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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Further Into The Universal Cycle: More Changes

According to the late Ian Xel Lungold, an author, scholar and expert on the Mayan Dreamspell and Tzolkin calendars, February 11th of this year brought us into the first day of the Mayan Universal Cycle, the Ninth Wave and the shortest cycle of nine, being 260 days in length.  The first cycle, known as the Cellular Cycle, lasted approximately 16.4 billion years.  There have been seven cycles in between the two, each lessening in length as consciousness has evolved on this planet.  Lungold collaborated with another expert on the Mayan Calendar, Carl Johan Calleman, who has since revised the beginning of the Universal Cycle to March 9th.  As stated in previous blog posts, I had noticed various curiosities regarding Lungold's interpretation of the Universal Cycle commencing on February 11th, namely that revolutions had begun to stir during the seventh day of the ending Galactic Cycle, and most notably that Mubarak defied the Egyptian people in a speech on the evening of February 10th, only to step down from power on the morning of the 11th, the first calendar day of the first day of the Universal Cycle according to Lungold.

Since that time, talk of revolution has spread to many different countries, including several US states.  This is what many scholars of the Mayan calendar have talked about - that with each cycle comes the destruction, or crumbling of the systems of the previous cycle, and that a new collective consciousness emerges with the dawning and during the continuation of the new cycle.  As I have often stated here in previous posts, although I do find a lot of this intriguing, I remain skeptical.  I do, however, hold ancient indigenous wisdom in high regard for many reasons, of which I have written about previously here as well.  Each cycle in the Mayan calendars consists of seven days and six nights.  During the Universal Cycle, these days and nights are approximately twenty days long, according to Lungold.  The thirteen days and nights of each cycle total twenty, based on a sacred ratio of 13:20.

Since the Universal Cycle is so incredibly short, the pace of changes (geographic, technological, governmental, consciousness, etc.) should be so great and so swift that if these scholars are correct, it should be quite apparent by April or May whether or not there is something to be said of the ancient wisdom of the Maya (as well as other indigenous tribes who have disclosed similar knowledge).  To be clear, according to Lungold, the Ninth Wave or Universal Cycle began on February 11th.  Twenty days in duration, the night of the first day would begin on March 3rd.  According to Calleman's adjustments, the Universal Cycle was to begin on March 9th, with each day and night being a total of eighteen calendar days in duration.  Calleman's adjustment has been the most adopted version of the Universal Cycle that I can see from various websites online.  So it depends on whose interpretation you go by in terms of where the days and nights of the Universal Cycle begin and end.  Either way, we're in it now, and will be until late October or November of this year, depending on which interpretation one uses.

On the evening of Wednesday, March 9th, I found myself rather depressed due to my current life situation, and at one point late in the evening I was wondering whether I should bother to do a blog post regarding the dawn of the Universal Cycle according to Carl Calleman.  Since nothing "new" in terms of epic earth events had occurred, I wondered if Lungold and Calleman were correct or not, and refrained from posting anything until a few days had passed.  On the morning of Thursday, March 10th, I came across a YouTube video from a user named 9Nania, which had been posted on the previous day, March 9th.  In the video she issues a warning of a major quake coming between March 11th and 15th.  I took the video with a grain of salt, only to return to it on Thursday evening upon seeing that Japan had been hit with, at the time, a 7.9 quake at about 9:45pm US Pacific Time on Thursday evening (my local time).  It was quickly revised to 8.9.  I am on the west coast of the US, and close to the San Andreas fault, among others, as well as the Pacific Ocean.  Below is 9Nania's video.  I believe she also is in the same geographical area.  I have seldom seen such an accurate prediction.  As I have stated in previous posts, I am highly skeptical of people predicting events on certain days.  Coincidence or not, I found her prediction quite compelling:

9Nania mentions the Elenin comet as part of the reason for a major seismic event.  I had read about the comet's discovery and potential trajectory before, along with the estimation that it will be closest to earth sometime around September of this year.  I have also been monitoring the USGS website daily for recent earthquakes for over a year now, ever since my extended kundalini-like "Cosmic Initiation" experience in late '09 - early '10, due to the fact that I had vivid visions of rubble as far as my eyes could see during that time, along with refugees sleeping in the hallways of buildings, including where I currently live.  In recent months, I had noted an increase in activity along the Ring of Fire and elsewhere, and had noticed that around Honshu, Japan, seismic activity had been increasing in frequency of late.

