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Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Clif High Interview On Time Monk Radio From March 14

Below is a new interview on Time Monk Radio with Clif High from Half Past Human and the Web Bot Project from March 14th.  This interview was done two days after the last interview posted here from Truth Frequency Radio, which occurred on the 12th of this month.  Clif's proprietary software program and his linguistics analysis are some of the most intriguing elements to emerge over the past decade or thereabouts in terms of trend forecasting and future events.  His insights are unique and often compelling.  As of the time of this interview, he is still pointing to the period around March 25th as indicative of the emergence of a long period of "release language" which is supposed to extend to October of this year, according to the Web Bot data.  Such a long period of release language typically portends the occurrence of a rather large, traumatic event on a global scale.  Clif goes into detail about the post-March 25th release language period again, also mentioning that there is the potential of variance, meaning that the on-or-about March 25th event could be something currently developing on the planet that could potentially get worse or the release language could be pointing to a new event that has not as yet occurred.

As of today, March 27th, it would seem that we have either entered into a variance period in terms of the occurrence a new event, or it could be that the Japan nuclear situation, unrest in the Middle East or the ongoing protests around the world will blossom into something greater than their current status may indicate.  We would assume that Clif is speaking from an up-to-date perspective in terms of the Web Bot's crawls of its spiders, but we're not sure as he doesn't explicitly state when the most recent data was collected and analyzed.  That said, we understand that the crawling and subsequent analysis is quite complicated and takes time, however, the potential events that Clif speaks about here have been showing up in the Web Bot data for some time before this year.  The interview is embedded below in 9 parts, which should all be accessible from the single video window below, running in an auto-play mode from the beginning to the end of the entire interview.  If the video does stall between segments, one can traverse the different segments using the arrow keys on the sides of the video.  For anyone who has been following Clif or listened to the last interview from TFR (previously posted here), he goes into greater detail and explanation that provides more perspective on potential future events.  Our thanks to Clif High and Time Monk Radio for making this interview available.

Peace ; )

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