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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pane Andov: 2012 Equation Solved?

If you have read my post about my Cosmic Initiation, the ensuing Bits And Pieces or any of the others dealing with my rather bizarre experiences that began in late 2009 - early 2010, this video series may interest you.  I found this talk by Pane Andov to be among the most interesting I have watched over the past several years.  If you are one who surfs the web for information about a potential evolution in human consciousness, ascension, coming earth changes, etc. among the light worker and/or conspiracy websites, you may well find this presentation to be quite compelling.  I certainly did.  Recorded at a raw food group meet-up recently in Australia, Andov, a former computer scientist from Macedonia, paints a picture of 2012, the current and predicted earth changes, the rise in awareness of an emerging unity consciousness and various other elements that is quite unlike anything else on the web right now.  Pane's perspective is much more grand than virtually anything else I've seen.  He incorporates several streams of information that cover virtually all of the ground of the many different groups, beliefs and rumors on the web regarding what exactly will happen over the next two years.  Further information and additional materials are available through his website, linked above.

Although he brings to light many different popular elements currently on the web, including shadow governments, HAARP, the elite controllers and multiple types of extraterrestrials that many of us have heard about before, none of those subjects are ultimately the focus of this presentation.  This is a call to action.  A much larger picture emerges in Pane's presentation, which points directly to the need for meditation, heart-centered living and ultimately DNA upgrades in light of a more prolific picture of galactic changes that are soon to have an effect on our planet.  He also illustrates how present and future earth changes are not entirely due to the influence of the aforementioned negative forces.  Instead, he describes an event that has already occurred at the center of our Milky Way galaxy, an event that NASA and the planet's other space agencies are already well aware of.  It is precisely this event that is the main cause for serious concern.  What's even more interesting about this information is that it neatly ties into the exponential rise of channeled messages from light beings of various extraterrestrial or other-dimensional origin who have been warning us of coming changes in the earth's magnetic field and how those changes will affect how we mutate and/or evolve over the coming months.  Many dots are connected here.

This is a profound talk.  The presentation answers more questions than I have found in any one singular place recently in terms of the big picture and has provided additional perspective for my recent period of guided information sourcing.  As someone who has been monitoring the USGS earthquake activity daily for more than six months, I found his insights into the increasing seismic activity around places like Vanuatu, Japan and the Gulf of Aden to be quite profound.   Crop circles are also discussed, with interpretations that were more concise than anything I'd seen in the past.  A lot of ground is covered, including some insights into why the vegetarian, vegan and raw food movements have arisen in recent years.  I enjoyed the talk very much, and hope you will too.  A quick note on Part 7 of 8: it begins at 12:38.  The earlier segment of Part 7 is a repeat of Parts 5 and 6.  My thanks to Mr Astralwalker, whom I have been told is Andov himself, for the upload.

~ 2012: Equation Solved?  Part 1 ~

~ Part 2 ~

~ Part 3 ~

~ Part 4 ~

~ Part 5 ~

~ Part 6 ~ 

~ Part 7 (starts at 12:18) ~

~ Part 8 ~

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