Upon hearing of the huge quake in Japan and where the quake was centered, I thought about how much seismic activity had been occurring there and along other southern portion of the Ring of Fire in places north of Australia, Papau New Guinea, Vanuatu and most recently the large quake in New Zealand.  I was certain that there would be a tsunami based on the size of the quake, the type of fault and the distance from mainland Japan.  I braced myself for what I estimated would be forthcoming video, which began to emerge within a very short time.  I also thought about Pane Andov's recent video, in which he describes an increase of earthquake activity that will continue along the Ring of Fire over the next two years.  Pane's video connected a lot of dots for me in my ever-evolving mosaic of reality.  I highly recommend viewing it.

My heart breaks for the people of Japan.  Seeing destruction on such a massive scale, along with the subsequent complications of the apparent partial meltdowns of nuclear reactors is hard to read about or watch.  I have recently been reminded about some of my spirit guide's messages to me in 1999, that the 21st Century would be "the century of the refugee."  It was hard to fathom at that time, but like my spirit guide messages over the past several years of "raise your vibration" which began in late 2007, that message was consistent and strong.

This morning, I noticed a story that had gone viral on the web, particularly within the conspiracy websites, saying that a Russian scientist by the name of Vitaly Chmyrev has warned of a "mega quake" to take place on the North American continent on or about March 20th, which would include fault lines along the west coast of the US as well as the New Madrid Fault Zone in the central US, which runs through the Tennessee Valley.  I spent hours today trying to get at the heart of the story, searching the websites of the alleged Russian source of the warning, but found no official information there or in any other media sites regarding any statements that Chmyrev may have made regarding a "mega quake."  As far as I can tell, this "mega quake" meme began with Sorcha Faal and/or Benjamin Fulford.  I don't know much about Fulford, although he seems somewhat dubious to me after an examination of his blog.  Then again, I only just came across Fulford, so I won't pass judgment there; too early to tell.  Sorcha Faal, on the other hand, is one of the largest sources of disinformation on the web.  Her stories are typically beyond absurd, having no basis in reality whatsoever.

That being said, many of us along the western coast of the US do wonder if such a large shift of tectonic plates could trigger something here in the coming days or months.  Most people in southern California would agree that we are overdue for a large earthquake.  There has also been a fair amount of chatter regarding the New Madrid Seismic Zone in recent months.  FEMA is scheduled to do earthquake drills there on or about April 16th of this year and the conspiracy websites have been abuzz about something occurring there around that time.  Over the past few days since the Japan quake, I have received many calls and emails from friends asking my opinion of the Japan quake in terms of the larger "spiritual" picture.  I told them what I have stated here on this blog.  It is certainly curious, and the timing of that event in Japan did come during the either the first day of the Mayan Universal Cycle according to Calleman, or during the first night of the first day according to Lungold.

Although such large earthquakes have been known to trigger other seismic events around the world, since all of the tectonic plates are either moving or under pressure nearly constantly, it is plausible that something could occur in North America at any time.  The same is true of virtually any point on the earth's surface, with some areas obviously being more vulnerable than others.  If another cataclysmic event does occur anytime soon anywhere in the world or major events such as the revolutions or earthquakes increase in frequency, it will definitely be something to consider regarding the ancient Mayan wisdom, the evolution of the earth and its inhabitants and a potential swift march toward timewave zero.  The most important thing to remember, though, as Drunvaol Melchizedek, Pane Andov, Kiesha Crowther and many others have stated, is that the item of paramount importance to any of us during such a time of upheaval is to live from and within our hearts, wherever the winds of destiny take us.  My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan and all over the world who are suffering at this time.  We are one.

Peace ; )

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