perplexes me that I can't seem to find opportunities or manifest changes that will avert what appears to be my upcoming loss of a residence and financial solvency.  "Why this, then?"  I have wondered for the past week.  "Why are there no answers and no clear path for me at this time?"  I still feel that I'm in some kind of spiritual holding pattern, which has been going on for the past eighteen months.  I feel as though I have a lot to give, a lot to contribute, and although I have been focusing on the little things that I am able to do in my life and living from a heart-centered place, helping people when and where I can, I still feel somewhat adrift in a silent sea, waiting for strong sailing winds to blow and take me to my next destination.  I suppose it's somewhat ironic, and in the end I have to do what I have been doing, which is surrendering to what is, despite my efforts to change my situation.

My hope is that somewhere down the line in the future this experience is given perspective, or it returns within a greater context of some kind, so that I can use it to help others and gain further useful insights.  As of today, this remains the most intense experience since my cosmic initiation period over a year ago, however short and fleeting as this Dream Burst was.  Formlessness is great, no doubt about it.  And if said formlessness means being within a bubble of pure bliss, I'm all for it, but unless it's something that I can learn to activate at will, my physical efforts of survival seem to be way too daunting to overcome at this time.  Within my efforts to rationalize the Dream Burst, my thoughts turn to where we are within the Mayan Dreamspell calendar, and I find myself wondering if this state of being is some kind of preview of gifts that are soon to be realized.  My left-brain obviously thinks that's pretty silly, and that I'm hoping against hope, but in the end, I have to think that the sum-total of my spiritual experiences are leading to something, and that "something," whatever it is, has to do with my personal growth, ascension and evolution.  When I read articles such as this one from Szuson Wong, which was recently posted on various websites and blogs over the past week, it gives me hope - hope that maybe we really are on the verge of some exciting events whereby those of us who are attuned to higher frequencies do find ourselves transforming into higher dimensions of reality.

Peace ; )

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Tessa said...

Hi Trans,

I happened to stumble onto your blog while surfing and I have to say it's amazing. I've been researching metaphysical topics and trying to read about other people's experiences, but the way you describe yours is so clear.
This experience you had called A Dream Burst sounds similar to something that once happened to me.
I didn't know if it was common or if anyone had ever experienced it.

The tri-location had taken place in one of my dreams/alternate states as well. Just reading this has made me ecstatic...I have a few times gone willfully into another state of consciousness, but mostly it's erratic and spontaneous. I find that my experiences are initiated by spirits or a certain trigger.
My own "Dream Burst" occurred when I took a nap. I closed my eyes and all of a sudden I was lying underwater asleep.

It's strange, but a common theme is me lying asleep underwater, I'm falling/submerged into it, or I'm coming from beneath a lake, spring, and etc...The sound of water flowing and currents awoke me and I saw nothing, but energy patterns beneath the waves. (all in red spectrum) Plus a fish or two... it was surreal to see seaweed and to be curled up on the ocean floor. I was experiencing bi-location, because I was else where looking at my underwater self. Then it was like light in the distance a small speck that widen until it was a window and I saw myself lying on the bed in reality.

I mean I saw myself, watching myself from some higher state to still being quite aware of what was happening to me in my room. Blah I suck at trying to explain things.
The rest of the incident deals with these misty dark figures that appeared from out of nowhere. There was 4 of them and they seemed to be dark robed figures. They never shown any hands or feet. Plus they were freakishly tall and shifty like they couldn't stay still. The irksome part was that they surrounded my bed...

Anyway though thank you for posting your experience.
I wish you the best!